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Sunday, January 20, 2013


For the last twenty five years - I have seen Charter Schools - sprouting up here, there, everywhere - in San Francisco - trying to invade and destroy Public Schools.

More breaking the Unions whose members are ardent teachers, security personnel,  others who have been contributing to our Educational System.

On the other side the millionaires and billionaires - who are working round the clock to control our educational system - operating Charter Schools - and holding the public at large hostage.

Charter School are backed up by large corporations the likes of Walmart and the Walton Foundation, the Fisher Family with businesses like the Gap, Eli Broad of the Broad Foundation, strange but true the Bill and Melinda Foundation.

Pearson Incorporated, the Bechtel Corporation - and many other smaller but very devious entities - all part of the ONE PERCENT - filthy rich who want to destroy the Middle Class and have.

Here is San Francisco most of our Charter Schools have links to the folks above - be it at the Presidio of San Francisco, KIPP in the Bayview at St Paul's of the Shipwreck, and most of us think nothing much about such - shenanigans.

Do you think the present San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Board has the best interests of our children going to our Public Schools? 

hink about the situation at hand. Better still watch the "inept folks" on SFGOV Television and see how these morons talk and waste their time - spewing - diatribe. Talking in circles and none of them worth the salt.

Trillions of dollars are spent to control our Public Schools all over our Nation and more in California.

Gimmicks such as "common core testing", slogans that mean nothing like "Race to the Top" - " No Child Left Behind" - adversely impacting merit pay of our teachers - through legislation.

Putting hurdles in the way of those that truly want the best for our children, more to educated them - prepare them to contribute to Society and do our Nation - proud..

Parochial schools, private schools mostly faith based, other private schools with ardent and stellar educationists on board - have defied the unruly Charter School operators - who have trillions of dollars to spend - to take over the education of our children - under false pretext and all with a hidden agenda - to control.

The UNIONS have tried to band together at this late date - but are fighting a losing battle in most States.

The crooks behind the Charter Schools - have had it good so far - but not anymore - as more and more people - are beginning at this late hour - to full comprehend - the devious ploys and the uncouth folks behind these many machinations.

Parents, children, supporters, the teachers, many good Principals, the Union and their members, other women and men of good faith - are having focused meeting - to deal with the issue at hand.

It is not too late - to stop this nonsense.

It does not help that few children go to college - for the simple fact that in most Middle Schools - shills placed by those that want to overrun our Public School - make it possible to run down many Middle Schools.

Then position themselves to take over the schools - and we see this again and again in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Behind the scene this uncouth operators are paid - huge sums of money.

It is time to challenge the influence of millionaires and billionaires - who try to influence Boards of Education - more to take control of our Middle and High Schools - and bring about the demise of Public Schools.

Why has there been NO investigation against rampant privatization of our Middle and High Schools by the Federal, State, and Local agencies?

These authorities - must look - into the machinations and ploys - and the dismissal of so many teachers - many who have many years of teaching in our Public Schools.

The abuse of our children and the empirical data is there for everyone to see. Shills penetrate and abuse our children - one of them the Principal of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Academy in the Portola District - District 9 that comes under David Campos.

Our crooked politicians have favored the Charter Schools - for one simple reason - the millionaires and billionaires - have Political Action Committees - and can fill their Campaign Coffers.

As the years go by - we have witnessed - many more politicians that have no interest in representing the constituents. Many do not care about our children - more the the queer Board Members - as we have witnessed at our San Francisco Unified School District Board - meetings.

Most of them are only interested in filling their campaign coffers and their own pockets.

Half the Board members that belong to the San Francisco Unified School District - are puppets - their main aim is to move up the political ladder.

They have not contributed anything as School Board Members - and they expect the public at large to vote for them - when they join the race - and aim to become San Francisco Supervisors.

In the past this had worked because they lied and people fell for their lies. No more.

We must hold the feet of these morons to the fire. We must review the track record. We must ask hard question and we must not vote for - perverts.

We already have too many of these crooks all over the place - pretending to represent - and selling out the community, selling our the better interest of our children, polluting their minds with "queer education" and other such - ploys - harmful to our children.

At the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Academy we have this case where Mr Tobias Caine was fired for speaking the TRUTH. he worked for 40 years - doing his best - and because he spoke up and stood by a Black girl - who was being abused - he was fired.

At the same school a young Black girl was punished harshly and the Principal a White woman - with a ABUSIVE track record - sat on this child and no one has the guts - to take her to Court and fire her.

When will we all learn - about justice and fair play?

When will we all learn about - service and standards when it comes to our children in the educational system?

Who will hold the norms of this Great Nation - as stated in our Great Constitution?

Then; there is this dark cloud - many of these millionaires are investing in the " Incarceration Business " - our jails.

How can those who invest in our "private jails" - also dare invest in our "Charter Schools". Who is fooling whom?

We must think hard - we must NOT undo what Dr Martin Luther King Jr. achieved - a great - true - Civil Rights Leader. Aho.

Watch the video and judge for yourselves - the rampant discrimination in our SF Unified School District - more at Dr Martin Luther King Academy in the Portola District: