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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Does our government - be it Local, State, and Federal - more San Francisco - does government with all the hurdles lined up - every possible trick in the bag to stress one - if given a second chance - does anyone have a heart - to make a difference?

Filling documents - putting impediments as to where one can stay and one cannot stay - really have any desire - to help those that are released from jails - and desire a second opportunity - to contribute their best to Society? 

Stringent requirements are keeping folks who have served their time - but are now on parole - from trying to get a job.

Making it difficult for these constituents - to get another chance - and do right by Society that many times - failed them in the first place. One has just to have the true empirical data - that is never analysed and less spoken of - in a factual manner.

Time and time again - some of us have found jobs for those released - only to be mocked. This process is mind boggling - you would think - people would be helpful - but those bent on gentrification and other such machinations - could not care less.

It is down right annoying - disturbing - to be told  - how come we back such folks - folks that are criminals - folks who have paid their dues and released to Society. These folks that do not care much about a second chance - less giving opportunities - question   us  - how come we manage to give these folks released from jails - and get them good paying - UNION jobs?

How come this and how come that. 

Well, it is none of their business.

Especially - since we notice - that these half-way homes - controlled by some very evil people - are in the business of making - tons money at any cost - pretending to help - but having no intention what so ever.

Most of the money made by those that we provide jobs and live in these half-way homes -  has to be declared - pay stubs, location of the job, this reference and that reference - time when they clock in and when they clock out - with little time to rest after work - and a fixed time to return to the sordid - half-way home. And you better at the half way home on time or suffer the consequences.

Once inside the half-way home - all sorts of rules - you break one - and there is no leniency. Many fell they were better off in the jails.

We had one individual that we were able - because of the unique 
circumstances - to make some arrangements quickly and place him in a Union Job - within 36 hours after - his release.

It so happened that during this period - the contractor - had some opportunities - for the workers including this particular worker - just released from prison - to work overtime.

A couple of weeks latter the point person from the half way house came of our office - interrogating us - as to how this person could be paid so much.

I explained to the Point Person from the half way house - that this matter - was left to the Contractor  and it was all legal and that he had the pay study and could contact the contractor - if he wanted.

That I do not tolerate such questioning - and he better change the way - he was interrogating me. He look at me stunned and that was that - he know I was perturbed by his arrogance.

I also asked this person - if it was true that over 60% of the money earned by the person we placed was withheld - that was his hard earned money.

The Point Person did not expect me to take a stand - I have patience but I will not take crap - from any moron. Especially not from anyone - who is living off those that need help most.

What was most annoying - was that this Point Person from the half way house - wanted us to take him to the location where this person we helped - was working.

The job site - was miles away from San Francisco - by Sweeny Mountains an area controlled by the National Park Service that comes under the Department of the Interior - a Federal Agency.

It was miles away as I said - on some land - that need special clearance to visit and work. Getting all the permission is a job in itself - and the request to permit some one that just was curious to begin with. Kind of challenging us - as to how we could arrange a job for this person under his jurisdiction - in such a short - period.

We had gone through the trouble - to take care of all this - for the person we had now working - and we were prepared to do that - because we saw the end benefits.

Now, we had to provide and do the same to this Point Person  a jackass and we could do it - as we have the necessary and required connections. The paper work and the telephone was cumbersome all the same.

We arrived at the location - all to see and verify - the person we had placed on this job - more to check out his work site.

To accomplish all this - we had to go through six gates. Each gate had to be opened -  which allowed us access - and then the person who allowed us access had to close it behind us.

At last we reached at the location where the person was working - and the Point Person from this the half way home said: " this place is like a jail site".

He also was sweating as it was a hot day - he said he was so sorry to put me through all the trouble. Sorry my foot!

I am relating these facts because that is what happens - when you want to give some one a second chance. 

Each case is different - but, it is never, ever easy. Hurdles are brought in our path - and one must be very strong, have a lot of patience. What is gratifying is that you give some one a chance - it always pays off.

Here is San Francisco all sorts of forums are held about the youth, young adults, workforce, violence and killings in general - incarceration - turf issues with all the problems the turf issues bring.

We really do not have large gangs in San Francisco - the like you have in Southern California - in Compton - the Creeps and so on.

Few talk about the career jobs at the many silly - forums. At times - some folks will give you a job - for a few weeks - many times a few days - after that no sign of any work.

It is these types of actions - that defeat the very purpose - of rehabilitating anyone.

 More giving anyone a second chance. Building trust and what is more - making things pleasing and creating a holistic - environment.

