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Saturday, January 19, 2013


This Monday, January 21, 2013 is a holiday to honor Dr Martin Luther King Jr - a great Civil Rights leader.

There will be many gatherings - in fact at one gathering - President Barack Hussein Obama -  in Washington DC  will take his oath - to serve his second term as President of the United States of America and follow our United States Constitution.

Our United States Constitution embraces justice, fairness, morals, ethics, it is a land of laws that must be followed -  acknowledges God, has embraced all people and fosters unity.

Here is San Francisco shameless politicians will pretend that they truly love Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

The QUEER population will compare their quest - for same sex marriage - and other rights - equal to the Civil Rights - fought by Dr Martin Luther King Jr - a Baptist Minister - charismatic - and a man who walked the walked - a man of God.

Few ponder that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was truly and deeply moved by another great Civil Rights leader - an Indian from India - the Mahatma - Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma means the Great One.

Gandhi took on the British - and using non-violence - stunned the world and won Independence for India.

Non-violence is practiced by those that are spiritual. You cannot be immoral, lack ethics, less standards - and pretend to embrace non-violence and the innate principles of Non-violence - and pure Civil Rights in your face with stellar determination - and win hand downs. For sure not without - spirituality.

When Dr Martin Luther King Jr decided to protest with the laborers who had been discriminated against - working for the Garbage Company - he knew it would not be easy. He stood his ground, won the hearts of those protesting - and impressed on those that were doing harm - that change was necessary.

The many times Dr Martin Luther King Jr went to jail - was because he full understood with sacrifice there is no love. You cannot take anyone to a better place - without fine tuning your moral compass. If we do not understand this - we must not pay lip service to this Great Civil Rights - leader.

Just quoting him - will not suffice - if you are shallow and immoral to the core. Have no genuine love to do right and fight those that are - evil to the core.

At that time many Ministers - so called man of God - did not want to join forces with Dr Martin Luther King Jr and his quest to bring real - change.

The reason was simple - they are not attained Spiritual Maturity. You see them today in San Francisco and all over the Nation - talking the talk but failing - to walk the walk.

The many mostly black - Poverty Pimp Pastors we have in San Francisco are a glaring example - give them some money - and they will pander.

They do not care about the sheep - when the wolf comes - they run away - because of the simple fact they are immoral, unethical, and lack the gumption to do the right - thing.

Recently, I brought to the notice of this once fair and great City the injustice done to Mr Tobias Caine - a Black man - and the injustice done to a young Black girl  - who once went to Dr Martin Luther King Jr Academy Middle School - in the Portola District - by Girad Street and Bacon Street - very near San Bruno Avenue.

The Mayor, the City Administrator, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the SF Board of Supervisor, the Chief of Police - many others who pretend to honor Dr Martin Luther King Jr - read and know about the case - but nothing has been done.

Blatant Discrimination of the highest order.

Mr. Tobias Caine who worked for 40 years was terminated by the Principal who adversely impacted the little girl - Mr Tobias Caine worked as a Security Personnel at Dr Martin Luther King Jr Academy.

Be it he was offered a Skelly Hearing on January 17, 2013 - I was present on this day protesting and doing what I had to do. With other ardent supporters - few but those that truly care to fight and stand by those who need our help - and who care to ward off - blatant, injustice.

San Francisco is a Racist City - make no bones about it.

This Principal a White person sat on a Black girl; a student at Dr Martin Luther King Academy Middle School.

The White Principal is over 300 pounds - this incident took place in February 2012 and soon it will be a year.

17 teachers and employees have been fired, moved to another location - suspended by this sordid Principal.

This evil woman wants to have it her way - but she will not. This Principal must be fired - and I will state her name with empirical data - if something is not done - very soon.

Those on our SF Board of Supervisors who have worked for the SF Unified School District - must fully bear in mind that this incident will come to haunt them. 

This incident took place in District 9 - David Campos is the District Supervisor. The child lives in District 10 - Malia Cohen is the Supervisor.

Eric Mar, Jane Kim, Norman Yee, and David Campos have all worked for the SF Unified School District - and are always begging for money from the General Fund - our tax payers money.

It is time you all address the many injustices that take place in the San Francisco Unified School District. Laying off good teachers and keeping the ones that do not perform well - using the Seniority Ploy - to further injustice.

Every parent must be aware of the William Law - that protects the child in our SF Public School all over California.

The law came about when Pastor Williams a Polynesian who now lives in San Francisco - took the matter to Court and won his case. His child was discriminated - inferior books provided, and when call to remedy the situation - as usually happens - he met with static. Pastor Williams took the matter to Court and won - hand down. The law was passed and signed by the Governor of California.

The Williams law protects the children in our Public School against discrimination, on safety issues, lack of proper books and ill maintained facilities and amenities , a host of other things that I challenge the authorities to read, ponder, and act upon.

Wake up San Francisco - do not utter the name Dr Martin Luther King Jr - if you all do not know what this man - really, stood for.

If you lack morals, ethics, standards - look the other way and think you can sit at the breakfast table - and pander - with the likes of very corrupt politicians - you are dead - wrong.

There can be no true love without sacrifice. Think about it.

Our SF Unified School District is going to the hogs.

The standards are falling - the attendance in low - over 30,000 decent families have left San Francisco. We have over 10,000 truants and umpteen drop outs - young people who will be a burden to Society - just because some one did not step up to further their - education.

Thousands of students past and present - have failed to attend college.

The students were promoted - one set of students graduated with poor marks - other who failed to have the due credit - got some paper - that was and is - worthless.

No wonder we are 28th in the world - when it comes to grading our educational system.

The SF Unified School District Board is worthless.

Watch these morons on television - talk in circles - pat themselves on the back.

They have no remorse that they are destroying many - once sound institutions - all of our  SF Public Schools- where the tax payers - paid from their own pockets - to help the upkeep, property taxes and generous contributions, donations - and provide amenities. I know I did.

Half of the SF Unified School District Board - do not know what is means to be a family - more a true parent.

Yet, they purport to the please for all San Franciscans - who do not favor certain life styles - that are immoral, unethical, lack standards, lack spirituality, detrimental to education and our schools - steeped in being pervert - and bring disgrace to our City and County of San Francisco.

When we think, speak, and act let us truly think what Dr Martin Luther King Jr achieved in his life.

Stay far away - from acts and thoughts mundane - far away from petty and frivolous views - less those of very, corrupt Politicians and spineless - sell outs. They talk the talk but fail always to walk the walk. Aho.