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Friday, January 18, 2013


The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has gone to the dogs - faking statistics, failing to curb its truancy - over 10,000 truants - over sixty percent - chronic - crashing any where they can in San Francisco.

In recent years children that need help are fired - with no consideration. Many parents are not informed about the status of their children - then suddenly given notice - about some disciplinary action or actions - months after the facts have taken place.

Children forced to stand - when they want to go the restroom - case after case of abuse that traumatize our children - while most of the buffoons refer to them as - kids. Goats have kids!

It is fun watching the dysfunctional San Francisco Unified School Board - many of them charged with breaking their own rules - raking up bills on Credit Cards given to them for essential  expenses linked to their duty - but used for their own personal extra-curricula activities. Time and time again - reported in the Main Media.

One despicable  SF United School Board member billing the SF Unified School District - for childcare, others taking advantage of the system - bottom line no accountability and less transparency.
This nonsense has grown from bad to worse in the last ten years.

At the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - we have Eric Mar, Jane Kim, David Campos, and now Norman Yee - who have served as Boards members at the SFUSD and David Campos as a counsel - to the SF Unified School District.

All have used their experience with this failed institution - to enter politics - and all the worse - when they demand the "Rainy Day" fund for the SF Unified School District - which has failed to excel. Our City and County has no direct relation to the SFUSD - it is the State of California's responsibility.

Tom Ammiano a former SFUSD teacher and a former SF Board of Supervisor - created the "raining day fund " where funds are set aside from our City and County of San Francisco's General Fund. 

One can appreciate if the SF Unified School District did right by the students and parents - but, it does not. It has failed the parents, the children, and mostly the teachers.

Every year more during the last ten year - at the eleventh hour - pink slips are distributed - those trained teachers without seniority are let go - the teachers that have seniority but are NOT good teacher - not all but many - and left to do the dirty - work.

Such shenanigans have been the trade mark of the FAILED - San Francisco Unified School District.

The current heads better get your act together - the lies, the disdain you have show to the public at large - is now reaching saturation point - always begging for money - while failed to lead - and more failing to RESPECT - the parents, the teachers, the students and those that support the failed schools and bail you out - the tax payers of San Francisco.

Shame on all of you JERKS.

Recently; we had a Black child who went to Dr Martin Luther King Academy in the Portola District. This child a girl who had many learning challenges - who abused by the Principal - a large woman - who sat on the child - trying to discipline the child.

Granted a little girl or boy may make a mistake - but in the year 2013 for a Principal to physically sit on the child, while trying to restrain the child, and punish her with such abhorrent abuse - speaks volumes.

This Principal who once was at another SF Public School acting dictatorial - messed things up there - and was sent to Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Academy.

This Principal is known for abusing the teachers - barging into the classroom and screaming at the teachers - without having the decency to first ask the teacher questions.

Abusing the children with harsh punishment without any fairness and taking extreme actions - that have traumatized many a child.

Selling off musical instruments and doing away with Music Classes. The same with Art - what is happening in this day and age? While all the time this school formerly Portola High School - renamed Dr Martin Luther King Academy Middle School - is going down hill. What is happening?

Why is the SFUSD not listening to the parents, the students, the ones - telling you the TRUTH. You all seem to be in denial - we all know for a fact you are dysfunctional. Just watch yourselves - on the televised show - praising your assess - patting yourselves on the back - when all of you need some stringent - discipline.

How about term limits? How about a quota on those that favor life style issue - that are against family values? How about morals and ethics? This free for all nonsense must stop. Pandering to the politicians - using the SFUSD Board as a platform - for higher office.

It does not help that one Pon a Chinese has been sending letters to the families of the children who attend Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Academy stating - that all is well - when all is NOT well.

The another Black who has never been fair to Black we saw this when our children mostly Black were bombarded with Asbestos Dust in the Bayview Hunters Point - not a word from this old man Amos Brown. Now, again he says he saw a video that others too have seen - and what is more witnessed the Principal sitting on the little Black girl. The others says that this incident is totally wrong and that includes Mr Tobias Caine - but, guess what - NOT Amos Brown the clown. The President of the NAACP with his headquarters in Western Addition.

It is wrong for the Director and the Assistant Director of the SFUSD to take sides and not bring the Principal from Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Academy to justice. This is blatant discrimination against the young Black girl and Mr. Tobias Caine a Black man - with forty years of service. Who is kidding whom?

Tobias Caine worked for 40 years for the SF Unified School District and because he spoke up for what was right - more to the conduct of the current Principal - he was fired.