Some of us visit the jails be it Folsom, San Quentin, Chowchilla Women's State Prison, San Bruno County Jail - other prisons and other places too many to mention.

We would like those behind the wall - to know what exactly we are doing outside in the so called free world. Many of them have no clue - others who go to visit those incarcerated - tell them mundane stuff. The stuff we do is real - and they like to hear that we will back them up - as and when their release day nears.

It is not a pleasant experience when some entities are making -  millions of dollars - off the incarcerated -  in our prison system.

There is no real and true rehabilitation in the Prison System - the curriculum taught at the jails is pathetic.

In fact in recent years - it has been reduced to the bear minimum.

The same applies to drug rehabilitation - the prison authorities - do not care if the prisoners go "cold turkey" and suffer adverse impacts.

It seems that they love to see people suffer - and get every opportunity to show off - and display their arrogance - who is in charge - gun toting gunho types.

Nation wide the United States imprisons a millions - recent reports say 10% of the population - has been to jail. Our Nation's population is about 311 million.

In San Francisco there has been talk about some Realignment Programs - people coming out from the jails - and trained to get into society - so that they can contribute to the Society at large.

It is hard work - and the resources are there - but those handling the resources seem to spend a lot - in the areas where there is Administrative work to be done.

In the areas - where the money is needed to train, teach, for health care, other vital amenities - money is scarce.

In San Francisco there is a lot of talk about Restorative Justice - a lot of talk - I have witnessed Restorative Justice in place like New Zealand.

I have seen Restorative Justice - practiced in San Francisco - San Francisco has ways to go.

One main reason in New Zealand and other places where Restorative Justice is practiced and works is because  - there is HEART.

It looks and feels like a home, a village - where those that need help get genuine help. With the Elders sharing their wisdom and those that care and teach - genuinely interested in the welfare of those that need help - most.

In San Francisco a few - try their best to make Restorative Justice work - but again and again - I have noticed there is NO  - heart.

We must not consider and treat Restorative Justice - as if it is a fad.

That is what is happening - when it comes to the youth, young adults, adults - others who have served their time - but, Society still looks at them as chronic - criminals.

As I have stated - when you visit the jails - there is nothing in the jails - most of which are old - like for example San Quentin and Folsom.

These jails have - long passed their time - and are crowded.

Be it that some Federal Judge - has mandated the State Government - to reduce the population - and release those that - will not be harmful to Society - if they are released in the so called - free world - where most of us do as we please.

Once released these folks from the prison - who has served their time - or in the case where they are released - because of some mandate.

These folks come out of the jails - given some little money - and no real skills that they can use. Once out in the real free world - they are confused and seek the help of former inmates - who mostly live in conditions - worse than the jails from which they were - released.

Many have no place to go - and go to areas - where former inmates tell them to go - Single Residency Occupancy Hotels -  in the Mission in San Francisco and down town Tenderloin -known as SROs - where drugs are sold, prostitution and other criminal activities - are on going.

Guess what - in no time -  many a time - these folks that need help - fall into the trap - are arrested for something or the other.

 Law Enforcement has just to know that they were jailed recently - and they are sent back - quicker than you can blink an eye. No one shows them compassion - Law Enforcement is quick to throw in the book at these folks - who should know better - but receive no quality orientation - as to what to do once they are in the free world.

In the many forums - about killing and violence - much is said but most of it is Bull Shit. 

There was a time - when there was No such Violence and Killing. 

Now, we have young men and women - in their teens  - ready to kill, maim, and commit crime - some unheard of - in years past - the 60s, 70s, 80s.

No one has done a deep study of the introduction of Crack Cocaine and its distribution by entities - with the blessing of the Government in past years. No one wants to touch that topic.

Some years ago - when the topic was discussed - with empirical data - pointing to role - of a Federal Law Enforcement Agency - with clear ties to the Mexican Mafia - people were shocked - but not the Law Enforcement - in the Los Angeles area.

Again and again we see these Law Enforcement charlatans - from the Los Angeles area - come to the Bay Area  - and carry out their nefarious activities.

Pretending to restore - law and order - but their motives are far from the situation at hand. We have one case right now in Oakland.

No one wants to step up and put in place Community Policing.

The easy way out is to use force - be dictatorial - come into the community - shout and scream - all the time - touting weapons - shouting hands behind, lay down, do not F****** talk, and so on and so forth. I have seen it - and I know what I am writing about.

