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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


You would think the San Francisco Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection, the San Francisco Health Department - more the Environmental Section - other City Departments would do - due diligence in San Francisco - with the process system - when it comes to permit - and more with Quality of Life issues - NO.

At the SF Planning Department the turn over - is over 60% with the new Planners and those that must process the paper work having no history of San Francisco.

More influenced by expediters - who can paint a rosy picture - and get you any permit - on a platter.

The SF Planning Staff cannot say they have no money - now more so - to do due diligence - the permit fees have raked up millions.

There are over $10 billion plus of projects in the pipe line - and the fees have already been paid to the SF Planning Department.
In the mean time the SF Planning Department is having a field day. Gone are the days - when they could sing the blues - always faulting the City and County of San Francisco - pleading that the SF Planning had NO - money.

The money just sitting there - enough money to pay those capable to attend, focus, do their jobs - more due diligence.  The problem - missing in the equation - experience, fortitude, standards, lack of history linked to San Francisco and the eleven districts - lacking the ability to - discern.

We all remember some time ago - when Larry Badner was the Zoning Czar at the San Francisco Planning Department.

This sordid man - instead of doing his job - was busy sharing "pornographic material" - crossing the line and enticing some women Planners too to join in the fray.

All during working hours - when the City was paying him to work. He was fired - arrogant to the core - while he worked for the SF Planning Department.

Larry and many Senior planners - who were caught in the 
web - where fired. Good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

Now and then Larry who is now a consultant - will try to appear at the SF Planning Department meeting - trying to act funny - but, that does not amuse anyone.

The Southeast Sector of San Francisco has over 500 toxic hot spots - very contaminated sites - all these sites are the responsibility of of the City and County of San Francisco. 

These areas come directly under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Administrator - in this case Naomi Kelly.

The Department of Public Works, the Department of Building Inspection, the SF Health Department and more the Department of  Environment under the SF Health Department - are aware and are fully aware of these contaminated sites.

Reports from the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, other pertinent documents from the Regional Water Board, still other from the Environmental Protection Agency - can help the City and County of San Francisco - address such issues.

The City Attorney and the District Attorney can do something about these issues - but do nothing - the just go with the flow. All these very contaminated sites - adversely impact thousands.

Little is done - because attempting to address such issues - cost money - so the City brags a lot about the Carbon Foot Print, Greening - but does not bother to clean up these toxic hot spots.

More because the City feels and thinks it can get away with murder - in broad daylight. This nonsense must stop.

The District 10 Supervisor; Malia Cohen initiated a plan some time ago - which came before the SF Planning Department to operate a  Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street  a very, very contaminated area.

A Wellness Center that will cater to the health of our children. To be operated by a Jamaican doctor named Nadine Burke.

It is a shame that this matter - flew past the SF Planning Department with NOT one single meeting informing the constituents about - such an important - issue.

Our innocent children should not go - less be treated in an area that is very contaminated.

Millions of vehicles ply and stop by the junction - know as Cargo Way on Third Street. Anyone can go to the site - and see the heavy traffic - at all times of the day and night.

Near by the SF Public Utilities Commission - Phelps Raw Sewage 
Treatment Plant - spews Methane Gas into the air - one ton of Methane Gas equals - twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. 

The fumes from the vehicles - the many diesel vehicles - others lacking smog testing - spew lead, mercury, and other toxic fumes.

In past years - that is about 10 years ago - a test done in the area showed high levels of Arsenic (Ae) - the Analysis Result 7.0 the reporting limit 5.0. The measure ug.sq. ft

Cadmium (Cd) the Analysis Result 4.5 the Reporting Limit 2.5.

Chromium (Cr) 8.0 the Analysis Result - the Reporting Limit 5.0

Copper (Cu) 19 the Analysis Result - the Reporting Limit 5.0

Selenium (Se) 7.0 the Analysis Result - the Reporting Limit 5.0

Zinc (Zn) 81 the Analysis  Result - the Reporting Limit 10

Vanadium (V) 2.7 the Analysis Result - the Reporting Limit 0.5

The unit measure in all of the above samples taken - ug.sq ft

There are other reports that we can delve into - but, most everyone who is decent, who has a conscience knows the area at Third Street and Cargo way is very  -, very contaminated.

The near Islais Land is but a few hundred feet away - that is where the Islais Creek is found - where from time to time - especially when there is heavy rainfall - half treated sewage spills into the Islais Creek. 

We have a dual sewage system -where both rain over flow and the sewage spill - that are treated - and finally make their way to the Bay that is 80% by Piers 80, 96, and a new one by Executive Park - 20 % goes to the outfall that leads to the Pacific Ocean by the San Francisco Zoo. 

Never mind the Weirs that hold the secondary effluents that hold the secondary effluents - cannot hold the effluents - as most of the Weirs (holding tanks) are damaged and in disrepair.

It is a shame that the layperson is put into cauldron when those we pay who must do due diligence and fail most of the time - when it comes to our children.

We are then forced to use Discretionary Review and other such processes - to review, waste our time and money - to defend our children - who must be defend and treated with respect in the first - place.

The District 10 Supervisor; Malia Cohen and  Nadine Burke - with some $4 million given to them by California Pacific Medical Center - want to operate this Wellness Center - in a contaminated area.

Early on over 17 blocks were re-zoned to make this happen - in an Industrial Area.

The neighboring business, the SF Port Authority were not notified. This blatant arrogance will come to haunt those that are now playing with the lives of our children.

Mayor Ed Lee better step up and find out what truly is happening. We will shed light where there is abject - darkness.

Our children should get the best - not the worst.

Both these Black women are up to no good and the community needs to know - find out for yourselves - why so many of you are tolerating such - nonsense.

The SF Board of Supervisors too - look the other way - while such shenanigans come before them - they know better - but chose to look the other way.

Where is the City Attorney, the District Attorney on this one?

Where is John Rahaim - the SF Planning Director on this one?

Where is the SF Planning Commission and SF Planing Department on this one?

Where is Barbara Garcia the Director of the SF Health Department of this one?

Where is Rajiv Bhatia on this one - he heads the Environmental Department linked to the SF Health Department?

Wake up San Francisco and do not treat our children with disdain.