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Thursday, January 3, 2013


The Founding Fathers spell it out clearly the ethical and moral values that we must have for our constituents and for our Nation.

They learned this from the Six Nations and more. Over the years the Constitution has eroded. Arrogance, Corruption, Unethical principles, lack of standards - has inundated - Congress.

However, in recent years - more and more - these inherent values - once exercised and valued - in the Constitution of our land - the United States of America - have been tarnished and substituted with arrogance and greed.

This whole exercise of the "fiscal cliff" - complete with all the back room deals, the shenanigans, ploys and machinations - will be recorded and remembered by those who can discern, have some intelligence - and monitored.

A tryst with the constituents and a mockery of a system that once was treated with respect - the governance of our Republic.

A good way to send a strong message - stop allowing useless, unworthy, unethical, spineless, clueless folks to represent. Send them packing - home. 

We must have term limits for those in the House and Senate.

We are Americans first and we all hurt when other Americans hurt - as did the thousands impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

The Senate passed a bill permitting the victims of Hurricane Sandy and the Governors of the impacted areas to get some $60 billion plus - much need money; to give some solace and put things back on track.

After all - over 60 days have passed - and it took but 10 days to offer the same help to the victims of New Orleans and the surrounding area - when they were visited by Hurricane Katrina.

I guess our so called representatives in the House and Senate - have lost their soul, their morals and ethics, and with that their priorities.

Compassion and its exercise comes easy with those who have a moral compass - fine tuned.

To the hard stoned hearts, the ones that wheel and deal and can sell their mothers for a nickel - anything goes. Time to send the bums packing - never mind if they are in the Senate or the House.

Some may blame the Speaker of the House - in this case the Republican who holds the post and is quick to talk the talk but slow to walk the walk. Prompting him - others - nonchalant who have done great - "injustice" - to this nation on many - levels.

There ones was a time - when you could shake ones hand be it a gentle lady, a gentle man - give your word and everything was taken care off.

No more - it is now about wheeling and dealing - passing money - and selling ones principles and with that ones - soul.

When anyone suffers - only those that have a moral compass - can condone, offer some solace, take some prompt action, stand by the ones that need help - and for thousands that were adversely impacted by Hurricane Sandy - they have been waiting - patiently.

Waiting for Godot!

Here is San Francisco; imagine if we are struck with the Big One - any other calamity - how would we feel - if our priorities were not conducted - on a War Footing.

More; when Americans fall prey to acts of God - in this case Hurricane Sandy.

Now, everyone is in a hurry to help and put things on track - after the sordid deeds have been exposed to the world - linked to Congress and the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

We must learn to prioritize - put human life first - follow the dictates of our Founding Fathers and our constitution - that prides on morality, standards, humanity, freedom, family rights - and the pursuit of happiness.

Some of us think we did good - solving the - "fiscal cliff". The world is laughing at us.

As each day goes by - soon - very soon we must deal with the "Debt Ceiling" - some $16.4 trillion - and more racking up - with spending.

Money that we do have but spend - just because we do not care. More; insulting the tax payer with - "pork barrel projects".

Some one thought about the Nescar Rallies, Hollywood movies, other mundane stuff - but when it came to Hurricane Sandy and the victims - they were all shoved under the rug.

The reckoning linked with the "Debt Ceiling" is here - and we have no solution - accept in this case - to raise the " Debt Ceiling" - reassure our "Credit Worthiness" - and pretend that we can put our house in order - without a Blue Print that works!

There are too many crows and hags in Congress - women and men that have a mentality that is in sync with the Smithsonian -  collecting dust - old, stale, drab, unworthy of anything that our Nation must be proud off.

In today's Congress we have just a handful that we can - "trust" - most chaff that must be blown away - to clear the way - and this must be done on a - "War Footing".

For too long have the tax payers tolerated nonsense - our Executive Branch is faltering, the Legislative Branch is a JOKE, our Judicial Branch says Corporations are Persons - what else is left.

This land all of it - was stolen from the Native Americans - our Nation has yet to admit this fact - and more to apologize to the Native Americans - who once named this land - "Turtle Island".

Daughters and sons of  "Turtle Island" have been slaved and kept on land that America calls - "Reservations". On these patches of land - many whither away - inebriated - their "trust money"  stolen and squandered.

Daily these sons and daughters are insulted - and this Nation - should not think for a second that this sordid behavior does not warrant - justice and fair play. More restitution - which Congress must address.

Time is running out - if not you will fall FLAT on our FACE.

Is Congress aware of this injustice starring in their sordid faces?
Is Congress fully aware that long before the 300 year history of this young Nation - the Six Nations for thousands of years - practiced - Democracy? Be is not a Republic!

Is Congress full aware that our Founding Fathers incorporated many value systems in our Constitution from the Six Nations?

The First People more the Six Nations were civilized when most of Europe and Britain were uncivilized, filthy, and barbaric to say the least. Think and reflect - before you all in authority - run way from address the situation at hand.

Then came Columbus who discovered America on his way to India to find spices - and though the Native Americans were here - for thousands of years - he, Columbus discovered America!

What a fucking lie. And the rest is history.

What is happening to Congress - are you all so full of fluff? 

Forgotten your roots - most of you have taken the Constitution - and messed it up - the three Branches now and the Fourth Estate - are but a farce.

You have no compassion - you have no soul - and hence you behave like morons - and there is more to come. Aho.