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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It comes as a shock to no one that Rose Pak is as devious as they come.

Again and again our City of San Francisco - has FAILED to checkmate this so called power broker from China Town.

So now we know that Rose Pak walked the hall ways of City Hall - visiting the Supervisors - and of course spending more time with Jane Kim and Malia Cohen - two spineless, shallow, and lacking leadership - women - who plotted to do what Rose Park told them to do - put down David Chiu.

Jane Kim a Korean American from District 6 and Malia Cohen - a spineless Black woman from District 10.

David Chiu has been appointed President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - this is his third term - and he must be proud of it. 

Many of us opposed him being the President - but we did not hit below the belt. One advocate did not like what David Chiu did to him - so he took the matter to Court.

It comes as a shock that both Jane Kim  once boarded together with David Chiu and Malia Cohen is often seen flirting with David Chiu. For these two women to join together - to plot against David Chiu is something - we men must ponder and act on.

Naive as they are both David Campos and John Avalos fell for the trick.

In common parlance we would call them "dick heads" - you have to be very careful - dealing with such women - who have a track record - deceiving and pussyfooting.

In the long diatribe that Jane Kim gave to give some credence to Malia Cohen before suggesting Malia Cohen name for President - Jane Kim said so many things - that were not true. Malia has never been a leader - she has been a panderer and works for the MACHINE. 

Malia Cohen concept of a leader is having a vision - on yes - Malia Cohen has a vision - most of the time - she is delusional.

Then Malia Cohen turns around and throws the name Jane Kim for the position of President of the San Francisco, Board of Supervisors - and all these seems - rosy, and it is - coming from Rose Pak of course.

It is a shame that all this was played at City Hall in Room 250 where the SF Board of Supervisors have their meetings. An august meeting place - defiled by Jane Kim and Malia Cohen.

All this before - the many heads of departments - the City Attorney, the Chief of Police, the City Administrator, the Controller - others too many to mention.

Why are we tolerating such blatant discrimination and corruption?

We know that the Executive Branch of City Hall is influenced by Rose Pak.

Now, she dares to influence the Legislative Branch. Who is going to put a stop to this?

May be the RICO ACT must be invoked - but who has the balls to do it?