It is the same in San Francisco. I know the system and I have studied the system - and we do not have Community Policing in San Francisco. We talk about it - but little is done to help the community in terms of building trust - and bring bringing peace where there is utter - turmoil.

We have lackeys like Malia Cohen and Diane Feinstein - who want to address gun violence by forcing laws - that they do not fully understand.

Both these lackeys - are doing nothing - what so ever about mental care.

The mentally challenged need urgent help. We have hundreds of the mentally challenged on our streets. Malia Cohen knows this - she has many in District 10 - Dianne Feinstein knows this - but she looks the other way.

Even though Diane Feinstein has first hand experience - her mother had severe mental problems. Malia as usual will jump on any band wagon - she is no attorney - has no clue about the gun laws - does not comprehend our Constitution - but she will pander to the Zionists.

More people in the past three weeks have bought guns outside San Francisco -  though they live in San Francisco. Thousands of weapons - and they know what they are doing.

Joe Marshal and a few others have been bragging that they got some guns off the street.

They did.  We need an inventory of the mostly old guns - guns that some folks turned in - for whatever reason. I am not against people turning their guns in. But, I would like to know more about the caliber of the guns.

I am for addressing the present situation with those that have mental problems.

Again and again these folks - with their ill mental state of mind - will cause harm.

The reason is simple - what they perceive in their mind - is an illusion - and when they commit the crimes - they truly are not cognizant as any - normal person is.

Now, if some one comes to my home - and dares to attack me - the best way I can defend myself - is by using a tool or weapons that I know how best to use.

So far the Constitution does not debar me from procuring, and using such a weapon in self defense. What is good for the goose - should be good for the gander.

On the streets - we must understand - the true situation.

Some years ago - two shipping containers - were loaded and dumped on at Hunters Point very near the old Hunters Point Power Plant.

Another at Sunnydale - very near the Golf Course. The containers - had guns - automatic weapons and Teflon bullets - who do you think - placed and distributed these weapons and ammunition?

San Francisco is a RACIST City - and plans are afoot to push the poor out - out of the City - with only those making in access of $150,000 plus a year - making it possible to live in this City.

The City and County of San Francisco - fails to make an analysis of the situation at hand - the contamination, the pollution, the lack of good transportation, health and educational services - other Quality of Life issues - that should be in place in the poorer Districts - 9, 10, 11.

Lackeys like Malia Cohen pander to the politicians.

 Milia Cohen is pushing for a Wellness Center to cater to children - and have it operated by a Black doctor who hails from Jamaica - Nadine Burke.

The $4 million linked to this project comes from the California Pacific Medical Center - the Wellness Center will be operated at 3450 Third Street - one of the most polluted and contaminated sites in San Francisco.

Our children need help - and all the help they get because they are innocent and children - whatever we give our children - must be holistic. 

Find a site that is clean - does not have to deal with the stench from the near by Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. 

Fumes from petroleum tanks that lie buried under the building at 3450 Third Street - and were not removed. 

Provide us the "Closure Report" the fuel tanks are still there - they were never - removed. 

Sewage pipes leaking - that adversely affect those that work in the building - build over the fuel tanks that were NOT - removed.

Malia Cohen introduced this project and it went before the SF Planning - Malia Cohen helped rezoned over 17 blocks - to accommodate  - the Wellness Center and other such facilities.

All this - in an industrial area - contaminated, polluted, and not healthy. San Francisco Planning Case Number 2013.0018E - the location 3450 Third Street, Units #2A and 2 B.

In the past in the Bayview Hunters Point  - large areas were polluted and the people had to suffer. More from the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a Superfund Site. Only the most contaminated sites - are put on the Superfund List by the U.S. Federal Government.

 In the year 2004 - a Rogue Company Lennar that Malia Cohen is in bed with - polluted a large areas with Asbestos Structures. Lennar was fined $505,000 the largest fine  imposed on any entity - and Lennar paid it. Lennar was fined by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Now; we have entities having forums and talking about crime, killings and violence - never once dealing, discussing, debating - having meaningful  hearings like this Wellness Center that will be situated in one of the most contaminated areas - on Third Street.

 3450 Third Street - where millions of vehicles ply and spew the worse type of particulates.

Those behind such a project must be sent to jail for a long time. Those in our City that have not done due diligence - must be ashamed of themselves.

What is happening with our SF Board of Supervisors.?
Our SF Health Department, our Mayor, our City Administrator ?

Our City Attorney, our District Attorney, our Secretary of State, our Governor?

We all will find out very soon. Aho.