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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


January 8, 2013 and its time for the changing of the guard at City Hall - it really begins with accepting the election victories of the Board of Supervisors - for the uneven Districts - all duly elected and sworn in. We have eleven districts in San Francisco.

Over shadowing the events of the day - who will be the President of the Board?

The main event began at 12 noon at City Hall in Room 250.

The populace had to wait in line - and about 20 were allowed in - the rest had to take their asses - after waiting for hours - to the South Court - that is go - one floor down - to watch the shenanigans.

Never mind if they were physically challenged, seniors, wanting to witness this ceremony - decent people - treated like dirt  - and that is plain wrong.This is supposed to be the government of the people - and where is the respect?

We are a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Our City has lost respect for the Commons and does not abide by the spirit of the Constitution of the United States, the State of California Constitution, and our Local City and County of San Francisco - San Francisco City  Charter.

I stood in line - and I got in - listening and observing as I stood in line - to the many who wanted to jump the line.

Others - who managed to jump the line - others trying their best to use their influence to get in Room 250 - to watch the proceedings and the election of the new President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the year 2013.

For weeks now there has been wheeling and dealing - the usual suspects - trying to vie and convince using nefarious methods - to choose a good leader - a President of the San Francisco, Board of Supervisors - when there is really no one really worth the salt.

So, two days before this day January 8, 2013 - a day that will be recorded in - "infamy" - the devils decided - on furthering the role and anointing - David Chiu.

Many people approached me and asked for my opinion.  Who do you think will be the new President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and I said - David Chiu. Why they asked again? I said - " you watch and see".

Earlier much earlier; before the noon proceedings - London Breed from District 5 set the tone as to what may really happen in the days to come.

London Breed decided to have her swearing in ceremony on the day itself - in the North Court - and took her oath before a packed crowd of her supporters - and was sworn in by California Attorney General - Kamala Harris.

On the front row you had London Breed's family on one side;  on the other - Mayor Ed Lee, Willie L. Brown Jr., Leland Yee, Scott Wiener, and others.

The Rev Amos Brown - the President of the NAACP - was standing on the side - which left me wondering - that something stinks in Denmark!

The Emcee was pathetic and the young woman attempting to sing - got nervous - but San Franciscans - stood by her and prompted the lines, sang with her - and she made it through her terrifying - ordeal.

London Breed is a product from Public Housing - has done well for herself - wheeling and dealing with the right powers to be - be it Willie L. Brown Jr., giving her a chance at Treasure Island - and Kamala Harris (former girl friend of Willie L. Brown Jr.,) - mentoring London Breed and standing by her - throughout this District 5 Supervisorial Race.

When recently most everyone taking orders from City Hall in Room 200 - refused to back London Breed  - forcing London Breed to delve into her innate survival skills - take a stand - garner grassroots support - raise little money from her supporters - make some strong statements, to sound the clarion call as to who was in charge - as most Black women have throughout history in America -  and win the District 5 Supervisorial Seat - hands down.

Good for you girl - and you know - that I do not say or write things - lightly. I will be watching you - and you must deliver -each and every day - you wake up and see the light. You must shed light where there is abject - darkness.

It is 150 years since the emancipation and perhaps London Breed has resurrected and shed light on the blatant discrimination meted out to her by the City of San Francisco.

London Breed has stood her ground - pure guts. proven determination, stellar will power - and taken the reins of District 5.

Watch out City hall - especially you folks - that have no morals, no compassion, no spine, and most of all no - sound leadership.

I watched the ceremony - noted every word of London Breed's stellar and heart felt speech.

I said to myself - London Breed had to fight for dear life to win this seat. She had to take a stand - even using the F word - to distance herself from the "usual suspects"  and send a clear message as to who was in charge of her campaign.

Folks that thought they could control all - force decent candidates to do their bidding - we still have stalwart leaders, home grown, in our great City of San Francisco - who can stand their ground. London Breed won - and that is a fact for history to note and more ponder and act.

Now, it remains to be seen - having been humiliated, chided, disowned, trodden, and come out from the ashes - how will this phoenix - deliver.

Humility makes you find God - but God works in you; only if you are humble - in a second you forget that - and arrogance can take you down - down into the "cesspool" of your own creation.

Eric Mar won his seat too - millions of dollars were gathered from dubious sources to defeat him - with own  money more with his grassroots support - he now represents District 1.

Shame on the crooks who tried to upset him and destroy his campaign - many of us never, ever thought such a day would come - but it is here for all of us to see. All the more prompting us to be vigilant. Good for you Eric - keep up the good work. Thanks for your invitation on Face Book - I chose to stand in line and got in Room 200 - without any favors.

Eric Mar has earned his District 1 seat by pure hard work and sound representation.

More so now that he has gone through the fire - seen for himself the "evil forces" - that can come from no where to destroy you. Had Eric Mar lost this race - it would be a very, very said day for San Francisco and grassroots advocates such as myself.

Eric Mar's victory must prompt us grassroots advocates to watch out - and be ever on our guard - to nip in the bud - forces that use "greed and money" - to destroy well tested democratic values.

