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Friday, January 11, 2013


Our City of San Francisco, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the San Francisco Health Department, the Department of Environment within the SF Health Department, most of our City Departments, the City Administrator, the Mayor Ed Lee and a host of so called - drab authorities - in our fair City - have FAILED - to address contamination and pollution.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisor are busy wheeling and dealing - behind close doors.

The SF Board of Supervisor continue to break the law - infringing on laws such as the Brown Act. They know it - but they do not give a rat's ass. You time has come - you better be accountable - if not - you must be thrown out.

The charade at the last SF Board of Supervisors points to a time of corruption of the highest order - in our City and County of San Francisco. 

While we can appreciate the talk - be it a speech with some valid content - the reality and the fact of the matter is - when the rubber meets the road -  who can produce concrete action and who can bring about real - solutions.

In this City and County of San Francisco we have over 500 toxic hot spots that have NOT be cleaned - abated and mitigated. This has been the situation for over 35 years. Every site is known and has been know since the days when Bill Lee was the City Administrator.

Added to this we now have a Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a toxic cesspool and a declared Superfund Site. A list of site that are so contaminated; the worst contaminated and polluted sites in the Nation - that they are put on this list.

No one is addressing the over 500 very toxic hot spots in our City - where more with the blessings of the SF Board of Supervisors - nothing is done.

The SF Planning Commission, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the Regional Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control,  the Regional Water Board - other good for nothing folks working for the City of San Francisco mostly Department heads - the United States Navy is ready to cap the land - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - paying no attention to an impending Big One - that Q U A K E - that will be in your face - very soon.

This land all of it belongs to the Ohlone. The First People of the land. Our Mayor Ed Lee and our City has failed to recognize the Ohlone and more the Muweka Ohlone.

Some Native American tribes are invited at City Hall and the Muwekma Ohlone not invited. This insult calls for a Higher Power to deal with this City of modern Sodom and Gomorrah. 

No Native Tribe comes into the jurisdiction of another tribe and commits such abuse. The newly appointed Director of Neighborhood Services - must take note of this fact and so should Mayor Ed Lee who purports to know some - but must learn to know more. He has turned his back on those that supported him.

All of the land we call San Francisco and the Bay Area was stolen - so none of this land really belongs to those that think they can do as they please.

So far all these greedy bastards have done - is built a concrete jungle - with more concrete jungles on the way.

Had it not been for five White women - wives of  of some important judges and the like - the entire Bay would be covered with land fill. What remains today is their legacy. A legacy that makes the America Cup - possible. Think about that you fools - who have NO clue about your history.

At one time unknown to the mostly ignorant; we had over 45 hills in San Francisco. Some small one and other big ones. All of them contained the Sacred Remain of the Ohlone - what are know as Shellmounds.

Two major hills were demolished at Hunters Point where the Shipyard now exists - the dirt from the hills - together with the remains of the First People - the Ohlone - were spread all over the Shipyard.

This sordid act in simple talk is called desecration.

That is why from the inception I have said - " no good will ever take place at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard ". I repeat: " No good will ever take place at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard not ever. Aho ".

I have predicted many important things before. For all you nay sayers - long before anything happened I predicted the fall of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. It happened over a year ago. The Governor Jerry Brown printed my article to that affect in his regular newsletter. Many read it and brought it to my attention - and I just kept - quiet.

There is more to come - this time with heavy casualties in this City that has lost its conscience.

Here is one to keep in mind and note in your diaries; and do not say I did not tell you so. When the impending Big One strikes the contents of Parcel E2 will spew in the air - and within a three mile radius all LIFE will be seriously - impacted. Do not say you were not told.

Right now there is only one solution - remove the contents from Parcel E2 and transport it to a location outside San Francisco - that accepts such contents.

As part of the restitution to the First People - the Ohlone - who I represent in these matters. More - Base Closure, Infrastructure, and so on - the entire Water Shed in the area - must be cleaned - that is abated.

There is no pussyfooting about this measure.

I have spoken about the clean up many times and written numerous articles.

Told this to the United States Navy and addressed the clean up situation at the Shipyard - in the many comments linked to the surveys sent to me to be filled and Record of Decision (ROD). 

The U.S. Navy with its "jettison mentality" does not care.

This does not mean our City Administrator, our Mayor, our SF Health Department Director, our Regional Environmental Protection Agency - a federal agency - must look the other way.

No one cares to ready the Precautionary Principle - that is law in our City. We love to talk the talk but not walk the walk.

