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Friday, January 11, 2013


Again and again the people who live in Public Housing are treated with disdain in San Francisco - more those living in Hunters View and Hunters Point.

It is time Bevan Dufty and someone from the Mayor's Office of Housing, may be even the District 10 Supervisor - spend some time in these smaller; brand new units.

The residents - who have lived for some years - at Hunters View better known to the people who live in the area - as Middle Point - thought they were moving into units that would ease their stress - but this has not been the case - they are all freaking out.

The units are cold because the heating system does not work. The smell of units contain some pollution that is in the air - what might that be. Rain has enter in some units - apparently someone did not do a good job chalking the windows and so on.

The Developer who built these units is the John Stewart  Company - a Property Manager - one of the most despicable Property Managers - in the entire State of California.

Famous for the Geneva Towers that were imploded and those who were victims and lived in these filthy, rat infested units, know what I am speaking about.

The residents of Hunters View - were promised that they would be moved into better units.

The new units are very small - if you are slightly heavy set - you cannot move around,

For sure - you cannot fit a King Set bed in any of the rooms. If you did that you would not be able to have room to move around.

It look like - congestion is one of the principal motives of those who planned these units. For sure - no one wants to live - in very close proximity to furniture - and where you have no room to move - around.

Why do these scumbags - come into our community and treat our folks with disdain? Why? Build such inferior rooms - it is time to take the matter to some higher authority to find lasting - solutions.

Mayor Ed Lee has said some harsh words about the San Francisco Housing Authority - in recent days.

He has not said a word about the John Stewart Company - destined to control - a huge site - Hunters View, the Northridge Cooperatives - and soon to be Phase II by Kiska Road.

Hundreds of units when totally built - in the thousands.

With great fun fare the former residents - were moved into 25 new units - and from the set go - they found they had no heat. 

Remember the last four days or so - the mornings - have been very cold in San Francisco. And if you have infants and children around - how are they going to cope - with this cold.

Remember, these are brand new units - and it is totally uncalled for the John Stewart Company and the builders Cahill is one and Nibbi Brothers the other - to build such inferior buildings - with no proper working heat.

Some of us advocates - have been asking for drawings to see for ourselves the square footage - but, all the John Stewart Company has provided us - are Conceptual Plans.

Conceptual plans look good on the surface - but the deeper you look into them - especially, when you have an entity like the John Stewart Company behind such development - you know you will NOT get anything - worth the salt.

Phase II will be difficult to build - the folks are already planning to protest.

We really do not want protests - but, if have you realized - more from history - if you do not speak up - you will get - nothing.

Many wallow in the cesspool that these so called developers create - and some developers - will make you feel unwanted so that they can get rid of you. Hunters View is on of these - projects.

Point in case the First Phase - where many promises were made - but the situation at hand - is the worst type of pandemonium.

The folks who have been moved in are not keeping well - many suffer from cancer, asthma, other chronic lung diseases.

Now they have no heat - when it has be extraordinarily cold in San Francisco - in the mornings - these past four days for sure.

The San Francisco Health Department will not do any inspection in this case - they take their orders from corrupt folks that do not have the best interests of the poor people that live in Public Housing. Why?

We have the Department of Building Inspection - and these suckers must get to the Hill - as we call Hunters View area - and inspect for Asbestos Fibers and what is most important why is the heating system - not working.

The Mayor's Office of Housing - Olson Lee and others have work to do - fix this problems. We have been saying stuff  - for years - warning not to do business with the despicable - John Stewart Company.

 It does not help that Nibbi Brothers one of the contractors and Cahill the other have a hidden agenda - and will not co-operate with the residents of Hunters View.

Bottom line the residents need help - they have moved in these supposedly new units - and now they wish they had not. When is the last time you heard such nonsense.

San Francisco is no third world country - not that I know - the last time I checked.

To make matters worse even the Main Media is painting the same picture - that the residents have been treated with disdain.

 I was shocked to read the reports in the local newspaper.

The people are hurting and have no where to go for succor. 

Very bad publicity for Mayor Ed Lee and his minions who want to take control of Public Housing - using HOPESF.

The situation most of the people face today - is one of utter - HOPELESSNESS.

Even one of the Main Press joined in the fray - to expose the shoddy work and disdain shown to people who live in Public Housing: