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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Yes, we now have a President sworn in twice - the last with ceremony and pomp - and this time the Chief Justice read the oath - keeping in mind not to make any mistakes.

The first time around that happened - and unceremoniously - that first oath had to be repeated. We wanted all to be primp and proper, with the oath.

Not so the State of Affairs - our Nation, one prosperous - now; is burden with debt.  The 'debt ceiling" debacle yet to be adjudicated fairly - we just cannot go on - having four month leases - and no permanent - solutions.

January 21, 2013 set aside to honor Dr Martin Luther King Jr - was chosen by this President, a Black President - as the day he chose publicly to be sworn in.

History was made when this two term Black President chose to have this public ceremonial swearing in - on the day set aside by this Nation to honor - a great Civil Rights leader - Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

The movers and shakers were there on the main dais.

Those that whisper sweet nothings - pull strings - and bring disgrace on our Nation. The California crooks - were buzzing around - with their Representative wives in tow - saying things that they did not mean   - such is the mock world that we have created.

During the first term this Black President - Barack Hussein Obama - was surrounded by elements - that did injustice to those that needed help most.

Many of them have left office - one of them is now Mayor of Chicago. Others will leave office soon - not because they want to - but because they have "plants" - who must carry out the dirty work.

Thousands of our women and men warriors - have come home - weary, hurt, maimed, looking for succor but cannot find anything - at home.

In thousands of homes - wives, husbands, children - family members, relatives, supporters - are at a lost for words.

These men and women sacrificed so much - put their lives on the line - and now that they have given so much - they have got nothing much in return. Can we truly say we are a FAIR nation?

In the many Veteran Hospitals - our fighting women and men have to wait for months, many years - plead, cajole, beg and teary eyed - take what they get - when they are given some - after waiting and waiting - for benefits due them.

In some flattering words we can say what we want to say - but these words do not soothe the pain, bring relief, heal the wounds most more psychological then physical. God knows it all.

Our Nation has a Constitution - well thought of and known for its compassion, morals, ethics, standards, inclusion, fairness, fortitude, adjudication, and vision.

Some very disciplined men - well seasoned and cured by the most horrendous trials and tribulations of the time - millions dying on bloody war fields - the Nation torn asunder by the Civil War.

Men like President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln - had no time for pomp and splendor - but face the reality of the times.

Some said about 800,000 would gather at the Mall in Washington DC on January 21, 2013 - but more than 1,000,000 did.

There is this yearning - somewhere; in the American Psyche - every four years - we look forward to this unique ceremony - a new beginning - recalling our Founding Fathers and their deeds - after all - we are a young Nation - not quite 300 years - but getting there.

Our past Presidents in recent decades have raked up a debt in the trillions - President Ronald Reagan increased the debt ceiling - 17 times - people are bluffed now - by some Reaganomics - more gimmicks that first led us to this mess.

Never mind if President Bill Clinton - somehow managed to have a balanced budget - only for President George W. Bush to screw things up - for a long, long time.

Our present debt is nearly five times what is was when President Barack Hussein Obama - was sworn in as President.

He was forced to bail out the larger financial institutions like AIG, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase - other banks like Citi Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others - most of whom have paid back their loans - that we the tax payers - were made to pay.

In the interim millions lost their homes - sub-prime loans, derivatives, other kinds of gimmicks that the Banks and Insurance companies were involved in - criminal act.

Today, millions of people have lost their home - now, the Federal Government after years - is reaching out - but for many it is too late. Many have succumbed to death - others lost their mind - many on the streets - just because of greed and criminal activities in which the banks and the insurance companies - were involved in.

We the people must never, ever forget that we sent the Representatives to represent.

We must not forget that we are a Republic.

We must study our Electoral College and its unique workings.

We the people must try to understand - the representation from the various States - that make us who we are.

Our government is a Republic - and for starters - we do not have a system where the majority of votes received by any one candidate - makes that candidate - a winner - in the House and Senate. 

he Electoral System - is a remanant of the dead feudal system - complete with landowners having absolute rights - and those under them - subjugated.

More since 2008 - the One Percent versus the Ninety Nine Percent debacle has opened the eyes of our younger generation - the older generation has preferred hoodwinking - but all that will be for naught. 

The Founding Fathers had a purpose in giving the Judicial System a role to play.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has failed this Nation - more with its decision to declare - blatantly - that Corporations are Persons. Are they? And if they are why are they inanimate? 

It now remains to be seen in the next four years - how the largest corporations behave - this can be remedied by drastically changing our tax code - and putting the Internal Revenue System - on notice to bring about the changes - sooner that later.

Right now most large Corporations - pay little in taxes.

The large Corporations bring all their excuses and fake deliberations - linked to fake and artificial "investments" - and get a break.

The Walton Family, the Koch Brothers, Pearson Incorporation, Eli Broad Foundation, the Fishers here in California, and many more - rake in the millions and some entities - billions - and make a mockery of our failing - tax codes.

The Middle Class and the poor are punished - and pay far more than the crooks - who are the Corporations.

We the people must fight for equity - land, home, and capitol that is free from the scourges of crooks and those that prey on the innocent - like the Insurance Companies.

Our so called Representative today think more about their, ever increasing - " campaign coffers" and less about Representation.

Term limits are critical to keep folks like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein at Bay. Both have amassed great wealth - while pretending to fight for the people. Crooks of the highest order.

Every four years - we the people look for a new beginning - a new chapter - we pay attention to the speeches - they sound good.

On further reflection - there is no real substance. Promises are made but few are kept. They say they will lead - but when the time comes - they are not to be found.

We the people have lost so far - and allowed very corrupt Representatives to destroy our Constitution and the vision of our Founding Fathers.

It is not too late - to overcome - and put things on track.