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Saturday, January 12, 2013


San Francisco has been touted as a World Class City - much as Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Vienna, Frankfurt, and so on.

However, seeing is believing - when blue prints have been drawn - by the nefarious entities - using sell outs - mostly Blacks - to foster gentrification.

In recent years aided by Chinese who think they will have it made - but that is not - how it works. Crooks have it good for so long - and then as does LENNAR - they all drown in the CESSPOOL - of their own making.

In the Southeast Sector which is the last frontier - we see plans drawn up to build over 30,000 housing units - in the next ten years. Most Market Priced - when we already have a glut of Market Priced units.

We also see the invasion of the most corrupt Property Managers the likes of the John Stewart Company - who daily have been - evicting innocent people - mostly the poor - at Treasure Island, the Tenderloin, on Hunter Point and in other places.

Around the year 2004 the John Stewart company started applying for grants from the State of California - and received monies linked to the development of Hunters View - in the millions.

The John Stewart Company fell prey to the 2008 economic situation where many lost a lot of money - the money that they were to save for the Hunters View housing they lost to bad investment.

After the John Stewart lost the millions in the 2008 downward economy spiral -  the City and County of San Francisco and the former Mayor Gavin Newsom took upon himself to make available - SF Housing Community grants in the millions to back the corrupt John Stewart Company.

I remember well the ground breaking - and have photographs of all the crooks in attendance - all gathered at Hunters View better known to the community as Middle Point.

Sophie Maxwell the then sell out and District 10 Supervisor - using a sledge hammer to punch a hole in one of the older buildings - and making a statement - when this particular building was demolished - she would like to move in it.

Sophie Maxwell has a couple of homes and millions of dollars raked up - all part and parcel of her polys and machination to garner - these vast amount of illegal monies.

That building that Sophie Maxwell eyed - and others offering panoramic views of the City and the Financial District from on top of the hill - where all these folks were gathered to break ground and mock the local populace.

There was some protesting but the San Francisco Police Department has a Police Station - right in the middle of the Public Housing. In this case less then 500 feet where the folks had gathered - to listen to Gavin Newsom, Fred Blackwell, Sophie Maxwell, others - spew lies.

John Stewart was there and he was not sitting with those gathered - he stood a little distance away - making small talk with a few crooks. I know this because I went and stood a short distance - to join in the conspiracy of sorts.

What I heard was interesting - but, not something I did not know.

Fred Blackwell the former Director of SF Redevelopment Agency - was spewing diatribe - making promises and touting the good works of former Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Fred Blackwell now works for the City of  Oakland and is the Assistant City Manager.

Then a few months latter Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was joined by the grinning Malia Cohen - touting this and that - about Hunters View - known better as Middle Point. Again making promises - promises that have not been kept.

Recently, when the day came for the old tenants to move into the so called brand new affordable homes - they were shocked.

The units were small, the heat was not working, some units had water coming into the units from the recent rains - the windows had not been fitted right - and so on.

In San Francisco we have been experiencing a very cold spell - the tenants were shivering - there was not heat. A brand new unit - but some how the heating system had failed. There were excuses of course - but excuses do not make you feel warm - by osmosis - does it?

Mayor Ed Lee came to witness a day of festivity and gladness and got shafted royally. All he head were complaints - poor chap - he has surrounded himself with morons of the highest - caliber.

Missing the Director of San Francisco Housing who is being investigated.

Missing of course Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - the one who made all the promises - and is in bed with the John Stewart Company.

Malia Cohen the now District 10 Supervisor - was there for sure - she will be anywhere where she can rake in some fame and in the bargain pussyfoot around and rake in some - dole.

We have people of color who can build anything but the contractors are denied access and opportunities.

Again and again we invite corrupt developers, property managers, the most despicable who do not treat the poor and more the indigent with respect. Yet they want to come into the community and steal and rob and cheat.

Cahill, Nibbi, the John Stewart Company - the City encourages such blatant discrimination and the worst type of - corruption.

The land on which the old units were built belonged to the United States Navy who when the deactivated - passed the housing unit with big rooms - where mostly large families lived - to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The City and County of San Francisco was interested in these housing unit to house mostly the poor and indigent.

HUD turned these housing units to the City of San Francisco - who is turn created the SF Housing Authority and this entity has screwed things up.

At the time when the housing units were turned over - there was legal language where the tenants could own their units - they never came to be. With intent the SF Housing Authority deprived the tenants have tenant associations.

Anyone who tried to organize the tenants was adversely impacts. Some did but the moved out and lived in units - now under Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) which came under the now dead - SF Redevelopment Agency.

The head of the SF Housing Authority Commision is one Amos Brown.

A man who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

In recent months he has been put on the shit list - by the City and other entities.  Gone are the days when he used Willie L. Brown to garner favors - today - people know of him - and what they know of Amos Brown -  is not worth the salt.

