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Sunday, January 27, 2013


It is so sad in today's fast moving world - with an abundance of information - most of it superficial - impacting the much needed " decision making " to make things better - provide Quality of Life to the general public at large.

People in power - decision makers - who are NOT educated on issues - and fall back on their staff and so called - experts to lead them down some path - mostly end in the "cesspool" - the cesspool of their own creation.

In San Francisco - supposedly a world class City we do not have leaders that can truly understand the essential facts to address Quality of Life issues.

We had them in years past - look at our cable cars and the ingenuity of those that still make them work today. Those that help bring the Hetch Hetchy clean drinking water - all by gravity - from Yosemite to downtown San Francisco and more.

Creating the Golden Gate Park right in the middle of the City - one of the best Urban Park in the world. Of course the Golden Gate Bridge - this City built on Ohlone land - has given us writers, painters, musicians, architects, doctors, engineers, military personnel, teachers, politicians, chefs, and a host of other great women and men - that have made our world a better  - place.

No City wants the tourists to visit any City - and I know more - having just - returned from visiting a number of Cities in Europe - and seeing things for myself - and feel that Quality of Life issues are lacking. Travel and check for yourselves - and then study the mishaps - taking place in San Francisco.

Astute City officials - behind the scene - make sure - certain factors are addressed; and addressed with the general public in mind - those that pay their taxes.

Monitoring the traffic that reflects on sound transportation, monitoring crime of all sorts that reflects on safety, taken care of the populace - especially the infants, children, and seniors - that reflects of health.

Understanding the energy issues; if you do have black-outs, power failures and stuff like that - can bring things to a stall and impact - Quality of Life - issues and cause infinite - problems.

A robust plan to address any situation - small and big when there is an Emergency.

We do not need folks that pat themselves on the back - but when there is a situation - are at a loss for words. More when there is an emergency are not in town - this has happened so many times in recent years in San Francisco - that people are fed up.

There must be a balance between those that are permitted to amass large amounts of wealth and then pretend to influence those that do not have wealth.

This is the case in San Francisco - our Representative in Congress and the Senate - are figure heads - that have NOT addressed anything worth the salt - in the their backyards.

They have surely cared to address their pocket - filling them to the hilt - and mocking the public in general - with drab legislation and small - talk.

Again and again these very corrupt people - want to carry on a legacy - trying to prepare the way - for the daughters; others in the family.

Working other over time - to keep the campaign coffers filled - making deals with those - that are greedy - and will do anything to make a fast buck - adversely impact the hard working, tax paying population of San Francisco.

We need this Representative out and the Nation must know their true deeds - fake to the core - and liars who lie through their teeth. I have been following them for years - over 30 years to be sure.

Crime in on the increase in San Francisco - and if you ask the ordinary layperson - she or he will tell you that -  there is more crime today than there ever was. People are afraid to move around freely - not only at night but during the day. Why?

You can bring out the statistics - which have not in the past; been kept accurately.

Now; are watered down - to provide some drab information to the Department of Justice - which has NOT done a good job - before nor has it's act together - now.

San Francisco is the past has had serious major problems - more in the last ten years - too many to discuss in this short article.

However, because we have had too many serious problems - many making headlines on newspapers Nationwide - if we could discern - we could do better. To do that one has to be educated on issues. We have a few who are. The majority - so called leaders - groping the the dark.

You just have to watch the San Francisco Police Commission - a bunch of appointees who are a JOKE.

Joe Marshall feels important now that Joe Biden the Vice-president - President Barack Hussein Obama - side kick - invited him to Washington DC - to give him and others - some fed back.

One of many hastily called groups - to address violence and killings. Joe Marshall is not respected by those that really county - he wants to think he is - but the fact is - he is not.

The man cannot articulate - nothing is clear in his mind - he will start on one topic - move to another - and before you know it the train that he was talking about - has left the platform. But, now he is on a plane - mentions the train - but as I said  -the train   has left the platform.

Good leaders know the way, show the way , and go the way.

For the last ten years the San Francisco Police Commission has been a parody - it is a JOKE.

In the past - some of us advocates - with a deep knowledge about Police Matters - have tried to make some changes - nothing, much - happens.

The gimmick is simple - drag on the topic - talk in circles - and make the public at large - disenchanted.

Those at the core think they know it all - and having a meaningful dialog - with all the facts on the table - in other other words full disclosure - is something the SF Police Commission - will not care to ponder - less carry out.

San Francisco has a major issue with our roads and our transportation.

The Central Subway; for example - has taken us a long way off the beaten path.

We started with a project saying that $900,000 would suffice - but now it is growing and growing and growing - it has reached $1.7 billion.

It the past when the rails were replaced; on Market Street and other changes made - crossing paths, enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, asphalting the road - Market Street took years - to complete this project.

The businesses on Market Street were compensated -  because of the construction - and the many years it took - nearly three years - a good five percent of the business folded - in the bargain.

On Third Street when some idiots decided to put the Third Street Light Rail - from Fourth and King to the Middle of Nowhere - Visitation Valley - and that project took four years - ninety percent of the business - folded - and no one was compensated.

No one seem to have analyzed this problem - a problem that has led to many other issues - affecting - Quality of Life in the Bayview Hunters Point - area and further - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Today; those in charge think they will impose the same hurdles on the business doing good business in the North Beach. North Beach business women and men are stellar - and will fight all the way. Time will tell.

Now, we have heard from the North Beach business owners - saying that their business are being adversely impacted - and most have lost fifty percent of their business - daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly - earnings.

Never mind in the year 2008 to the year 2011 - all these businesses were impacted by the spiraling economy - that hit our Nation - in 2008. We are just - recovering.

