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Monday, June 13, 2016


This proposed Salesforce skyscraper -
is one "ugly" building - 
shaped like a phallus - aesthetically disgusting -
to the eye and being.

San Francisco was never planned to entice " evil people " to this land of the Ohlone - more the " Muwekma Ohlone ". Our City's skyline has changed - for the worse.

Our SF Planning Department - just keeps rubber stamping - what the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his cronies - send their way - fasting tracking permits - and filling Mayor Edwin M. Lee coffers with BOOD money.

We have SF Planning Department - using devious methods to rubber stamp permits -  fake " Environmental Impact Reports " - the lack of concern for " shadows ", congestion, and increase in dangerous particulates.

Again and again the larger projects pay no attention to urgently needed " transportation" issues - more for our Seniors that make up over 45% of our population today.

We call ourselves " transit first city " - again and again the diatribe spewed at the San Francisco County Transportation Agency, the Municipal Transportation Agency, the SF Planning Commission, the Department of Building Inspection - lack the ability to discern.

The last three Housing Elements produced every 5 years have gone to our Courts for adjudication. These Housing Elements - are created to help address our present and future housing needs.

Again and again without a Blue Print - we go in circles - circumvent the standards and principles that are laid in our General Management Plan - and use fake " Environmental Impact Report " - most follow some " boiler plate " - to hoodwink, bluff, and lie to the public at large.

Corruption of the worst order - has saturated all the above Departments.

The City Administrator Naomi Kelly has her work cut out for her - her hands are tied - she cannot fight those that have embedded themselves - with the most corrupt entities - one of them SPUR - four others for sure - SF Board of Supervisors - who favor the sordid developers  -Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell - despicable to the core.

The SF Planning Director tries his best - but all those working under him - have a gun pointed to their head.

Again and again - the rushed permits and plan - come to haunt us all - it is too late - and it happens all the time.

Now it is decided to cap the skyscrapers to a certain height - then - all of a sudden - amendments are introduced and changes made.

The height limit increased - without the need deliberations - having disdain for standards, the laws that must be followed, more,  the public kept out of sight. Open defiance as we who have been attending - SF Planning Commission - have never, ever - seen before.

Again and again - we few try - to show how  devious, how callous - how  spiritually bankrupt"  - our City and the many officials have become - and how they behave.

NOT once do their ponder - whose land this is - not once do they factor - that all things that they see - not once are they concerned about the pollution and contamination. This land - all of it - every square inch belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - and it is not treated as it ought to be treated.

People who are " spiritually bankrupt " are many of those that support this Mayor - Edwin M. Lee who is in bed with Salesforce, Twitter, Zynga, Webcor, Nibii, Cahill, URS, AECOM, Platinum Consultants, Obayasi, AirB&B - they all and more - are doing our City harm - and must be investigated.

Some of us who attend the SF Planning Commission - feel like puking - the action and changed policies are adversely impacting thousands.

 The SF Planning Commission - is treating our City as if it has the authority to drastically change the character of our neighborhoods.

What makes the City and County of San Francisco great - is the unique character of our neighborhood - the building, the music, the food, the dances, the arts and artists - you get the drift.

The Mission, the Bayview, Western Addition, the Excelsior, the many other neighborhoods - each a jewel that now are targeted - by reckless and nefarious entities that work - hand in glove with the San Francisco Planning Department and SF Planning Commission.

The people have protested - they have gone on a huger strike, they have pleaded - they have tried it all. 

You cannot change the mentality of those that are spiritually bankrupt - folks like Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell - these Supervisor think they can commit murder - in broad day light. 

They all must be charged by the RICO ACT - there is sufficient evidence to charge them - they should be sent to jail - so that others may learn - that such despicable acts - will NOT be tolerated.  Aho.