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Sunday, January 13, 2013


It cannot business as usual for politicians  in this digital age those that  pussyfoot around, cheat, steal, make fake promises and shaft the constituents - each and every opportunity one gets.

For example a decent person - working hard each and every day - as most of us do. Retire after putting some money aside - or having the luxury to enjoy a pension - because we worked hard and earned it.

Now, if a person made his or her money the illegal way - say prostituting, selling drugs, fencing goods - raking in the illegal money - and boast that she or he - enjoys life - and more flashes her or his illegal wealth - we know better about such folks.

Unfortunately in San Francisco and more in the Bayview Hunters Point - when it comes to Blacks - we can easily tally a long list of crooks - we call them - sell outs too - who try to make money selling the community - and on the backs of the community.

For a long time - some of us who are on the front line said nothing - but by saying nothing - these sell outs took advantage and adversely impacted the community. I for example gave Malia Cohen - one full year to do something - positive and serve her community. One full year and more - check the records.

The likes of Willie B. Kennedy who still wants to represent but is making money on the side. Calvin Jones and Aurelious Walker.
Doris Vincent and Angelo King. Vernonica Hunnicutt and Toye Moses. It just goes on and on. These folks are panderers and do not have the best interests of the community at large.

It has become fashionable to do the bidding of the Mayor in office be it that thug Mayor - Willie L. Brown Jr., Mayor Gavin Newsom who slept with his best friend's wife, other City employees who have been charged and taken to court - and the present City Administration who continues to adversely impact the poor. Business as usual.

When some of us advocates were impacted by the shenanigans of former District 10 Supervisor Sophina Maxwell.

The present - inept, shallow, spineless District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen - we get no pleasure stating the facts - we have to do it - because innocent people are suffering.

Malia Cohen has no intention of representing the people - she wants to be in the lime light - and does things to better her political status. So far; all she has done is sell out the community.

For example - Malia Cohen is partnering with some other Black doctor to build a Wellness Center - by Third Street and Cargo Way - a very contaminated site.

Why would anyone take our children and expose them to contamination. More place a Wellness Center in the middle of one of the  most contaminated sites - constantly exposed by the stench from the near by Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

Thousand of tons of particulates spewing from the millions of vehicles that play - in and around the intersection by Third and Cargo Way?

Malia Cohen took upon her to rezone over 27 blocks - from industrial to permit a clinic and other such facilities to be built - when the entire area is contaminated and polluted. Why would some do such a thing? She did not even have the decency to inform the Port Authority - who knew nothing about this action.

Malia Cohen - did this without have one single community meeting in the community.

That is the Bayvew Hunters Point community - but, because the issues is so important - such actions affect the entire - San Francisco area and thousands of decent San Franciscans.

We can state fifty more such issues - where Malia Cohen has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Some of her supporters - think we must leave her alone - just because Malia Cohen is Black. She is Black but more she is inept.

Jane Kim is a Korean American - but some one must know that Jane Kim - is a lawyer and  much more savvy than Malia Cohen.

Jane Kim has made mistakes - and some times - when she fails to do her duty - we call out the mistakes.

I say this because some Black women are biased - and think just because they are close to the MACHINE - nothing should be said about the crooks - who are close to the machine. The days of blatant corruption are over - and using the RICO Act and other laws - Law Enforcement is monitoring and it will not be pretty - when the rubber hits the road.

Recently with great publicity there was the opening of new units - given to poor people who were made to wait of years - at Hunter Point at a location named Hunters View - most others know this location - as Middle Point. 

When these poor folks entered their new dwellings - up on the "Hill" at Hunters View - there was NO heat in their dwelling. They also notice other defects and were at a loss - how to deal with situation at hand.

Mayor Ed Lee himself came to the open - and thought all would be well - but, lo and behold - all he heard were a lot of complaints - and rightly so. 

The John Stewart Company has always shafted the minorities - be it at the former demolished Geneva Towers - Treasure Island, the Tenderloin, Hunters Point and the North Ridge Cooperatives - and now Hunters View - better known as Middle Point.

Rain water was pouring into their brand new units.

The brand new rooms were so small - and the ceiling so low.

The folks moving in could not bring in their Queen and King bedroom sets.

These units are not meant for families - and we know in Public Housing - most women be they single women and in the majority and Black -  have three, four, and five children.

We also have the glaring issue of contamination and pollution. 

These issues have not been addressed by the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen.

These glaring issues must be addressed by Malia Cohen and we cannot bring in the other Supervisors - be it Jane Kim or say John Avalos - to address these - issues - when they are all in District 10.

Malia Cohen will stand next to Nancy Pelosi, Ed Lee, others and spew diatribe about Hunters View and the units - this was before the units came on line.

When the time came to deliver - for the tenants to move in these units - built with tax payers money - the units were inferior, small, and sans heat and the water leaking. Not a word from Malia Cohen - not a word. She is all talk and no action.

All this when - at this very moment - these past many days - we all are experiencing a very, cold winter spell.

So, what do you say - to those - who purports that nothing must be said about Malia Cohen - who has been sitting on the side lines - doing nothing at all - but pussyfooting all the time?

In this digital age - no one who deems to serve the public - and does not little - cannot escape some investigation.

One may not be caught committing your illegal activities - each and every time - but, for sure if you are watched - most of the time.

The Bayview Hunters Point has be decimated mostly by Blacks - selling out the community.

The Blacks who think and live in the past - better wake up. In the past - you all the opportunity to do as you please - not anymore.

It always pays to work hard, do the right thing, stand tall and serve the public.

If you are willing to do so - in the right way - God will bless you.

We have folks - mostly Blacks - and I can print a long list - always wanting a handout - those days are over.

Work hard, work honestly, do not cheat, steal, and lie.

Do the right thing, it may be hard and difficult - but, in the end you will have peace of mind. If you pray to God - enjoy, good health.