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Friday, June 17, 2016


We all who have had anything to do with large offices - know - how hard the janitors work - to maintain - standard - hygiene - in our work places in San Francisco.

In San Francisco - more,  in last 15 years - large corporations and some nonprofits - the likes of SPUR.

 Businesses like Neiman Marcus - tech companies like TWITTER - and UBER with a  million square foot - floor print - have chosen to treat janitors with disdain. Out source janitors - and fail us all - by not employing UNION JANITORS.

These companies - all of them - small and big  -must comprehend that we are a UNION City - and that Union Workers in our City and County of San Francisco - have laid down their lives - so that decent wages - and upward mobility - help us all attain standards - and most of us live decently - Quality of Life Issues - attained.

SPUR works closely with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and our SF Planning Department - trying to deceive us all - with concepts - mostly designs and polices - that have not been vetted - they do not treat their janitors with respect. Who is going to look into this issue on a war footing? Why are we treating SPUR with favoritism?

Neiman Marcus - have chosen to allow their janitors to use vacuum cleaners - fastened on their backs - much like a backpack - in recent months two of these fancy but unreliable vacuum cleaners - have caught on fire - harming  our janitors - putting their lives in - jeopardy.

One woman received severe burns on her body and her hair caught on fire. Another janitor managed to unfastened himself - and save his life.

Yet Neiman Marcus - instead of taking action - have chose to threaten their janitors - and we the people must take Neiman Marcus to task.

If you shop Neiman Marcus - ask them if they take care of their janitors - and put them on notice. Any on group can protest in front of their stores - and believe me in a jiffy - sound action will be taken. We need to stand by our janitors and more our women janitors.

On the surface Twitter talks a good talk but has failed to walk the walk. Twitter was given large breaks - again and again - TWITTER has chosen to harm those that cannot defend themselves - TWITTER must STOP - playing games.

Square which is connected with TWITTER management - too - has serious issues with the janitors - preferring to import and hire - non-union janitors - and make a mockery of our work force.

These techies - must understand - that we in San Francisco do not appreciate - these nefarious entities - coming into our Living Room - are re-arranging our furniture without - permission.

Techies do not contribute to our Neighborhood - they are like leaches - and more they contribute to " gentrification ". We have not taken them on - but - we must on a - war footing.
Most of them nerds - weak in the knees - and absorbed with  sordid " greed ".  Many of them unkempt -  lacking basic manners.

It does not help -when our woman janitors are not given training to succeed and become " lead janitors ".

Made - Supervisors who have a proven track record - in the janitorial field -  kept down - by mostly men who do not understand that for equal work - women need to be paid - as have the men.

More it is time - women are given leadership positions -  in the janitorial field - more, when they excel in the work they do.

 For years I have head their pleas - sometimes forcing some of us - to intercede - only to be told that those we want to help - will be fired.

I once was interceding when the Manager of a Company - was condemning the janitors - who I addressed as " Sanitary Engineers". " We do not have sanitary engineers working for us" he said.  " Yes you do - I said ". It took him some time - to get the drift.

Our former Black Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. was a janitor at one time. Put himself through college - then went to law school, then into politics - rose to be the Speaker in Sacramento.

Term limits were introduced just to remove him from office - to this day - Willie L. Brown Jr - respects the janitors  and he knows what is happening .

Willie L. Brown Jr - who keeps raking millions - from developers and other entities -  should speak up - for the women janitors - who are being - sexually traumatized.

May be offer his pro bono legal services - to pay homage to the many " janitors " who know and respect him for once being a janitor - who rose to the high status that he enjoys now. Time to pay back - for he will not leave a sound - legacy.

At a recent hearing called by the House Negro London Breed - who is trying to win some Browny Points - on the plight of the women janitors - some representation was given - but the legal expects were not addressed.

The United Nation was formed right here in San Francisco. We pride ourselves when it comes to Human Rights - but for decades we have treated our women like chattel - time to wake up - more the men who consider themselves decent - but have no cajones.

London Breed held a hearing to superficially - discuss - the matter of women janitors - suffering from traumatic -  sexual advances made by men - mostly in the wee hours or the morning.

Women janitors have no tools to contact anyone in real time - so that they can be helped - when they are attacked. If they call the police or get some action on their own - they are fired.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - not all - but for sure the two House Negros Malia Cohen and London Breed - Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell - and Katy Tang - have no idea - that our employees working for the City and County of San Francisco - are sexually - traumatized - too.

We have had umpteen cases at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and even today we have folks like Juliet Ellis - playing mind games - and failing to maintain standards - ganging up on men who work at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. 

