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Monday, January 21, 2013


If you were alive - alive enough and knowledgeable - old enough to follow world affairs - most everything came to a standstill when  we found out - that some one had shot and killed - Dr Martin Luther King Jr  - it was April 3, 1968.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr followed in the steps of the Mahatma - the Great One - Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi - too met his untimely death - at the hands of one of those that shoot to kill and know not what they are doing - an assassin .

Perhaps the only other time - in recent history - millions felt the same was when President Kennedy was assassinated. Three great men and among them two Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the Mahatma - were world class - well beloved - Civil Rights leaders.

In recent years - we have not seen such leaders - when it comes to the likes of  - Dr Martin Luther King Jr - he did more during his life time - then  was possibly done; the past 350 years - more for Blacks - giving Black and other minorities - rights that gave them HOPE and freed them from the shackles of - ignorance and abject arrogance.

When men like the Mahatma and Dr Martin Luther King Jr walked this Earth - they saw and had a vision that comes from their deep experience. Their unique spiritual experience - they saw things - far ahead and saw it clearly. A kind of premonition. 

Such noble souls do not come easily - and when they breathe that first breath and learn the norms that few can learn and experience - they leave their indelible mark - and that mark resonates for centuries. Forever - because mostly the selflessness of their lives - knows no bounds - and can penetrate and bring about rapid change. Mind boggling but very true.

Today, in San Francisco many will make speeches - at breakfasts and other fancy meetings - all to honor Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Dr Martin Luther King Jr was not about vague speeches but about - concrete action. Action that gave hope - where there was abject - despair.

Every speech that Dr Martin Luther King Jr gave - inspired all to do right. Dr Martin Luther King Jr was ready every day to lay down his life - for what he believed in.

Many other mortals - that have not gone through the fire - and yet - pretend to speak - somewhat in a nonchalant manner - and fake that they understand the meaning of the truth as an artificial - moment. They will utter sounds - but the sounds will have no - meaning. Why?

Times have changed - and in our living times - that we pretend to live in - we have strayed away from respecting others, morals, sound ethics, standards, sacrifice, genuine love, and dedication to do right - at all times.

Those great souls such as Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Gandhi - always had  a purpose in mind - that did not seek monetary gain, rewards of any kind, nothing that is attached such as wanton, sordid, vain - materialism .

These great Civil Rights leaders led and lived - every minute they lived fully and with purpose - they sacrificed their being to serve others.

So, when the untimely time came - and some bullet silenced both the Mahatma and Dr Martin Luther King Jr - there was a deafening silence.

May be for the first time - at moment like this - millions the world over ponder, reflect - and in one instance - great changes are made.

San Francisco is the home of the United Nations - it is the home of the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - who no one will mention  the Ohlone - in the many speeches, today - and why should they? Ignorance is no excuse - and so is blatant - arrogance.

If you are decent, if you have manners, if you purport to know a little about etiquette - you must respect, honor, and act accordingly - to the host that own the land - and have for thousands of years.

At one time there were over forty five hills - some big other small all over San Francisco. Today, less than ten - and some carved out - without - consideration. One side of the Bayview Hill was craved out - the dirt with the remains of the Ohlone - spread to build - Candlestick Stadium.

The same at Hunter Point Naval Shipyard - one there were two large hills - both leveled - the remains and the dirt from these two hills - part of the infill that makes Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. 90% of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is landfill. Go figure.

On each of these hills the Ohlone - mourning their ancestors - and while they did this for months on end - they sustained themselves with food and Abolone - that was found in abundance - other food too. Large Abolone - left and over years the calcium remained intact - and in many cases - preserved that which was left - for those that left this Earth.

Over thousands of years - the shells of the Abolone - created Shell mounds - Sacred Burial Grounds of the Ohlone.

Wherever there are Shell mounds there is a unwritten law - the indigenous people - have "Patrimonial Jurisdiction" - the White men at one time - just stole what they wanted and more - and over year - as most crooks do - used every type of illegality to make what was illegal - legal. Such are the norms that have no - spirituality and less steal, rape, take - and live in despair.

The many Shell mounds served as Acupuncture sites that were therapeutic - to the Earth.

At Land's End by Ocean Beach - on a dark night - those that cleanse themselves - can feel somewhat - what was felt all over San Francisco and the Bay Area - thousands of years - ago - naturally. An experience so intense - that the land and the site - was considered - SACRED.

There was a time; when Civil Rights and norms that we now have in place were not necessary. Harming your fellow human being, enslaving, degrading, exploiting - comes from a place that is devious in nature - greed of the worst kind.

Nations practiced - on a wide scale - and made a business of selling human beings - a shameless act that has tarnished - all human beings and civilization. It such atrocities carried on by the Arabs, Portuguese, the Dutch, the British, French, others - with slavery - and land grabbing - in recent times - that have tarnished human history and still continues to tarnish human history in many parts.

Exploiting the indigenous people all over the world.

When the colonists and land grabbers - sometimes felt their conscience prodding them to think about their sordid actions - they justified their actions - by saying Blacks and other indentured laborers - were inferior.

Went so far to even quote the Bible and fabricated stories to justify their evil - actions.

Today, President Barack Hussein Obama will take an oath - even though he took it yesterday; at a private ceremony at the White House with his family and the head of the Supreme Court.

Today; January 21, 2013 - will be that ceremonial oath - in front of thousands of people - some say 800,000 plus - gathered in Washington DC - on the Hill - to witness the first Black President of the United States - serve a second term - and make true history.

The President, a Black President - his father from Kenya where I was born too. His mother an American - a daughter from humble immigrants - a teachers by profession.

His mother's first marriage was to the President's biological father a Kenyan - her second to an Indonesian - we do not hear much about this - but it is a fact.

His Kenyan father an Economist - came to America to seek a better life - he did not succeed much - and went back to Kenya - and died - despondent. 

His American mother raised him - with the help of his grand parents. His maternal grandmother did not get the opportunity to see President Barack Hussein Obama sworn in as the first Black President - she died a few days earlier - in Hawaii.

Today, President Barack Hussein Obama will take his ceremonial oath before thousands; as I said - two bibles will grace the occasion - one belonging to Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the other to President Abraham Lincoln.

This year will be the 150th year - since the emancipation of  slavery - the end of slavery - the most abominable act any human being worth the salt - can commit. It is still exists in places like Sudan, in India as indentured laborers, in other places - there is lots of talk to curb such atrocities - but, it still continues.

The President of the United States - President Barack Hussein Obama - will be serving his second term - and to do that he had to serve his first term - which some folks with intent - made difficult.

Much of their hatred comes from what we call "inferiority complex" - they cannot stand a Black man - being the President and that too - in the White House.

Years ago; Dr Martin Luther King Jr - said that a time would come in forty years - when it was possible that America would have a Black President. Many did not believe and others scoffed at the idea. Dr Martin Luther King Jr has a vision and the vision came - true.

Souls that are tuned with the Supernatural say stuff like that - and this has come to be - and let it be an awakening for those that are the living dead.

We have in simple terms two kind of people - the living and the living dead. The living foster - spirituality, morals, and standards.

Today's politicians are mostly very sick - spiritually sick.

We the people - saw them in action with the impending " fiscal cliff  debacle ".

Soon, we will see these politicians with the "debt ceiling " - under laying factors - spiritual bankruptcy - spending and raking up bills - then thinking as a after thought - how to pay for it.

We still have a few - that can fathom what I say - it does not come easy - vagueness does not belong to this realm - more one needs an astuteness, awareness, and staunch realization - linked to the truth and hope.

Both, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King Jr practiced non-violence. To practice genuine non-violence - you have to be spiritual and when you are - all blessings come to you - quickly.

You have the courage, the guts, the gumption to see through those that practice evil and take them on.

You speak or may be write - not because you can; but because you must.

To those that this gift is given - they do not challenge the source from which they are inspired and led - they act and leave it to a higher force - to deal with the end.

It has been 44 years since Dr Martin Luther King Jr was silenced - April 3, 1968 and this year January 21, 2013 our 44th President - who bears the odd name; Barack Hussein Obama - will be ceremonially sworn in - as President of these the United States of America.

His second term - the 17th such President to serve two terms.

I wish you well Mr President and as I said your father and I - were born in Kenya - the land where those that know - say - human beings - originated.

I have studied the works of Mahatma Gandhi - and visited the places where he lived, was imprisoned, and breathe his last breath.

I have met in person those that rubbed shoulders with the Mahatma - and listened to them - while I bit my tongue and said - nothing.

My fight to stand up and do right in San Francisco - does not come easy - and the many hours and years - that have gone into this fight - is not easy - but a necessary one.

More when it comes to defend our children and our single mothers. Our seniors, and those that are physically and mentally - challenged. Those that need help and find it difficult to find - succor.

Today, January 21, 2013 will go down in history - as a day that brought HOPE to many.

The hope is there for all to participate and soak in - much like a sponge - those that desire this "soma" one of kind - must purify themselves - become vessels of hope - with a vision to do right.

Much like Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King jr - and even I may dare say President Barack Hussein Obama - you must be educated on issues.

Learn the ways of human beings with wisdom; stellar being that went before us but left a mark - more; be fine tuned in the best spiritual teachings and lasting wisdom that is there for those that seek - they can find it - and must seize the opportune moment to lead and lead well.

San Francisco has been a beacon of HOPE - going thousands of years.

To the Ohone we owe much - to those that came after them; I say - we must discern - many destroyed what was good - through greed.

A few sort of did some good - and history has recorded their deeds some - but much of it has to be sought like a needle lost in a large - hay stack.

A common thread that both Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King Jr shared was respect.

We must respect the law, respect our elders, respect morals and standards - no one can boast swimming in some sordid cesspool - and tying to share the presence - where there is good - bad is bad -  and where they is mostly bad - there can be NO - good.

There can be NO love without sacrifice.

We cannot dare think of going to a better place - without fine tuning our moral compass. We must not live - just for the sake of living. We must contribute and think about it - holistically. Aho.

A few facts that say much about Dr Martin Luther King Jr: