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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


When any entity turns their back on those that must be respected - our beloved seniors - most of whom have sacrificed a lot already - but, now nearing their golden years - are thrown on the streets - to face the elements - by those that have no compassion - at all - we who can see and do something - must step up.

Our City has rent control laws - but again and again - greedy land lords - others who have no conscience - use Ellis Eviction ploys and machinations - to remove our Seniors and others - and throw them - in the streets - to face inclement weather and bring about their demise.

Hundreds are suffering and San Francisco one of the richest cities in the world - has turned its back on our beloved seniors.
Can anyone out there do something - and challenge the status quo among the SF City policy makers - to treat our seniors with decency.

Where are the women and men warriors - who must stand up for our Seniors - I ask?

I knew this was coming - so like John the Baptist I sounded the clarion call - a long time ago and continue - all these many years.

No one seemed to understand what I was saying - but, now that it has reached the door steps of many: "Francisco, please help us".

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisor are to blame - they talk a lot - call for hearings on every topic but failed the seniors and their sorry plight.

The SF Board of Supervisor - wait for the last moment and after a lot of damage - has been done.

Our seniors are sleeping in shelters, on the streets of San Francisco. In their cars - under bushes, under the many bridges, in the Park, on steps of homes - and no one is keeping track of those that have died from the stress and other salient but horrific elements - leading to their demise.

It is the same with suicide - hundreds commit suicide - but ask for the Incident Reports - and they are not forthcoming.

In the mean time the Mayor, Ed Lee is announcing to the world about the 26 cranes in the sky - linked to projects - where "market price homes" are being built.

So when are you doing to focus on moderate, low and no income housing - and of course affordable housing - if you ask anyone what that means - you just get some jargon. " We can see what we can do for you". Bevan Dufty and Trent Rhorer have their work cut out for them - all you hear are excuses.

Some seniors have been making some noise - but those noises are falling on deaf ears.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the Mayor's Office of Housing, the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency, the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - one worse than the other.

None of the about care about our seniors.

Any community or entity worth their salt - that does not care for their seniors - must be shamed of themselves.

In San Francisco for the last fifteen years - the seniors have been treated with disdain, many of them living on fixed income.

In the last six years the plight of the seniors has become chronic - forcing some of us - to use our own money - to place our beloved seniors in motel, in homes to live with those we know - because the suffering of our beloved seniors that we know - is heart wrenching. 

 Shame on San Francisco and shame on those - that must do something - they talk the talk - but fail miserably - to walk the walk.

We must now find a place outside City Hall - where we can build so me memorial - to all the Seniors - that have passed away - the roof under their head taken away - and these beloved seniors - cast out - out of the way - to die in abject poverty and facing the inclement - weather.

God have mercy on those that have no compassion - in the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi.