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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Malia Cohen is a loser and the most pathetic among the San Francisco - Board of Supervisors.

She gained all her fake experience having worked as she proudly states from time to time - working in Room 200 for former Mayor Gavin Newsom - the same man who slept with his best friend's wife Ruby in Room 200. Try doing better than that!

As Gavin Newsom's confidential secretary - Malia Cohen was fully aware what was going on - she is now a panderer to the MACHINE.

We in the know - know about her sordid escapades.
She has no morals, less ethics, and is inept to say the least. Pussyfooting and shedding crocodile tears is her - forte.

Malia Cohen's role recently as a Black and as one representing as she says San Francisco - failing for sure - to represent the Bayview Hunters Pint and District 10 - is pathetic.

In any civilized Nation - where there is due process - she should have resigned. This woman has no standards, no morals, is unethical, is not educated on issues - and to say the least - a panderer.

She loves taking junkets to Ireland, Israel, China and going places to waste her time - and has done nothing beneficial at ground zero - more for our seniors in Bayview, our adversely affected children loser to Parcel A at Hunters Point - less still addressing Quality of Life Issues - affecting thousands of innocent tax paying constituents.

She wants women to play an important role in government.
Women of her caliber - air headed, shallow, inept, spineless, immoral, and most of all having NO - leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.
Good leadership is not about dreaming, having a vision, and not having the ability to deliver. Now, that I have made that easy for you to comprehend - fully understanding you Malia have a low IQ - go make something of your dumb self.

Well, they way Malia Cohen looks at it - she wants SF Government to be all women. Women of a caliber - as she deems herself. dumb - who is pathetic, not educated on issues, rambles each time she open her dirty mouth and a disgrace to anything - decent.

If Malia Cohen thinks San Franciscans we listen to her and follow her fake representation - she is sadly mistaken - and more with the recent revelation pandering to Rose Pak - and back stabbing David Chiu. Your days are over - as I said for the longest time - you are as fake as they make them - more with your crocodile tears.

The way you think pathetic Malia Cohen - is not going to happen - and what is critical for us to note - is that we do not have men with real balls - in City Hall - more as SF Board of Supervisors - doing their job. Men who can sit Malia Cohen down - and explain to her that she is on the wrong - track.

The SF Board of Supervisors make over $120,000 with benefits - and most of them do not deliver. The use to make $9000 and had temporary jobs. Now they are full time - and do less - and folks like Malia Cohen - useless and a disgrace to anything - decent.

For sure Malia Cohen does not deliver - we know that and the constituents know that. Malia Cohen - and her aides and busy making deals.

Malia Cohen does not have one single aide who is Black and knows about the community. More the culture and needs of the Blacks in District 10. This important fact does not bother - Malia Cohen. She always wants it her way - but this time - she will be royally shafted.

Her other contacts Malia Cohen has working for her - are part of fostering - gentrification. Removal of the people who for decades made District 10 their home - but now for over 25 years - they City has chosen to shun and deprive the community of opportunities. 

We will shed LIGHT where there is abject DARKNESS.

Lennar bombarded our community and harmed our children and elders. Malia Cohen has done nothing - absolutely nothing to comprehend the issues linked with contamination and pollution.
She has NOT said a word - because she is part of the problem.

She is teaming with a Black doctor with a grant from California Pacific Medical Center to build a Wellness Center at Third and Cargo - an area that is contaminated and has very poor transportation and parking access.

Malia Cohen is pretending - to try to give some succor to the already adversely impacted indigent population - our children and mostly single mothers - but furthering the pain of those that are already - suffering.

Malia Cohen is doing this to rake in some money. Malia Cohen took upon herself to introduce fake legislation and documentation before the SF Planning Department - to change the zoning linked to over 27 City Blocks - closer to the proposed Wellness Center - at Third and Cargo Streets.

Malia Cohen did not inform the SF Port Authority, the local businesses, other concerned folks that pay taxes - this dictatorial attitude - will bring her to her knees and she will fall flat of her dirty face. Time is running out for Malia Cohen - people now full understand her agenda.

The industrial area zoning in District 10 in and around Cargo Way and close to the proposed Wellness Center - was changed over night to accommodate facilities such as clinics and other uses not in keeping with the environmental hazards - the foul and stinking air - from the near by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

The millions of vehicles that ply and spew dangerous particulates in the air, the spills of half treated sewage in the near by Islais Creek - where the WEIRS are falling apart - and a whole list of other factors that Malia Cohen - cannot comprehend because she does not have the IQ to understand such issues.

Crime and violence is on the increase in District 10 and what is important to note pouring into District 9 - impacting Quality of Life Issues.

No one seems to care - really. It is one thing to ponder over Incident Reports - it is another to do something about it.

This pathetic woman; Malia Cohen cannot walk the streets of Third Street as a Representative and talk to the many, mostly Blacks hanging around Third and Palou - wasting their time and involved in nefarious activities.

The Mayor Ed Lee, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - is busy with Twitter, the Warriors, the Washington 8 Project, Pier 70 and the on going shenanigans, China Development Bank and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and Malia Cohen seems to be interested in these ploys and machinations - but has done NOTHING - to improve the conditions of the constituents in the Southeast Sector - since she has been in office.

It is time Malia Cohen sits down with David Campos who recently was backing this pathetic woman, John Avalos another one of those who was backing Malia Cohen - and do something about say - McClaren Park. You idiots can talk the talk - but it is time to walk the walk.