There is nothing like humility, compassion, hard work, sacrifice and love - that is what San Francisco's constituents and Saint Francis of Assisi - after whom the City is named for - stood for and stands for.

John Avalos had no opposition running for District 11 seat - he won.

Earlier John ran for Mayor of San Francisco and lost. John got a taste of how those "evil forces" behind the scene control this City - they can make you and if they want break you. The Pacific Heights Mafia - alive and kicking - and they have their finger in every pie - Zionists.

Norman Yee won his seat and defeat Francis X. Crowley. That was a close race - and much has not been said about this race - but behind the scenes this seat has turned things upside down - for the "conservatives".

With the exit of  starch conservative Sean Elsbernd from District 7 and the seat now held by Norman Yee - Carmen Chu for example - will chose to be the next City Assessor filling the seat left empty by Phil Ting who is now dancing the gig in Sacramento - making good things happen - there.

Who will fill Carmen Chu seat is the million dollar question?
Mayor Lee must make that decision - and it will be a difficult one - following the District 5 episode.

David Chiu has not been embraced by those advocates of "free speech" in San Francisco.

This in not Taiwan - nor is it some dictatorial regime. David Chiu has with intent - curbed "free speech".

I will not delve into this much - except to say that when Mr. James Chaffee said: " if David Chiu is elected President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - this City will be embracing slavery". Mr. James Chaffee repeated the statement - to make it very clear - what he meant and I fully agree with him.

Our Nation is a Nation of laws and David Chiu was caught with this hands in the cookie jar linked the the Parkmerced Housing debacle.

The Ethics Commission admonished and penalized him but David Chiu still does not get it.

I am for fair play - and David Chiu is put on notice.

In the year 2013 - free speech must be encouraged and more the 3 minutes allocated for "public speaking" must be enforced. That is - if true democracy - is meant to reign in Room 250.

We have seen many shallow, spineless, arrogant, jack asses before in Room 250 - come and go - and if David Chiu wants to redeem himself - he must be fair.

If not he will join the ranks of those others - that have left their stench; like that of a skunk - vain folks, who turned their back on fair play, justice and failed to represent.

When Jane Kim as part of the initial proceeding linked to the election of the President of the SF Board of Supervisors - named Malia Cohen for President of the SF Board of Supervisors. Jane Kim betrayed her intelligence - such girly, girly stuff - does not fly where true democracy - flourishes.

In the end Jane Kim - after spewing some diatribe withdrew her own nomination - having been chosen earlier by Malia Cohen as a candidate for President of the SF Board of Supervisors. One appointing the other - as part of the failed - girly, girly - power play.

In like manner -  Malia Cohen from District 10 - crocodile tears and pretending to be sincere - when she is a known and a proven fake - withdrew her nomination for President of the SF Board of Supervisors. 

This side play is a big blow for future women attempting to seek to be the President of the SF Board of Supervisors. Time will tell.
We need more straight women standing for what is right and willing to represent.

Enough of this pussyfooting - makes you sick to the stomach.

We San Franciscans have to be leery who we permit to represent us. Both Jane Kim and Malia Cohen are as fake as can be - a disgrace to San Francisco and San Franciscans.

Both exhibit very poor leadership - often speaking in circles - putting forth ideas - back and forth - with sound logic, clear vision - and less proven leadership. Both work for the MACHINE.

This girly, girly stuff can best be exhibited in the dens where anything lusty goes - but should never, ever be brought to the Chamber - the August Chamber - Room 250.

Who the fuck cares about you two and your side bar antics that displayed for all the world to see - where you two can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. You two are shallow, spineless, unethical and NOT capable of representing. 

We now have four Chinese though some like to use Pacific Islander to describe themselves - Eric Mar from District 1, Norman Yee from District 7, Carmen Chu from District 4, David Chiu from District 3.

One Korean - Jane Kim from District 6.

We have two Latinos - David Campos and John Avalos. Both won their seats - unopposed - and David Campos represents my District 9 and John Avalos District 11.

We have two Whites Scott Winer from District 8 and Mark Farrell from District 2. Scott a open queer and Mark a family man.

Two Blacks London Breed from District 5 and Malia Cohen from District 10.

This changing of the guard had all the tell tale signs of weakness. Underlying the fact that this spineless SF Board of Supervisors will be controlled by Big Developers - those scum bags that favor gentrification, greed, and do not care about our children and elders.

In the last five year over 50,000 families have left San Francisco - fostering, Family Flight.

We advocates must hold the feet to the fire of  these arrogant, spineless, immoral, shallow Supervisors - elected to serve their own selfish interests - while pretending to represent.

Malia Cohen for example each time she spoke had nothing to say about District 10. How can such a despicable person - lead - when you have nothing to say about your own District that you cannot control your thoughts, your emotions, and you exhibit that you are spineless and shallow.

Jane Kim who thinks - she will be the next President of the SF Board of Supervisors - high hopes.

The whole changing of the guard - was a farce.

One of the worst taking of the oath and election of the President of Board of Supervisors in San Francisco - I have witnessed in long, long, long time.