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Monday, January 7, 2013


It is crying shame that in the year 2012 - the United States of America - still has hundreds  of Native American Tribes - NOT Federally Recognized in the United States of America.

Deprived of rights and benefits due them - by many treaties signed but never kept .

Here in California 18 treaties signed between the United States and the California tribes - were never ratified.

Land was stolen - but those in authority do not want to acknowledge the theft - yet, they purport their fake laws must be enforced - while failing to follow just laws - acknowledged internationally - themselves.

This land we called the United States of America - was known as "Turtle Island" - and long before Columbus landed by mistake on the shores of Turtle Island - the Native Americans lived here and took care of Turtle Island - for thousands of years.

The Six Nation and more the Iroquois Tribe influenced our Founding Father - more George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

I have paintings of meetings held in the White House - with some Founding Father in attendance.

For a long time this Nation had some respect and acknowledged the Native Americans - then as the years passed by - this Nation failed the Native Americans - and continued to do so.

In the midst of our "Fiscal Cliff" and very soon to be decided " Debt Ceiling" the many crooks that have ruined our economy - have failed miserably to address the right of the Native Americans - who lived here for thousands of years.

Over the many years - the crooks have stolen, raped, and abused Mother Earth.

We have a population of about 313 million in the United States.
An area of about 3,717,812.8 million square miles.

We have vast resources all stolen from the Native Americans that live here for thousands of years - and still revere the land of their ancestors. Aho.

Here is a Resolution passed by the House of Representatives on October 21, 1988 - H.CON.RES.331:

     1. the Congress, on the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution, acknowledges the contribution made by the Iroquois Confederacy and other Indian Nations to the formation and development of the United States;

     2. the Congress also hereby reaffirms the constitutionally recognized government-to-government relationship with Indian tribes which has been the corner-stone of this Nation's official Indian policy;

     3. the Congress specifically acknowledges and re-affirms the trust responsibility and obligation of the United States Government to Indian tribes, including Alaska Natives, for their preservation, protection, and enhancement, including the provision of health, education, social, and economic assistance programs as necessary, and including the duty to assist tribes in their performance of governmental responsibility to provide for the social and economic well-being of their members and to preserve tribal cultural identity and heritage; and

     4. the Congress also acknowledges the need to exercise the utmost good faith in upholding its treaties with the various tribes, as the tribes understood them to be, and the duty of a great Nation to uphold its legal and moral obligations for the benefit of all of its citizens so that they and their posterity may also continue to enjoy the rights they have enshrined in the United States Constitution for time immemorial.

     Passed the House of Representatives October 4, 1988

Attest:                          DONNALD K. ANDERSON,


This Nation; the United States of America - keeps on bluffing but in this year 2013 - I hope the Nation - saves face and does the right thing.

President Barack Hussein Obama must do the right thing - and respect the hundreds of Native American tribes - living on Reservations under deplorable conditions.

The hundred of tribes that have continually kept its traditions, language, norms, culture under severe and deplorable conditions - must be Federally Recognized.

The Department of Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs - have stolen billions of dollars from Native American Trust Funds. It is time for restitution - and a stop to all persecution by the United States government agency - well recorded in our Courts.

Our Congress has looked the other way - but no more.

You have but a few years - to right the wrong - or fall on your face. Aho.

The Resolution passed by the Senate in 1988: