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Saturday, January 26, 2013


All over San Francisco some devious entities are taking full control of our land - some key facilities and amenities.

Even our Parking is now controlled by the Mafia - not the Italian Mafia - but one that has deep roots in Florida - of a type that will be dealt a severe blow - by Mother Nature.

We have a former "thug Mayor" will millions invested in Macao - for the ignorant a former Portuguese colony - next to Hong Kong - now controlled by Main Land China. His holdings - gambling and he has been there for over 10 years - plus.

This former "thug Mayor" -  has been raking in millions. Forcing himself on deals and demanding money - making illegal deals for himself directly - but more for his law firm.

Using his power; this same "thug mayor" on the Board of CALPERS in the past - the entity that controls our State of California pensions - and more. Investing CALPERS pension investments - with dubious entities like a Rogue Company named Lennar - the famous LandSource deal and more.

We have another former Mayor - whose husband has made millions - getting Department of Defense contracts - his wife a Senator gave him the inside scoop and the rest is history - CBRE.

Now; this same 80 year old plus Senate - senile as she is - is touting a law to ban guns - but she was the first in San Francisco to be permitted to carry a concealed weapon. This eighty year old hag - should step aside and fade into oblivion. Nothing she touches - will be successful - she is anathema.

A better approach and more holistic - taking care of our mentally challenged. Her mother - I am talking about the Senator - had serious mental challenges - but, this Senator has done nothing - for the mentally challenged. May be with need a Stimulus Package to address - the issue of mental illness - all over this great Nation.

The same entities that destroyed our economy - are now rejoicing that Wall Street is doing well - the common people - "we the people are still" - suffering. The 99% have not recovered - from the spiraling economic adverse impacts - linked to the 2008 - debacle. 

The perennial - "money changers" - loan sharks - the ones that will sell their mother for a nickel. All over the world - where there are - they make trouble - and most of the trouble - has its roots in money, shark loaning, sell arms - dividing people - instigating wars - and I know what I am talking about.

The paradox is that Wall Street is doing well - because the one percent that have stolen money for so long - have billions - and when thousands - of these vermin - invest millions.

Be it five percent of their ill gotten holdings - creating a $6 Billion total portfolio infusion on Wall Street - ignorant folks rejoice - but there is nothing to be surprised - these devious portfolios - create an illusion that all is well.

We all remember - not long ago how the "bubble" burst in our faces. Human have short memories - but the "crooks" - on the side line - they prey on the majority.

The millions of hard working folks - more senior citizens on fixed income - that lost their investments, their homes, their everything. So short and fleeting - is the memory of those that are not educated on issues.

Our government without our permission took the income from our taxes - our investments such as Social Security - to bail the large financial institutions - AIG and banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of American, City Bank, - devious entities like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase - most of them received money at very low interest - then turned around and invested the billion at higher rates - and have already paid the government - so they say. Even that giant AIG.

Crooks are busy - working at  the San Francisco Port property - that comes under the jurisdiction and governed by - "Public Trust Act".

The on going many deals that we know are happening - have mostly nothing to do with Maritime Uses - they fringe on other machinations and ploys - the laymen left guessing what is happening - the point is - it is happening.

Nothing escapes the hawk - we watch it all - and where there is abject darkness - we will shed light.

Everyone in California has a right to comment - dialogue, have meaningful discussions on any project linked to the Public Trust Lands. So, far behind close doors the deals are make - and then just like that Environmental Impact Studies and Report, other required studies - are fast tracked. During the holiday season - some meetings are held - and most of the stuff - is rubber stamped.

Thieves that steal land truly have no obligation to do right - if the can sell their mothers for a nickel - what prevents them from break all the rules. Their whole life - is one BIG - lie.

Again the Mafia are in charge - calling the shots - and these Mafia entities  have NO linked to the Italian Mafia - but one more devious, daring - and in your face.

No one would dream that the Parking at Fisherman Wharf would fall is dubious hands - but it has.

No one - would have ever dreamed about fancy hotels built at Pier 70 - the most contaminated area - but some devious folks are at it - again.

One would have thought our colleges more public colleges that are sacrosanct - have been run down - and brought to a stand still - so that the "crooks" can come in with raked in millions - and buy these properties - once set aside for higher learning and sound education.

Now vested interest are targeting these large properties - to build homes - where the most despicable - will live - much like they plan to do - in most place - where they have - "gated communities". Time will tell.

Again a former Mayor and her greedy husband - with links to CBRE - are getting ready to steal - SF City College!

Land is what these scum bags want - and how they get it - and the methods they use - hitting below the belt - and using every trick from the devil's hat. Many know it - but can do nothing about it. The devils are running everything in San Francisco.

History repeats itself - never mind - some entities chose to take stringent steps - against 'money changers" and "loan sharks" - some folks that have no compassion - when it comes to making, money at any cost.

When the saturation point reached - some took action - stringent action that had repercussions that today haunt the world and civilization. 

Even; with this history of stringent action - and years after some deeds were committed and registered on another continent - memories fade. Human beings are like that - their attention span when it comes to some things - fleeting.

Human beings - the most despicable forget - fail to understand that you cannot hurt the poor and prey on those that cannot defend themselves. More if you are placed in a position to represent, to direct, to make things whole - to serve and be of service.

Now it is business as usual. Greed and more greed - never mind if the innocent suffer - scum bags of the highest order. A disgrace to the human race - they will grin at your face - and stab you behind your back. I know them all and have a rap sheet on them.

It is a crying shame - when over sixty percent of the Native Americans - in California - are not on the Federal Register.

While the original people - the First People - took care of this land we call America for thousands of years - care was taken to take little and leave the rest - for those that would come - after.

No one practiced greed - in fact there was no word - called "greed" in the many languages and dialects spoken - then came the stranger - and all they saw they wanted.

Thousands of Buffaloes were slain - not for their flesh but for their fur. Heaps as high as huge hills left - for the flesh to rot - and these greed bastards - thought - nothing of these - actions.

It is the same with the redwood trees - the large, tall tress, many hundreds of feet tall - some of the tallest - in the world. So many old growth redwood trees were cut - today many of us think of the folly - but it is too late.

There are those that are greedy - and there are the First People.

The Native American better known as the First People - have spiritual values - as the First People - they affectionately called  our Nation -Turtle Island. They took care of Turtle Island for thousands of years - only for the greed stranger - on his arrival to this land - to waste, contaminate, create concrete jungles - and help foster - adverse impacts - Climate Change.

Turtle Island has been turned into a concrete jungle, a cesspool, a place so polluted - that all the Abolone that use to be found in abundance - here in the Bay Area - is no more.

The many species of "frogs" the pulse of things healthy are gone.

One of a kind frogs and other species of bird, animals, fish, flora, and fauna - killed and destroyed.

The SF Port actively participated in the destruction of the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary. The Chorus Frog - was in abundance at one time by Islais Creek and so was herring and other vital resources that the Ohlone - sustained on.

Those that purport to know all - think that they only are "kosher" have failed Society and focused on greed - and history has recorded the million of actions - all over the world and her in the United States of America.

Today these same people brag about Heron Head Park by Pier 98.

A few feet from the once operating - Hunters Point Power Plant - that for over 60 years - polluted the waters that washed on its shores and bombard the soil - with fall outs of particulates, lead, mercury - in the thousands of tons - over all these many - years..

The farce; that a once fallen in disrepair pier, a dump where the most toxic of things were thrown and buried, low level radiological waste - now; suddenly - we are led to believe that all is well. The fallen Pier took the shape of a Heron's Head - hence the fake name of sorts.

We have soil reports pointing to the contamination - to those that say that all is well - to the contrary; it is not and we can produce the empirical data - at a moment's notice.

The Native plants all over San Francisco destroyed - and the shameless, shallow, greedy bastards - doing it again and again - and bragging about their shameless actions -  history will repeat - itself.