The Southeast area of San Francisco is suffering - and has been suffering since 2004 and it is now 2012.

The killings and shootings are on the increase - mostly because of lack of opportunities.

All these morons who are involved in Market Price units - are thinking about is Big Development - and to hell with those that live in the area - and have lived for decades - many of them low and no income - and a lot moderate income.

Many who own homes - but fell prey to the sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other machinations - inflicted on the Southeast populace - by the banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and so on.

Not a word about this in writing from Malia Cohen and her drab, shallow, inept - office and aides.

Malia Cohen wants to introduce legislation - much like Senator Diane Feinstein wants to; linked to guns more military style guns.

On the surface their plans sound good - but, what have these two women done - to being opportunities and jobs to the Southeast Sector.

What have these two women done to clean up the Shipyard?

What have these two women and the City done to address the chronic mental diseases and their direct impact on the Southeast Sector - thousands of them inflicted and not taking their medications.

Do these two women have a fucking clue about the contaminated Watershed - the hag - Diane Feinstein - especially; who is involved and is taking on the National Rifle Association - with first addressing the under laying concerns - such as the increase in mental illness.

Diane Feinstein lives at Pacific Heights; where there a two, three, four million dollar homes - she and others of her ilk - are far removed from poverty and send their garbage, their sewage to the Southeast Sector and that must stop.

Diane Feisntein, Nancy Pelosi, other like them - foster the doings of the Pacific Heights Mafia - Diane Feinstein the aged Senator  has done nothing - I repeat nothing in concrete - for the poor people of District 9, 10, and 11. 

What is important to note she does not care. In this digital world this Senator does not have an email - where you can address her - directly. You can fax her - but that way of doing business speaks to her mentality - like her shit does not stink to high heaven! A ardent supporter of the Zionists that have ruined our Nation who sits on our Nation's Intelligence Committee. Go Figure! On the UBL raid she was right kept out of the loop. 

It is the same with Nancy Pelosi who has done nothing to improve the condition of the people that need help. It is a pity to see so many suffer - and I have tried to convince Mayor Ed Lee to do something - and had a lot of patience - but he will not. He listens some, staggers, and goes in the direction of Big Money - that simply will not work. He should have learned from Sales Force and he will learn - and time will tell.

I requested the City - going through the channels - convoluted as they are - for three positions - what these morons deem fit to call - Full Time Employment (FTEs) - to stem the killings and violence - nothing so far but hot air.

Where is the guy Anderson, Diane Aroche, Maria Su, the City Attorney, the District Attorney others on prevention measures; to stop killings and violence?

Where are you all on having a holistic view about Quality of Life issues. You morons do not know - how to analyse the empirical data that is before you - none of you will read the various Environmental Impact Reports, the California Environmental Quality Act, the Disposition and Development Agreements - the tons of  information that lies - collecting dust; at the San Francisco Planning Department and other City Departments.

None of you have studied the Housing Element - for sure NOT Malia Cohen - she may now after reading this article - but I doubt her IQ will permit her to comprehend - the contents.

It is sicking to read the news and hear of a man - setting a woman ablaze in broad daylight - just because the woman - supposedly his girl friend - did not do his laundry - right. Such cases are symptomatic of the situation at ground zero.

No opportunities - the State releasing prisoners who have no skills and the City of San Francisco not investing and supporting in a big way - in the Realignment Programs.

The Mayor of this world class City - wasting his energy and time fighting the Sheriff who made a mistake - but not one that needed to take him to the cleaners. Adversely impact his family and child.

The Mayor favors some women who have an ulterior motives - they truly do not care about Domestic Violence.

They truly would not know about Family Values - one look at them and you know the mostly Queer hard core women - who hate men.

I have heard them speak and they had no clue - that I was listening. I have a rap sheet on them - just in case they want to pursue - their line of acting and adversely impacting our fair city.

The Southeast Sector is inundated with pedophiles, AIDS patients that have no health services, hundreds of young men and women who have less than 7th grade education and are in the 20s and 30s - and this City does not care.

We have over 10,000 truants - and lack a focus on improving transportation, health services, safety barring the para-military tactics used on those that need help and understanding and the list goes on and on.

Where are the 3 FTEs I requested after having focused meetings with the community leaders - both Blacks and Polynesian, writing and speaking to the Mayor and his so called erstwhile friends, others - what the fuck is happening?

It is as if you morons do not care for life - I have attended over 250 funerals now - the last ten years - and I know others have attended more. I am not a machine - and for sure I do not like laughing and grinning like Malia Cohen.

It is time we recall Malia Cohen and we must start on a War Footing to get rid of these despicable buffoon - who recently made a fool of herself - in Room 250 pandering to a corrupt person like Rose Pak and bring that type of nonsense - into the SF Board Chambers - Room 250 at City Hall.

Malia Cohen has no shame - she has put real hurdles in the way of the many straight women who are astute and do not want to run for office - because of clowns like Malia Cohen and her partner in crime Jane Kim. One worse than the other.

I am requesting the City Attorney, the Chief of Police, the District Attorney, the City Attorney, Maria Su, the Anderson guy, Diane Aroche, Steve Kawa - to get into a room and bring about some results - on the 3 FTEs.

Stop messing with the lives on innocent people - you can do what you want with your lives - after all - we the people - we the tax payers pay your large salaries.

Things in the Southeast are going down the drain and into the cesspool - deliberate inept actions created by City Hall and Room 200 and the many puppets who have no leadership skills - none what so ever.