Juliet Ellis was already caught red handed - moving $200, 000 to her former non-profit that she worked for - Green For All. She was fined by the  Fair Political Action Committee - the San Ethic's Commission - and still in lingering at the SF Public Utilities Commission. 

And there is more - the woman Juliet Ellis - should be fired - more for antagonizing   - men who work under her.

She has surrounded herself  with like minded women - choosing to gang up on men .

It is this reverse discrimination - that does not bear well - for us all - more men -  that are defending - women  - and their right to achieve career goals - upward mobility and make us all feel proud.

Much like most of us are proud of our mothers, our sisters, our friends who are women - other women in our lives like our favorite teachers, mentors -  who work hard and are supported by fair minded men.

Not say that we do not  have the mucho men - and we know how to deal with them - especially here - in San Francisco.

In recent years our former Human Rights Commission has been downsized  - and the Human Right Commission - has a sitting - Commission that makes polices - that can question policies - but has not clout. Lack the ability to use " Compliance Officers " that directly report to the Human Rights Commission.

Discrimination and other hate crimes - brought to the Commission - for adjudication - stay stagnant - lie there on shelves - collecting - dust.

Now,  in recent years our City and County of San Francisco - have created Contracting Monitoring Committee.

The Contracting Monitoring Committee - that has no clout - when it comes to cases - such as discrimination and  upward mobility.

Most - of the large Construction Companies - the likes of URS, AECOM, WEBCOR, NIBBI, CAHILL, OBAYASHI, TUTOR, FOREST CITY, LENNAR URBAN - others too many to name.

TECHIES - the likes of - UBER, AIRB&B, TWITTER - shopping malls run by NEIMAN MARCUS and others - keep treating our janitors with disdain.

Other entities that run million dollar companies - treat our janitor like minions - do not bother about the rights of the janitors - provide  little protection.

The State and Federal Labor Boards, our City and County of San Francisco, our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is always talking from both sides of his mouth. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed our janitors - and he thinks he can work with the UNIONS - much as he works with the Laborers' Union 261 - who fill his campaign coffers.

When the Mayor headed the Department of Public Works in San Francisco - there were several cases - of sexual abuse.

Edwin M. Lee - protected the culprits - and should be ashamed of himself.

Today - the Commission on the Status of Women - receive millions from the City.

Thousands in grants - they should be ashamed of themselves -  the Commission on the Status of Women - have yet to support actively - our " women janitors ". 

They say in order to do that they want one more Full Time Employment (FTE) position - to address generally - the sexual discrimination - rampant in San Francisco.  Time to audit them - and find out why are we funding them - millions of dollars.

I have witnessed women aligned to the Commission on the Status of Women - back nefarious entities - gang up on the former Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - make discriminatory comments - in front of me.

Having no clue - that such behavior is totally uncalled for.  Many of them serving on the Commission on the Status of Women.

Many of the Commission - are chronic men haters .

They always want it their way.

 Many  women - who are straight women - who are stellar leaders by their own right - have told me - they have no respect and less NO faith in the Commission on the statues of Women in San Francisco - representing all women - fairly.

Our women who hold high positions in the City and County of San Francisco - have an opportunity to study the situation and address the plight of our women in the work force.

Some of them - do not want to take a stand - and this is plain wrong. Today, in San Francisco I know on many women who come to me - and state to me - that our women who hold high positions are pandering to the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee.

Many women have left their departments - because they have been started unfairly - and this is plain wrong.

It does not help that our City's Human Services - is also responsible and has failed to adjudicate cases - that it can intersect - and turn to mediators - for arbitration. 

Again and again women who are single mothers - suffer most - some with children - feel that as much as they try to keep their family intact and happy - the workforce hinders their chances - keeps them down - and there is no one to come to their aid.

Again and again using my skills when I worked for the Federal Government - I try to put things in writing - to aid these many women - who need help. Our Unions in the City too - lack leaders who will take a case - and bring it to fruition.

Management as we all know - have the attorneys and money on their side - we must remember this is a UNION City - and as such defend our workers. As much as we call our City and County of San Francisco a UNION City - Union too have done themselves in - collecting dues and not representing - their members.

The signs of the times - make us ponder - the ones hurting most our women - women who are janitors - work long works - in the wee hours of the morning - are traumatized - while many of us - many men in power - look the other way.

We must change this attitude and we can - with the men who have compassion and astute with principles and leadership - taking the lead - for the good of our women and society at large. AHO.