Recently Hurricane Sandy sent a strong message to the most corrupt in New York City, New Jersey, and coastline where folks thought - that nothing could touch them - but is did.

Mother Nature brought the supposedly powerful to the knees - and for the first time even Mayor Bloomberg - was stuttering, other City officials from the area - Mayor Christie and so on - aghast and there is more to come - your way.

The National Oceanographic Agency and others predict stronger hurricanes.

More powerful waves thirty, forty, fifty feet - a tusami of a kind - on more regular intervals - and more devastating. Man can think - that he can deal with Mother Nature - but deep down he knows - who will  - win.

When the flood waters visited the subways in New York - and filled the stations two three floors underground to the hilt - the ones that built them - were devastated. This is only the beginning - you all have seen nothing - yet.

Wake up San Francisco. Wake up you that think you can defeat Mother Nature. 

The Bay that surrounds San Francisco on three sides - is waiting to play its part.  All the infill - will go back to the Ocean and the land once taken restored - time in on the side of Mother Nature - man is fleeting and more in his ignorance.

 All those now fancy buildings and proposed hotels, theaters, garages - will all be wiped out. Mother nature has its way - and when it acts -it is sudden and to the point.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on matter that pertaining to infrastructure.

Now that the devious; former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has been laid to rest - other devious Infrastructure Development Shenanigans - are being created - none of which will work.

Keep going to the State of California to have special Legislation passed - much like a whore - that cannot be satisfied.

The Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency  - that now carries on the mundane work of the former SF Redevelopment Agency cannot provide the right documents.

Again and again has failed to provide accounts that tally and less that make sense. The authorities in Sacramento will be formed - they will receive this article - with all the facts and in your face empirical data. We must learn to give the scum bags - a doze of their own medication. 

Again and again the SF Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - has the tendency to provide - some drab, fake,  unreliable documents.

The numbers in these botched documents - do not tally.

We are watching and monitoring the crooks.

The can dig their graves - the likes of Tiffany Bohee - a pawn in the game - controlled by the devious - with ulterior motives - led on the outside by a former "thug Mayor" - who literally is losing his eye sight as we speak.

We have large areas in San Francisco - more in the Southeast Sector - with bodies and committees that are hand in glove with the corrupt- we watch them carefully - collect facts, manifests, verify historical happenings, we keep in real - empirical data and all - and that is all we want - when it comes to proving what is right and who truly owns this land - all of it.

Each one of these evil folks will get their reward - in fact most of them are not happy- always plotting - many a times against themselves - not knowing it - they are the living dead.

I meet them and they are shallow.

Their soul is numb.

Their brains conditioned to get a high by amassing ill gotten wealth and rubbing shoulders with the so called movers and shakers - who thread on ground that is delicate, fleeting, and dangerous.

They get their pleasure - spending money - "glut sprees, shopping when the are supposed to work - all documented" - they call them SF City workers - pimps and whores who are a disgrace to the human race. Many making in access of $200,000 sans benefits and perks.

The First People are alive and kicking.

We cannot fight the devils in court - we do not have the money to throw - and your judicial system is rigged.

You call Corporations person - go figure that - and answer the question who gave an inanimate entity - life with  rights and powers?

 The corrupt have placed themselves in high places.

They pretend to listen to you - but as the devil himself rules - he knows that he cannot touch good, any holistic - so evil prevails - and the innocent suffer - but not for long.

It is will all come to naught! 

Room 200 at SF City Hall - is buzzing with wheeling and dealings done with the China Development Bank.

The information agents and the Main Media spread  LIES - much like a virus - spreading everywhere -  most everyone succumbs to the lies.

The communist - China Development Bank is put on notice - we do not want you and those of you - that "harvest organs" - anywhere near our shores.

We may not take you court - but the land we have - must not be touch by evil folks like you - you are put on notice.

The land is prone to liquefaction and flooding - once the natural  Bay formed after thousands of years - what you see today is not its natural shape or condition.

All you see today - the artificial landfill - it will return to the Bay - and with it will drown and perish - those that think they are - invincible.

Your time is coming - it is here. Aho.