When will our idiots who are making the policy decisions - ever understand how to run a world class City?

More a City and County of San Francisco that is well known - that tourist use to love to come - but, now wonder whey we take our natural beauty, the mild climate, the many restaurants, and other amenities for granted.

Why we encourage filthy dirty MUNI buses, streets that are not clean, begging on the increase, and snatching purses, Iphones, and a host of other petty crime - that deters the tourists from ever coming again. Who is responsible for this utter - nonsense?

It is not as if we do not have people that are in the know - we have idiots who think they know it all - and over rule those that tell them the right things to do.

We see this buffoonery again and again and again. What is disgusting - it is in your face - type - fools acting it out - and think that all is fine. Sorry, it is not!

There is a lot of talk about Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

Behind this ploy are some folks who at one time wanted to install Three Combustion Turbines - using Fossil Fuel - when some of us advocates were trying our best to shut down the Hunters Point Power Plant and the Mirant Power Plant that belonged once to Pacific Gas and Electric - stop the use of fossil fuel - and stop the pollution in the environment.

Some of us succeeded to close down the power plants - after years of fighting - thousands of man hours and much of our own money spent to make that happen.

What many in our City do not know in the simple mathematics about our energy issues.

How we get our power - and who has jurisdiction over the transmission lines - and other important stuff - that I will not disclose to the "idiots" - for the simple fact that I do not have to. That is my prerogative. 

In a general way let me explain what most people should know. You can learn more - by doing some more research - embolden yourselves - and feel determined to learn more and participate.

Pacific Gas and Electric controls all the transmission lines in this City.

Over the last ten years - upgraded many of them. On San Bruno Avenue for example all the transmission line are underground - and there is a plan - to put many the now - over-head transmission lines - underground in the near - future.

San Francisco has a major transmission line - known as the Jefferson-Martin Transmission line that stop on the border of San Francisco - and is technically in Daly City.

This transmission line - South of San Francisco - brings in more than three forth of this City requirements. Our requirement are about 960 Mega Watts per day - more when we have large gatherings - games, conventions, and so on. 

Our great City has a mild climate - so we really do not needy - "Air Conditioning" every single day - a few days in a month - if that - may be. The natural Fog does a good job - and gives us this great gift - for free. We are thankful - at least I am.

From my office at Executive Park - on many days I see the Fog - make the hills disappear - hugging the hills - then as noon time nears and sun is out bright - the fog disappears  and the hills appear in all their majesty. I see this often - ponder - and say to myself the Ohlone had it good for thousands of years - and so do we.

What most San Franciscans have NO clue about is a transmission line that does not belong to Pacific Gas and Electricity that brings in about 400 Mega Watts from Pittsburg.

Under our Bay - and lands very near the old Mirant Power Plant - closer to the Dog Patch Historical District. For those that travel - closer to Third Steet and 18th Street. 400 Mega Watts - much of it access that is sold to meet other requirements - elsewhere.

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) has its Main Maintenance Facility - very close by - the above mentioned - project.

In the future the hotels and other large development planned - will use the extra power - at a reasonable rate - and those that invested in the Pittsberg- Potrero Transmission line - will make hay while the sun shines.

Right now we have access electricity.

There is also a  plan to permit some entity in the City to provide so called "Clean Energy" to San Franciscans - but for a higher rate. Emphasis on "Clean Energy" - but the details are in how you analyze the source of the Energy - and what is takes to generate the energy, transmit it - and make it affordable.

I agree that we need to produce clean energy - solar which we did it the past putting it on over 60 homes in the Bayview some twelve years ago - with no help from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

That was when Ed Smeloff was the Assistant General Manager for Power Policy at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and was NOT - appreciate for his - vision.

At that time instead of helping this man - every effort was made to fire him - and today - we are at the "doldrums" - because there is a time for everything  - and the train has left the station.

Today we have novice, inexperience people who want San Franciscans to pay more for energy - without giving us a idea - why? 

Failing to provide us with the empirical data - why should we tolerate any nonsense - from those that never had our better interest - be it power, clean power - clean water - or for that matter the increased rates we pay for sewage - that impacts and has been impacting the Southeast Sector - for over ninety years - in years past.

Many have heard me say - and I have put it in writing that - this land we call San Francisco - belongs to the Ohlone.

The land was stolen - all of it. Suffice to say in this - "concrete jungle" that we have created - we must live - the least we can do is by being - fair.

We have inept, inexperienced people,lacking skills and qualifications making over $200,000 a year - with benefits - failed to perform.

Having no local  history, less caring about the constituents who want to impose their will - and think they will get away with murder - in broad daylight - never, ever.

Again and again when it comes to leadership - we have literally idiots who are trying to impose their will on us.

If we name them they get angry - but, in the first place no one - who does not fully understand the issues - should be in the position of representing and making policies.

At one time we had a good man in Edward Smeloff - and following his leaving the post - we have incompetent people - who continue to do things that make no sense.

I have given you a few examples above - and will in future on other critical and pertinent factors and operations in our great City. 

Again and again we employ and pay - people who are inept, shallow, spineless, immoral to head projects - that we should not - all paid by the tax payers - especially - the "Enterprise Departments" - the SF Airport, the SF Port Authority, the SF Public Utilities Commission.

One must be educated on issues, have the ability to discern, have the ability to have a meaningful - dialog - represent and serve the public at large.

Please do not make promises - you cannot fulfill. 

There is a lot of information out there - most of it rubbish - the ability to discern comes from sound education.

If you can discern, filter the best, and it works - you have proven to yourself that you are educated and can help - some one else.

If you choose to represent - better put your best foot forward - our City is suffering - more because of very poor - leadership.

Can we do better - of course - how? Getting rid of the chaff.