The SF Housing Authority with intent ran down the buildings so that they could demolish the buildings and build high rise buildings.

Construct taller buildings with many units - cluster people - an idea that is old and has failed. Town style homes with open spaces and other sound amenities foster Quality of Life Issues.

But, do not tell that to folks that discriminated, foster gentrification, want to make money at any cost - will sell their mother for a nickle - and do not want anyone to speak to the TRUTH.

The youth are fed up and are waiting for the "signal" to address the issues at hand - and that situation will not be very - pretty.

Recently, folks were moved into brand new housing - housing units built with tax payers money - be it from the State of California, the City of San Francisco, the Federal Government.

The units are poorly built and this is how these corrupt folks will conduct their business with the so called HOPESF - program.

Instead of spreading HOPE these bastards spread HOPELESSNESS. Aiding and abetting these good for nothing scumbags - the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Plans are afoot to reorganize and make Bevan Dufty the head of all housing - more a Housing Czar.

Bevan Dufty - is a lackey of Willie L Brown Jr. - the same Supervisor who called for a twenty minute break - joining him Sophie Maxwell a proven - sell out.

Together Bevan Dufty a open Queer and Sophie Maxwell a Black woman - went to visit former Mayor Gavin Newsom - be it on telephone - to make a deal and introduce the name of now Mayor Ed Lee - around 10:30 pm.

Several attempts had been made at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting that night to entertain a candidate for Mayor. The former Mayor Gavin Newsom - extended his stay in office - and created this fiasco.

The Progressive with Chris Daly tried his shenanigans and failed. Something on the side had been cooked up - with David Chiu who Chris Daly - help be the President of the SF Board of Supervisros. David Chiu decided to bite the hand that fed him.

On the other hand the then City Administrator making over $275,000 with benefits made umpteen statements that he would never run of the office of Mayor - but, he did.

The Progressive had an opportunity to lead but failed - ever since then the City and County of San Francisco is plagued with wheeling and dealing and corruption of the highest order.

Life style issues and Zionists everywhere shoving their way of think and acting - sans morals, ethics, standards, breaking the laws, more the Brown Act - with a in your face - attitude.  Time will tell.

When pressed for answer - as to why he accepted to run for Mayor of San Francisco at this late date - the poor Ed Lee - twitching his moustache - made a vague statement.

He really did not want to run for Mayor - but was coerced by corrupt Rose Pak and nefarious - Willie L. Brown Jr. - what a statement to make.

Some of us who know a lot about sordid politics - thought things would change - but, nothing has changed. I guess you cannot train an old dog and teach him or her - new tricks.

The developers are coming - now aided by the Chinese Development Bank - and the local Chinese are talking as if they already own the City and County of San Francisco.

Arrogance and daily plotting - many come to me for support - offering money.

I do not sell my soul will NOT entertain sell outs -  adversely impacting the community - I have zero tolerance for them.

The last frontier is the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

This area has to be cleaned, abated and mitigated - the contamination and pollution addressed.

No one is thinking about a holistic solution. Everyone is jumping on some bandwagon thinking they will make money.

The paradox is that things is China are at a doldrums.

There is no real movement. Factories are moving to Viet Nam, Malaysia, other third world countries.

The rich Chinese have money - but are noticing that their standard of living - is not good. Again it is about pollution and contamination.They want to move to Canada,  Australia,  the U.S.A. anywhere where the standards are higher.

This land we call America - known for thousands of years as Turtle Island - belongs to the First People.

 I represent the Ohlone of San Francisco - of this area - on matters linked with Infrastructure, Base Closure, other land issues.

The crooks who are wheeling and dealing - I know them all - and I am monitoring them like a - hawk.

My articles are sent to the City Attorney, the Police Chief and the Command Group, the Controller, the SF Board of Supervisors, the Secretary of State, the Governor of California, the City Administrator, the City of San Francisco - Department Heads - the articles are found on Twitter under Forcu10, FaceBook under Francisco Da Costa, Tumblr and a host of other places - to garner the attention of those that care - more for our children, our seniors, and those that cannot defend themselves.

No one entity can cheat, steal, bluff, and break the laws of the Nation - and continue to do so for a long, long time.

One day - you will have to answer to a higher power - it may not be the Court - it could be the coming Big One - the one natural phenomenon that will flatten you and you will fall - FLAT - on your face. Much like Hurricane Sandy did.

Brought huge amount of water and flooded the subway - forty and fifty feet of water - the people of New York were surprised - because they were told lies - much as San Francisco does. 

Your reality check is nearing - and you will be laid bare - with your lies, sordid deeds, starring at you in your pale face. You will want to repent - but it will be too late - you have not been paying attention to the - clarion calls. 

You then - will have all the time to think about injustice and the details linked to  -  G E N T R I F I C A T I O N . It will be late - too late - and I guess you can then figure out what to do.  Aho.