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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Do we need a Housing Czar in San Francisco - who wants to keep wages down and break the Unions who offer good Union Jobs - like the Laborers Union for example?

While some may put their faith in City Build - my position has always been that the UNIONS in San Francisco - must step up and do the training.

The Unions nationwide have been doing that for decades.

We now have a former Supervisor who has been given a job - linked to Housing - some Housing Czar.

This man wants to negotiate with a nefarious agency like Recreation and Park -  to provide jobs to folks for minimum wages - in this Union City where career must be made and Union jobs given - with respect to all.

San Francisco Recreation and Park who has been busy privatizing our Parks - removing natural grass and exposing our children to lead prone and contaminated lead. No one gives a damn - and those neighborhood open recreation spaces - are now the domain of some evil, private, greedy - good for nothing - money mongers.

Parks like Garfield Park, Silver Terrace and more - parks and play fields where these money mongers can control most anything. Zionists.  

This type of behavior - busting UNIONS must not be tolerate in San Francisco.

Especially coming from a former Supervisor - who should know better - but has been having a good time - wheeling and dealing.

Normally there is a rule - a good norm to follow - stay one year away from City Hall - take no job with the City to avoid - conflict of interest. But not this person - who works for the corrupt MACHINE.

In the case of this Supervisor - the hand of the devil himself has managed to get him a devious job - machinations galore - in Room 38 in the basement of City Hall.

Remember the 20 minute break that was requested - when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors was in limbo - trying to choose who the next Mayor of San Francisco would be.

Do you know - that is if you recall and were alive - who started all this nonsense. Most of the corrupt activities behind close doors - stems from this one incident that most people have forgotten.

Sophie Maxwell and this Supervisor - made a deal with former Mayor Gavin Newsom - to throw in the name of Ed Lee - soon after this recess of sorts was called - on that fateful day.

Ed Lee was in China - but these crooks managed to contact him - so they say - and the rest is history.

There is a saying about "payback time" but working against norms, in this Union City - openly trying Union Busting tactics - is not good KARMA. Such behavior must be tackled by the Sisters and Brothers in the various UNIONS.

Barring the sell out Trade Council that has no right to speak for the other UNIONS.

Now, this former Supervisor has been bragging as the purported future Housing Czar that he can do this and that - but, he cannot keep his appointments.

He is never on time - and thinks that he has so much power - that he can do as he pleases. You call his office and he is never - there. He has four or five employees working for him - all of them - nonchalant - lacking accountability and transparency.

For how long can his shenanigans be tolerated.

Recently this man decided to favor the indigents on the streets - providing them free cell phones. When is come to the despicable conditions of the many Queer folks - he has no solution to help these unfortunate beings.

He should the cold nights and see for himself what it really feels to have the cold - go right through your bones - and more if you suffer from AIDS and other cancers and chronic diseases - and are at the mercy of the recent inclement - weather.

What is happening to San Francisco the City named after Saint Francis Assisi?

The time  has come to check mate this former Supervisor - so while the going is good - back off - and do the right thing. Do not think that you can carry out your devious plots - offering minimum wage jobs while you enjoy a salary in access of $175,000 with benefits.

Do not even think for a second that you can negotiate with City Departments like Recreation and Park, other City Departments - trying to hire 200 individuals - and pay them minimum wages.

The local ordinance and other stringent UNION laws and regulations must be followed. Be very careful we are monitoring the situation at hand.

UNION BUSTING is a no no - and I know the MONEY MONGERS love UNION BUSTING  but, this will never ever come about. More so now that we have sounded the clarion call and know the plot of the crooks - who work behind close doors - and want to shaft the common woman and man - who desire to have good jobs - good career jobs.

This should be a clarion call to those that think that Union Busting is fine in this Union City - it is not. UNION workers who must rally and nib this nonsense in the bud. Take on the crooks and sending them packing - from whence they came.

We have the proof about the sordid actions - and can reveal more - but, suffice it to say - let this be a warning about Union Busting - and treating San Franciscans with disdain - giving them minimum wage jobs - with NO security.

Thousands of City Employees many with high salaries. 25% of our City employees make over $200,000 with benefits. 

We have about 29,000 City employees and a population of about 805,000.

They say there is a freeze but all sort of ploys and machinations are a foot -  trying to circumvent - hire folks favoring minimum wage - when UNION wages should be the norm - in this UNION TOWN.

Rumors are afloat that the Housing Czar wants the City Housing Director out - so that he can come in and set up shop.

Then he can expand his title and his fiefdom - Potrero Hill Housing, Hunters Point, Oakdale Housing, Sunnydale Housing, Army Street Housing, Valencia Public Housing, and the many other housing projects in the Western Addition, North Beach, by Glen Park and so on.

Housing Opportunity Partnership and Engagement.

The above has fostered gentrification - removal of poor people - so that the devious can have it all - lock, stock and barrel. Time will tell.

This is just a clarion call and there is more to follow - complete with manifest and more documentation - that lays out the sordid plan.