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Thursday, June 9, 2016


In front of San Francisco
 City Hall - where -
all the wheeling and dealing takes place.

When you are my age and have spent so many decades in the trenches - rubbing shoulders with the wicked politicians - not only here home in the United States - but monitoring politics - all over the civilized and shrinking, world - one understands the signs of the times. better.

This is the month of Ramadan - a month of fasting - where Muslims our Sisters and Brothers reflect on the Quoran - and practice the virtues of the Muslim Faith.

Fasting is good - for it cleanses one being - and in doing so - compassion and fortitude reigns.

The other sins that we are prone to - are laid to rest and addressed - and it is a time of deep reflection and good actions.

Politicians the likes that are affiliated to the Democratic Party - having been practicing license - forever.

Leading the way - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - fake as they come - and Senator Diane Feinstein - who behind the scenes is selling our Nation.

This might be a good time - for reflection at least - since I know very well - the " fast cats " - will not give up on eating like  those " hogs " that they prone to imitate - and gluttony clouds the mind - and bring forth deeds that are - " evil ". 

On another level we have witnessed the many evil actions of Hillary Clinton - breaking the basic laws when she was the Secretary of State.

We saw the same with Senator Diane Feinstein - who has been removed from Committees - because of " conflict of interest " linked to her husband Richard Blum - who has raked in millions of dollars - participating in illegal deals.

The former Secretary of State a woman who quickly endorsed Hillary Clinton early on - open her dirty mouth - and said that all those who do not vote for Hillary Clinton - will go to hell. Hillary Clinton is in hell - now. And many of those that support her - are down right - evil.

There are other monied people - who have given Hillary Clinton millions - who are attached to Political Action Committees (PACs) that permit the PACs to dole out money - the sky is the limit - favored by ruling of our Supreme Court - and states that Corporations are people too. Whatever that means!

Imagine right now - Hillary Clinton has over $1 Billion in her campaign coffers - to sustain her - more as the Primary Election is over.

Dressed in the devil's garb - her fangs blooded - hungry for power - Hillary  is set to confuse those weak in mind - not educated on issues - and more those that are - " spiritually bankrupt ".

Hillary is all set to - hoodwink us all - lie to us all - and prepare herself to appoint herself as President after the November, 2016 - elections. 

That is how some see it - especially the women who are now drunk with Hillary's fake success - thinking that all women - will get what they want - without character and without earning it - in today's world of equal opportunity.

Most men respect their Mothers - most men understand the the woman that rocks the cradle - makes us all - most men respect women - and in today world of equality - more men understand that if a woman work hard - does the same work as a man - she must be paid.

We all must make this " equality " - happen many of us men have fought for it - exercised our power and given women opportunity - taken static - but stuck of our guns and won.

Every family today accepts both wife and husband working - and in most families - where spirituality rules - there is harmony - and as I said - most men agree with the equality of pay - and we do not need Hillary Clinton - to take " credit " - while her action betray what is talking about - and exposing herself to us - as fake.

On some issues that Hillary Clinton has not addressed in detail at all - issues like Universal Health Care - with premiums that are reasonable. Hillary Clinton favors the Insurance Companies so does her husband Bill Clinton.

We the people must not let her rule the roost. Hillary Clinton has said nothing on Universal Health Care - more with  the 99% controlled by the 1% - who control most everything - bleeding us all with very high - health premiums. Compromising our health - more with lack of Preventive Care that must be free - more for our infants, children, and youth.

Bernie Sanders wants Universal Health for all of us constituents of the United States of American - at reasonable rates - and this has been - part of the core of the - Bernie Sanders Platform during the Primary Election - embraced all over the Nation by millions. 

Education is critical -  being educated on issues is pertinent and critical to our common welfare and progress.

If we are educated on issues - we the people - can understand and deal with the ploys and machinations of the crooks -  stand our ground .

The politicians that are within the Democratic Party and the Republican Party too - understand this - and are slow to encourage free education - in our Colleges and institutions of higher - learning. 

Breaks for those going to college and attending higher education is a must for our great Nation - at the school levels we stand low on the International ratings.

When it comes to Colleges and Universities it is the same.

Our leaders know that - but will not touch giving breaks to our young adults, our adults, others that want to give themselves an opportunity to learn and educate themselves - to compete and learn at our higher educational institutions - and succeed.

Bernie Sanders stood his ground - traveled all over - worked very hard - and the young and young adults flocked to his gatherings and embraced his heartfelt remarks. Today many of them are despondent - this is a wicked world - that favors the crooks and more those that spew lies - using the Media as a tool.

We all know - that Bernie Sanders - was Blacked Out - the Media wheeling and dealing - with corrupt entities like Hillary Clinton - but all that and more will change.

Free College education is a must - for us all - to compete in today world -  we purport - as a Super Power - that we have the power to do anything - but the fact is - we all lag far behind in quality education - compared to many Nation - and this must be ratified.

Millions of families are impacted - with the curse minimum wage  - $7 and $8 and in some States $6 - we must raise it up to $15 an hour.

One must understand - if families are poor and kept poor - there is no where - there can be upward mobility. Right now - the Middle Class is evaporating before our eyes - what has Hillary Clinton in mind to address this situation - with time-lines and concert goals. Nada.

Her husband as the President of the United States - signed laws that have kept millions of Black behind bars - for one extended period. Destroying the lives of many. Many Blacks have no clue about this history - that have kept Black down.

Today the Clintons have worked with Poverty Pimp Pastors - mostly Black - to canvass for votes - and ignorant Blacks have voted for Hillary Clinton. Time will tell.

Bernie Sanders participate in the Civil Rights and was beaten and taken to jail. Bernie Sanders has walked the walk - not so Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Let the facts and the empirical data - speak loud and clear.

Bernie Sanders is for the poor - the working class - the middle class and he has plans - " real plans " - to make the dreams of millions come true.

The Movement must push for the concepts, the sound ideas - bring the people that matter together - more the Independents that are growing and the two major Political Parties the Democratic Party and the Republic Party - have failed to address the real issues and concerns of the constituents that really - matter.

Hillary Clinton is a JOKE - she wore an outfit costing thousands of dollars - over $12, 000 to a meeting - while addressing issues that affect the poor. 

She truly does not comprehend - first impression count  - but more being so insensitive - she is used to living on the high and action as a fool.

The audacity of this stupid woman to wear an outfit costing over $12, 000 - and making a mockery of her speech.

That is exactly how Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi behaves - she has three large homes - and rakes in millions. 

She has NOT represented the people - and yet you have idiots - voting for this disgusting woman - every election. Wake up San 
Francisco. What has Nancy Pelosi done for the homeless? What has she done to bring about affordable housing for those making below $40, 000?

Hillary Clinton - lacks integrity, lacks morals, lacks ethics, lacks standards - she is shallow and inept - but more she has no compassion - she is artificial and fake.

You see that  all the time - with Hillary Clinton - the giggles and the fake smile.

 At the many meetings - speaking from both sides of her mouth and speeding diatribe.

The behavior is disgusting -  and beneath that all - the " evil " - the hidden agenda - and the mockery of all the promises Hillary Clinton makes - but will NOT - ever - deliver.

Bernie Sanders has the right answers when  addressing and dealing with Wall Street  and Wall Street's ploys and machinations. Bernie Sanders has already sent the message and if his concepts are implemented - Wall Street will be on its best behavior.

We the people bailed Wall Street in the year 2008 - we suffered the pains of losing money linked to our Saving Accounts, our Retirement Savings.

Our investments if some of us choose to invests in the few Stocks and Shares - that we thought would earn us some dividends.

The President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama -  and Congress went ahead and bailed large financial institutions like AIG - Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank - others - without consulting the "constituents of our Nation ".

We the people - were shafted - and those of us who suffer - even today even though 2007 and 2008 was some years ago - the losses we all suffered - adversely affected - all of us.

We the people lost millions and most of us lost thousands - our Savings depleted, our IRAs showing large losses - the result of Sub-prime loans, Derivatives, Algorithms - other devious models - that our Nation and those that monitor the Financial Institution - failed in their duty.

Hillary Clinton played with Wall Street and still has designs to say one thing - but behind the scenes - to wheel and deal with Wall Street - and the minions that serve her and her evil designs.

The larger financial institutions that have given her millions - during the Primary Elections.

Hillary Clinton primary focus was  all about money.

Sordid money - and the Super Delegates that have Hillary Clinton a large handicap.

True there is nothing good to write to your Mother about Donald Trump - a spoiled brat - and he has won the Republican Nomination - the only one with the largest lead and clear leader of the pack.

Not so with the Democratic Party - the Movement for change was brought about by - Bernie Sanders.

The youth and young adults all over our great Nation - that we must embrace - were moved to vote by Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has embraced his supports - is united - more with those whose " hearts are in the right place " - not so the evil, sordid, inept, spineless, immoral - Hillary Clinton.

In this case - it is totally uncalled for Hillary Clinton and President Barack Hussein Obama - who as I complete this article has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

More,  to request the millions of Independents, other Democrats and Republicans who voted for Bernie Sanders - to move over - and vote for the devil - Hillary Clinton.