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Sunday, June 5, 2016


San Francisco has always embraced all - be it the queer, the poor, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged - people have come here to San Francisco and found succor.

The many institutions be it Saint Anthony's, Salvation Army, Martin de Pores, Glide Memorial - others too many - have all represented San Franciscans - well.

This is had an over $9.6 Billion dollar budget - favors the rich - condemns the poor. The Navigation Centers are funded by the Churches - but this Mayor takes credit for them.

Supervisors like David Campos worked hard to bring about the Navigation Centers - but right now the District he represent - District 9 - that I belong to - suffers the most.

The Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco -
Mayor Edwin Lee - has no clue whose land this is -
he thinks he can destroy the little that is left -
create skyscrapers - much like Manhattan - New York.

This is Ohlone land and comes under the patrimonial jurisdiction of the Muwekma Ohlone.

The City and County of San Francisco - fails to comprehend - more the Mayor and the SF Planning Department - that the land was stolen - and that the land  - all that we see was once pristine.

Not anymore and what a freaking shame.

It is only in the last 200 years that the Whites who came here - with GREED in their DNA - destroyed all that was pristine.

 Further - took control of the Bay - filling the Bay with contaminated infill - and destroyed the eco-health of the Bay.

The land had Shell Mounds - Sacred Burial Grounds - of the Ohlone - again and again - indiscriminately - this City and County of San Francisco - destroyed the Shell Mounds - desecrated the Sacred Remains - thinking that all was well.

San Francisco has been compared to Sodom and Gomorrah - and today - right in these days - we see how evil Mayor Edwin Lee - has exercised his authority.

" Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven " said the Great Master.

Mayor Edwin Lee has targeted the poor - destroyed their belongings - including medications - the result being - many have died - and the BLOOD is on -  Mayor Edwin Lee' hands.

City Hall where all the wheeling and deal goes on.
More in Room 200 the abode of Mayor Edwin Lee.

Mayor Edwin Lee has failed on every level - he talks a good talk - but he has failed - on all levels - linked to Quality of Life issues.

Mayor Edwin Lee is Chinese - even the Chinese hate him - for they now understand - that man is all for himself and not for the people.

In the last 5 years - over 50, 000 families have left San Francisco - and Mayor Edwin Lee thinks - that all is well.

The Mayor thinks - that we the people - truly feel and think - that we will tolerate his nonsense. Sorry, no more - you must go.

The man must STEP DOWN - and go away - go to Oregon - go anywhere - you are a pain in the ass.

The Black and Brown Unity - is strong -
we must work to bring this son of Bitch down -
Mayor Edwin Lee - is a disgrace to the human race.

Today - the Mayor is hiding and will NOT come out in public.

The reason is simple - for the longest time - his drab press conference, cutting ribbons, and all the hog wash that he was used to - was tolerated. The people are fed up and his ratings are spiraling down - down - down - down.

No more - do we watch to see his mug. No more do we want to see him - less watch this scum bag - this lap dog.

 Mayor Edwin Lee knows - if he found in Public - he will be treated much the same - he has been treating the homeless.

Much as he has been treating the  mentally challenged, the physically challenged, those that need help - that he and his cronies - who do not give help to those that need help - but they for sure favor the filthy - rich.

Diane Feinstein - the Senator - not a word
about the homeless from this evil woman.
She purports to represent us - but does she?

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - with ties to 
the Mafia - not a word from her about the homeless.
She wants to represent us in Congress - when her ratings
are in the single digit? Why are we voting such scum bags in?

We the people - have given these two hags - a pass.

The time has come - to boot them.

Hillary Clinton - she wants to start a dynasty -
she lies - has failed us all - and wants to destroy our Nation.

And with them Hillary Clinton, London Breed, Malia Cohen - and all those that praise those that have NOT represented the people - they must be ashamed of themselves.

Make no bones about it - the future will not be easy - for those that do not represent the people.

We know - who you are - and have been watching you all - like a hawk.

That includes Scott Wiener - where is he getting all the money from? His ads cost thousands. Who are those behind this - good for nothing - jackass.

Is the money coming from  the Zionists - who continue to screw up our economy.

The Zionists - who destroyed our economy in 2008 - and they are working hard - for a repeat in the year 2018.

Scott Wiener is a JOKE - he has failed us here in San Francisco - and he wants to represent us in Sacramento. Why?

We have to exercise our VOTE - and that means - studying these vermin the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener - and those - whose names are on the many - evil SLATES.

Slates that are sent to our homes - fill and contaminate our mail boxes.

Begging us  to vote for these slime bags - among them - House Negros, immoral, lacking standards and ethics.

The People United - will never, ever be defeated.

District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen

District 5 Supervisor - London Breed

For the longest time - we the people have tolerate - the nonsense from the House Negroes - now, it the time to send a message.

If you cannot take care - of those that helped you get into office - the time has come - for you two above - to - fade into oblivion.

We have suffered  sufficient of this above clown - and his constant buffoonery - you are warned - step down now -  and go in peace.

If you challenge the people - you will be very sorry. 

You are the Pontius Pilate - you wash your hands - when you have the opportunity to do so.

Use people and dump them - much as one does the dirty rags - that have no use.

Well, now the people will dump you - you are a disgrace to the human race.

This is no tirade - this is someone - who has met you in your office - and challenged you to do right.

 All you do is WRONG. Get out of the way. NOW.