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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Bernie Sanders will bring change for good -
we must fight the "MACHINE" corrupt politicians -
the likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi - others -
who smell of sulphur - fear Bernie Sanders.

We just cannot live in today's world - with primitive models that allow very corrupt politicians - to have all the want and more - as long as they have money to buy and put themselves in position of power. These scum bags are content - they are not there to represent - they are there - to fill their campaign coffers.

Political Action Committees (PACs) - the Super Electoral Candidates - who favor the " MACHINE" - in this case Hillary Clinton.

What type of " democracy " is this - or is this an autocracy - that use ploys and machinations - to fool the people. More people who are not educated on issues. In other words - those who mostly talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

We have poverty written all over -
on on streets in San Francisco - thousands sleep -
facing the inclement weather - San Francisco -
one of the richest cities in the world.

On the issue of  " homeless " - the children, youth, and young adults - have compassion. They know and feel - for those who suffer. Not our politicians the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein who have three and four homes - and sleep in comfort - while thousands of constituents - suffer from hunger and depression.

Our politicians the likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Edwin Lee, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, David Chui - other scum bags - to many to mention - must be brought to book - more under the RICO ACT - there is sufficient evidence right now - to send them to jail - and they must be sent to jail - for long terms - 10 years - 15 years so that they learn their lesson - once in for all.

We just cannot look at the poor and those that are " homeless " because of our faulty " economy models and applications " - and think and feel that they are expandable. 

There are thousands of families who are one pay check away from being homeless - more with the high rents - $3500 for a one bed room - $4500 for a two bed room.

More, there is a demand for such units - from the rich techies - that have screwed things up - for many. Mayor Edwin Lee invited these vermin - who have destroyed our neighborhoods - in San Francisco.

San Francisco's Planning is rubber stamping policies - pushed by crooked developers with the backing of Mayor Edwin Lee - a lackey - more a lap dog. For some huge sum -  one can get all the permits one wants - on a platter.

Hillary Clinton - is a liar - and we should 
not throw our vote away putting in place -
some known " crook " that has proven to lack -
leadership -  is phony - and is being investigated.

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton - have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar - again and again - so what gives them the power - to ask for our VOTE.

As I said and have been saying - when they have proved again and again - to be despicable. No decent person or constituent trust them - and those backing this despicable woman - must think twice - about the damage that Hillary Clinton will do - once in power.

Bill Clinton has sent thousands of people to jail - for extended periods - mostly Blacks - when he was President. Few think and less know about his Executive Orders - some of the worse - that were ever passed by our Nation.

Here we have Black Pastors - more, Poverty Pimp Pastors - urging people to Vote for Hillary Clinton - in their Churches - having lunches with others - who lack morals, ethics, standards - one of them Jessie Jackson.

Suffice to say  - that here in San Francisco we have two House Negroes Malia Cohen and London Breed - who have failed all San Franciscans and more more this City of Compassion - San Francisco.

Again and again the protestors at City Hall - have called upon Malia Cohen and London Breed to change their views and represent the people. All these two do is pussyfoot about - and pander - more the Zionists - who is fooling whom?

The rents in San Francisco  are soaring - and while the politicians are talking about Affordable Housing - we want to know what real help is there - for any family making $40, 000 and below. None what so ever.

We also want to know - what help is there for those making $20, 000 and below. Well these are the ones on our streets - and before choosing to be on our streets - many have fled San Francisco.

50, 000 families in the last 5 years. What has Mayor Edwin Lee to say about these facts - empirical data - that he cannot address - except tell us lies - and think that we will believe him.

The man lacks the " cajones " he is a lap dog - and you all know what a " lap dog " does?

The politicians like to talk in " general terms ". 

"We need to provide affordable housing" they say.

 Anyone - any train a parrot to say that - crooks like Malia Cohen - receiving money from Forest City and Lennar - other dubious entities - the woman is inept, shallow, lacks morals, ethics and for sure standards.

Malia Cohen has been brought before the Sunshine Task Force and the Ethics Commission - the same with London Breed and Scott Weiner. One worse than the other.

We are all wondering - whatever happened to San Francisco.

Well while the advocates were representing and fighting for those that are NOT educated on issues - the rest were fast asleep.

 Few truly understand the " Electoral System " that favor the rich - those who work with Political Action Committees (PACs) - with " political thugs" the like of Willie L. Brown Jr. - it is not easy to wake up one morning and decide to take on these crooked  organizations -  that are very corrupt to the core - and have millions to expand.

In recent months we have had protests - and I have been monitoring the protests - and how the " MACHINE " is trying to infiltrate those that are learning - how to organize - and fight the MACHINE.

However we still have seasoned organizers - that have defeated Gavin Newom who thinks he can run for Governor - and no one will be after him. 

This scum bag - needs to wake up - we are watching him - like a hawk.

It is the same with Scott Weiner - a Zionist - who only cares about himself - and plays the constituents - corrupt to the core.

He wants to go to Sacramento to represent us as a Senator. Pathetic.

We have others - who lie and tell us that they will do this and that - but when the time comes - they work only to fill their campaign coffers. 

We the people - united and organized - must be vigilant - and this means being educated on issues.

Vote right today - and vote with your heart in the right place. Aho.