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Sunday, January 27, 2013


California once the 5th largest economy - fell from its grace - with too much spending - and the California legislature - again and again failing to - balance the budget. Today, California is ranked 8th in the world - as far its economy is concerned.

Our economic woes need a healer - and we found it in Governor Jerry Brown. Some of us call him Jerry with affection - and he does not mind it. For starters when no one could present a balanced budget - Jerry put one together - and did just that - a good balanced budget - with the cooperation of both the Republicans and the Democrats.  Kudos.

Governor Jerry Brown - used his experience and promised to balance the budget but many did not expect him to achieve that goal and distinction - in such a short period.

Proposition 30 did the trick - with everyone sharing - and the rich paying more and stepping to the plate.

Well, I know for a fact - the other politicians could not bring about a balanced budget. Jerry - being Jerry - he could - because he always is forthright, He has his facts right - speaks to the point that he can be very blunt if needed to win anyone - over.

At last our schools and colleges all over California - will get some reprieve.

Jerry stated clearly that tuition fees would not be jacked up - thus giving a lot of solace; peace of mind - an opportunity to work hard and achieve graduation - to many students who worked hard - more at the two or three jobs they held - especially those in Junior and Community Colleges - in California.

There has always been  issues with health and benefits - when it comes to many Californians. More so with our immigrant community - that tend to have more children - and less of sound health care - because it is expensive.

Here in  California we aim to encourage Universal Health Care - and some counties and cities are ahead of the game. California aims to bring over a million poor California into the fold - and offer them good health care. Way to go - Governor Jerry Brown.

It is the same with energy issues - Jerry has been on the fore front of   - " Clean Energy" - and soon over 20% of all our energy usage - will be from sources such as wind, solar, wave and whatever else the scientists and innovators can come up with. We can up that to 40% - in the years to come - with sound, planning.

Northern California has the water - and the DELTA has sufficient - that can be shared - with prudence.

Building two underground tunnels - taking the water to where it is needed - is something innovative - and will speed up the project - once the permits are in place. Large underground conduits - they type that are possible now - with state of art - Underground Tunneling Equipment.

Our farmers need the water - but, there must be some understanding that - there must be no waste. Just because Northern California has it now - does not mean we will have it - available in the long run. This resource is precious - as precious as gold.

Our delta is contained and the large amount of water held back  by levies - these levies build from the earth - are prone to bursting if a major earthquake occurs. One is due soon and the race to save the levies and contain the water - is being; fast tracked.

A catastrophe such as a large Earthquake - we call the Big One - will adversely impact lives and cost California over $20 billion dollars plus - if not more.

The tunnels are expensive - considering the will be wide - about 30 feet but they should be in place and last over 100 years. In California we have met challenges; attempted to do things that others said could not be done - we can and must do it now.

California needs high speed rail - and our Governor Jerry Brown - wants to address this project quickly and in pieces. One stretch at a time - it is possible - because the money is there - where the projects are  - "shovel ready".

We should be able to have our high speed rail in place - within ten years.

Of course because it is over ground - the many permits more linked to environmental studies. Also estimates - that seem to fluctuate - but, right now Jerry is positioned to take this gigantic task - so that in coming years - we can reach San Diego - in four hours if not less.

I have always subscribed to the principle of subsidiarity.

One learns to be cautious, do the home work, and when the plan is set forth for action - all those that have to play a part - do their best. There is no micro-managing and less of curbing talent - and putting hurdles in anyone's way.

Our mountains in California pose a challenge. Right now the rail goes through the tunnels but at a measly 24 hours per mile - soon that could be 90 miles and with a little tweaking 150 miles per hour.

For the first time in many years - both the California Legislative Assembly and the California Senate - have Democrats in the majority.

May be in the future - we can have our budget well spread - with fairness and equity to most Californians - and on time.

No one thought that a balance budget would be declared possible so soon in the year 2013.

Now that it has happened both parties the Democrats and the Republicans - are poised to serve all Californians - well. That is how is should be. Some austerity but that is the only way to keep spend within our means.

We need less of incarceration linked to petty crimes - and our jails should encourage genuine rehabilitation.

Right now - that is not the case. One way we can further this - is using the Internet - and have on line courses - to further the skills of those that must be rehabilitated to contribute to Society at large.

A good aspect of Governor Jerry Brown's thinking is working hard for the youth - and he understands the value of training, skills, and jobs.

One in five children in California are poor - and many go to bed hungry. Yet, we in California brag we produce a lot of food and we are a bread basket that imports - all over this Nation and all over the world.

Our environment needs to be cared - and the Ozone Level is depleting and will cause - ocean rise and hurricanes - less quality snow and a entire serious of factors that will deprive us of stability, predictability and continuity.

Drastic weather patterns will turn our mild climate up side down - and normal seasons will no longer - exists - we already see this all over the world.

This land all of it belongs to the indigenous people; we call the Native Americans.

We call this land America - the indigenous referred to it as - "Turtle Island".

For thousands of years - the indigenous people whom I prefer to call the - "First People" - took care of this land. They revered the tall redwood forest - the giant Sequoias. They took care of the Earth and left it pristine - that is till the stranger came and screwed it up.

The First People looked at the rivers and the lakes and treated them with respect. Once salmon was found in abundance and we know that by damning the rivers - we destroyed what once was good.

Our rivers in California and even our DELTA is not as healthy as it should be - and the scientists are trying to fix it. The "smelt" in the DELTA are a source of much information - we can know the real state of affairs - gauging on the health of the - "smelt" - tiny fish that are found in abundance only in the DELTA.

Much like the frogs - found in abundance - there is health life - and I have always learned this - from the day I was young - and had a keen sense to study - frogs and other signs that I was taught by those that lived off the land, the rivers, and the lakes.

The run off from the agricultural lands - hundreds and thousands of acres in California - containing vast amounts of fertilizers and other toxic substances - have adversely impacted life - be it fauna, flora, fish, and  life - what we all know once flourished - without any impediments.

We need jobs - good career jobs - that once were plenty in California. California offered retirement at the age of 55 years - and many worked in State jobs and today - enjoy hefty pensions. One has just to analyze the California Pension System - (CALPERS).

The Jesuit training has held Governor Jerry Brown in good stead - the principle of subsidiarity that I use - is a fundamental core in Catholicism - that has served the Europeans well - and could be tweaked to foster progress - all over California.

Samsung building their Research and Development Center - the first outside South Korea - is amazing and we all look forward to the good times.

 Samsung has promised - five thousands jobs - and I hope they all are UNION jobs - that will put bread and butter - and help those employed to nourish their families.

After the war we helped South Korea - now, South Korea with its state of the art - cell phones, television, cars, ship building - to poised to return the favor. God Speed.

Governor Jerry Brown intends to go to China - to Shanghai - a City that has always embrace Europeans - and is known to have a special relationship with San Francisco. San Francisco and Shanghai are sister cities - and the Chinese from Shanghai treasure this - relationship.

California intends to open a Trade Center in Shanghai - where our fruits, nuts such as pistachios, wines, meat, other California products - can be delivered for healthy consumption - to the billion plus - Chinese population.

San Francisco already has a trade center in Shanghai. 

Our tryst with the Chinese and the early immigration is well known - from the early days going back to 1800s - when the early Chinese came to our shores - survived as fishermen even at Hunters Point in San Francisco.

Built the railway - climbing hills and mountain - to dynamite and build tunnels. That history is not well told - but is known to those that care to be educated.

Much the same as Angel Island overlooking San Francisco and the Bay not far from Alcatraz - a historic place linked to the early immigration of the early Chinese - immigrants.

The many sordid tales of mistreatment, torture, and blatant discrimination at Angel Island- by the Immigration authorities - that looked down at the early Chinese. Not anymore - and that is good - but, it could be better.

That story will be told in a few years - more light will be shed where there is abject darkness. More; with the rehabilitation and other necessary upgrades at Angel Island. More - so that young children from all nationalities and walks of life - may have a better - comprehension. We are Californians first - all nationalities that have come here to make a living and a better one at that.

Closer to home we have a Chinese Mayor in Edward Lee whom I have known for many years. I normally do not like attending the swearing of Mayors - but, I made it an exception and attended that of Mayor Ed Lee.

Even as Governor Jerry Brown has made a big difference in Sacramento - discerning, uniting, and bring about much progress with the two main parties - and has with distinction attained his goals - we thank him.

We Californians are grateful and much needs to be done for those that are indigent, the poor, our seniors, our infants and children.

California must do better and so far this year we are on the right track. Kudos to Governor Jerry Brown. Aho.