The two hags that represent this area San Francisco - Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein - are busy with other issues.

Both, have FAILED miserably to address the concerns of their constituents - in their own back yard.

They live in the richer neighborhoods - with the Pacific Heights Mafia - care less for the poor and more the indigent - and are openly involved in many nefarious activities. 

Investing in VISA with insider knowledge and making millions. Depriving the Polynesian in American Samoa wage increases. Participating in other sordid activities - that we have manifest and documentation and will release at the opportune moment. Election time.

The husband of Diane Feinstein - Richard Blum - a good for nothing fellow - raking in money from Department of Defense contracts. Sanctioned to stay away.

Recently involved in the sale of United State Postal Service Excess Property. These Zionists should move out from our Nation.

May be live in that Nation - where our Nation gives Billions - and all we get in return - is trouble and headaches.

We spent Billions fighting wars and attacking nations that WE have no business fighting and wasting tax payers money.

When wars are fought - the "thugs" I have mentioned above make money - because they invest in the Defense Projects - arms, ammunition, bombs other weapons that kill and maim.

The really do not care if people are maimed and die in other nations. When something act are committed by some "crazy folks" - they want to penalize all of us. Why?

Senator Diane Feinstein should ponder before she pretends that she can curb the use of guns all over our Nation.

I am not for killing children. Will lay my life to save any child.

I am for addressing "mental problems" and the Nation has failed in that area. San Francisco has failed in that area - and Diane Feinstein knows first hand about "mental problems" - she had a mother who suffered from severe mental problems.

The City of San Francisco and the authorities; I have pointed out above have failed to address contamination and pollution. One of many factors that adversely affect the population - especially the youth - and so one is doing anything.

In the Southeast Sector alone over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews in the air - mostly from land fill areas.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. Go figure.

Our tall buildings in the Financial District itself spew over 80,000 tons of  Carbon Dioxide  - so much for our Carbon Footprint and there is more.

When will the City and County of San Francisco abate the over 500 toxic hot spots in San Francisco?

At pier 70 two very toxic hot spots linked to two major Ammonia spills - and over 2 million tons of liquid coal tar - once imported to burn to create energy and now seeping in our watershed and into the Bay. For years this liquid coal tar could have be abated but this City was asleep at the wheel - more Dennis Herrera the City Attorney who wants badly to be the next Mayor of San Francisco. He should run for Supervisor of District 8.

Who is fooling whom - we have the empirical data about the Carbon Footprint - no one bothers to pay attention to the facts. What they love is to make news - with Carbon Credits - ploys and machinations that the crooks love to spew - interlaced - with lies about our Carbon Foot Print.

Future  fake plans for Clean Power - when we have excess power already from the power line that comes from Pittsburg and lands near the old Mirant Power Station. Some 400 Mega Watts that few no about. 

Those is charge of our City are not educated on issues. Daily they plot and waste time on things that are mundane - fooling those that do not know - with trivial projects - hoodwinking the constituents who pay taxes. This nonsense must stop.

Our youth in the Southeast Sector must be treated and funds used to address the adverse impacts brought on our infant children, our youth, young adults, adults, seniors - by the constant bombardment of the worse type of pollution, contamination, dangerous particulates and the mess created by the United States Navy - during the World War II - war effort.

The constituents of District 10 need opportunities and this City is busy fostering - gentrification. Every type of hurdle is invented to put down our youth - but not for long. We have reached - saturation point. Most everyone know what I have been saying - but enough is enough.

In District 10 we have an idiot  - Malia Cohen -who has no clue about contamination and its impacts on the community at large.

Malia Cohen, now wants to address the sale of guns mostly bought by those that have a right to buy. If Malia Cohen does not want the "bad folks" to buy let her in in charge of putting measure - to run a check on crazy folks who should carry no weapons.

During the last three month and more - we cannot hire 3 essential positions - linked the Community Response Network to address killings and violence - in District 9, 10, and 11.

Malia Cohen is busy taking junkets to Israel and China -pussyfooting around and thinking she can hood wink us all. Time will tell.

We are living in times when folks like Malia Cohen - ignorant folks - with no morals, spineless, inept, shallow - force themselves to represent - for ulterior motives.

Others from our City Department who come into the community with ulterior motives - have no genuine history of the community at large - and want to do outreach.

We are watching you folks - and no effort will be spared to safe guard the pressing interests of the community.

Anyone can handle a fool - fools can hoodwink those that want the attention of the Main Press - but , you morons cannot fool those at ground zero - who know more.