Blatant Injustice!

Wake up San Francisco - and I sent an email about this to all of you - anyone worth the salt - in the City and County of San Francisco - the Mayor, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the City Administrator, the Chief of Police - the Board of Supervisors - others - to many to mention.

All this in San Francisco while our Mayor Ed Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors pay lip service to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - despicable.

January 17, 2013 in front of 555 Franklin Street some of us - held a protest - and the Main Media was there - and interviewed Mr. Tobias Caine. Asking him some hard questions and I watched the man answer each question - without any hesitation and more honestly. All the while hurt from being disrespected - just because he is a Black man.

Then there was a hearing linked to the firing of Mr. Tobias Caine - and the public was not allowed - at 555 Franklin - the SF Unified School District Building.

The method chosen in this day and age - is one person at a time goes to the 2nd Floor to the hearing - while the rest sit in the auditorium on the first floor. So how can anyone have some continuity - there is no television screen to follow the proceeding - so what is the purpose? There is one - to deprive any person persecuted - not to have sound representation and support.

Why should the public support the FAILED and DESPICABLE - San Francisco Unified School District - Why or Why?

Some Russian receptionist at 555 thought she was dealing with some morons when she stated that it was the law for one person at a time to attend this hearing.

I asked her to show me the law - the written language - what is happening to transparency and accountability?

A public hearing be it that those attending - should be those concerned with the case - as all of us were.

The mostly Chinese parents who come to 555 Franklin are treated with disdain - no one speaks Chinese at the reception. I heard one receptionist say to a Chinese woman: " Give me a break - I do not speak Chinese".

Wake up - we have a Chinese Mayor and three of the SF Board of Supervisors are Chinese - one Korean.

The SF Unified School Board and more our Mayor and our SF Board of Supervisor must look into the transparency and accountability of these hearing - where the SF Unified School District choose State Mediators to do their bidding.

There is no doubt the SF Unified School District is corrupt and has failed our children going to Public Schools.

The SF Unified School District has a record of failed attendance - there by allowing the State of California - not to compensate the SF Unified School District - linked to continuing failed - attendance.

Children have been promoted with acquiring competence linked to the A to G requirements - necessary credits to go to college.

Recently that was a glaring report - exposing the San Francisco Unified School District and its very poor - performance.

However, the SF Unified School District will spend thousands of  dollars on consultants - to tweak the statistics - and create fake reports to say that all is well. You will fall on your face - San Francisco Unified School District Board - all of you. Next time I will name you all.

It is time the SF Unified School District - follow its graduates - and report yearly how many have completed college. Judged on that performance - the rest of the BS that the SF Unified School District - SPEWS - will be laid to rest.

The young girl -  a Black girl - who is now raised by her grand mother - is traumatized and will be for the rest of her life. She lives in the Bayview - in District 10.

Her grandmother does not want to press charges - she is already stressed by the action of this White Principle - heavy set and very dictatorial and cruel. The SF Unified School District Board that has treated this case - with disdain. Supporting the Principal who must be fired - she has a proven track record - on being cruel, incompetent, brash, abusive to the teachers, parents, and students. What other proof do you need?

We do know she rubs shoulders with the Fishers,the Waltons, Eli Broad Foundation, the Bechtel Company, others - linked to Charter Schools. Entities that invest in Charter Schools - but also invest in our Jails - raking in millions off their sordid investments.

Charter School invading our system and creating a system that has a hidden agenda. The same entities that invest in Charter School - also invest in our private jails. Makes sense? Connect the dots.....!

Our Mayor Ed Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors - and specially David Campos from District 9 in whose District the school lies - Dr Martin Luther King Academy -must wake up.

Jane Kim a former President of the SF Unified School District - Board (SFUSD) Board - Norman Yee the last President, Eric Mar a former Board member, and David Campos who was a counsel - all know about this case - but have done - nothing.

It does not help that Malia Cohen Black talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. She is Black and the District 10 Supervisor.

At the up coming Dr. Martin Luther King Junior celebration - she and others - will be talking from both sides of their mouth.

 Malia Cohen nor the others - have lifted a finger to aid this young Black child and the grandmother - who live in District 10.

Time will tell - but some of us will show light this case - again and again - complete with facts - and ask that the current  Principal - from Dr Martin Luther King Junior Academy Middle School -  be let go - more fired.

More on the incident that took place at Dr Martin Luther King Jr Academy: