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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Tons of vain talk by those in authority - they promise but give NO opportunities - bombard the community with pollution and contamination.

Offer no sound transportation, sound schools that matter, make health care and more preventive care almost impossible for the poor - in short they deprive an entire community - from enjoying Quality of Life issues.

All the time in our back yard companies are raking in billions - and no one cares about those that need help. What a world are we living in - and we call it the digital world, the world of instant communication and data gathering.

If we have the empirical data, if we are half way decent - why do we need a reminder - such as this article?

Who are these monsters who seat on billions - and cannot help those that need help. I am not saying throw away your money - all I am saying is have the balls - to do something - decent. That is if you are a decent human being?

It does not help that most of our youth in the poorer neighborhoods - do not have a father figure - raised by single mothers - sometimes - each child she has borne has a different father.

These are the signs of the times - those that make big money - and many that make billions - invest in private jails, all sorts of "out sourcing using the prisons as slave labor" - there is a lot happening - many know about it - but do not want to address the true - facts.

Most single mothers - who live in poor neighborhoods - survive on a fixed income.

So when money runs out - many are forced to prostitute. It is abject survival that some see differently - but, at ground zero of despair - it is a matter of survival.

Pimping, call girls, all sort of sex entertainment - caters to those that can spend money and have excess money. No one wants to talk about this - always the rich preying on the poor. Some poor women or girl - who cannot make it - and it forced to lower her dignity - without taking charge of her life. Happens all the time.

The many so called experts we have that think they have a solution to crime, incarceration, education - cannot address Quality of Life Issues and Spirituality - because they are not educated on issues.

We have  forums and talk a lot - about this that and the other - linked to crime. Make a mockery of the real issues at hand. Four things are mostly missing from the discussion - when it comes to our youth - spirituality,the environment, education, and career jobs.

Simply put; we must try to understand - that for thousands of years - as human beings evolved - human beings, figured out a way to survive. As hundreds of years - turned to thousands - human figured out a way to gather food, drink clean water - sustain their bodies.

What do you think happens to human beings that survive on junk food? What do you think happens to human beings surround by contamination and pollution? Many have no clue - because they are ignorant. How imagine if you are in Law Enforcement and have not clue about the factors - I have stated above? Duh!

Spirituality plays a key role too - just like you give you body good food - which there was in abundance - thousands of years ago - human learned to find solace - in spirituality. Hence a place to gather and worship, share, and care.

Those that want to improve any human being - have to have the clear and experience knowledge - about spirituality - not a cult - not some ritual that is more or a circus - but, sound - spirituality that truly uplifts the entire human being - mind, body, and soul.

Perhaps the most important aspect of all is the MIND.

Education is a powerful weapon - and when I interact with the youth - that is the area - I am most interested in. We must learn to engage our youth - where is counts most - sound education.

Out there because of Cyber Space and the Internet - we have a lot of information. The ability of discern, the filter, gather the best information - brings about sound - education.

In San Francisco for the last fifty years - Mayors have with intent left out the poorer neighborhoods to fend for themselves.

Thugs come from other areas - sell drugs, guns, create havoc - under the guise that they are helping - but they are dividing the community - and the so called leaders; from the neighborhood - who had to stand up - did not.

The Sell Outs in the neighborhood - many of them I have mentioned by name - and quick to take money - but do not care to help those that need help. Do not care to bring about solutions, do not care to make our Universe - a better place.

Think about the early 1980s and crack cocaine. Who brought that into the community?

Who truly was involved with the distribution?

Those in the know - know - but there was a purpose - to drive out a population, slave them to drugs, foster incarceration, divide the family - and bring about the realization of - abject - gentrification.

Few can articulate about this given situation. Other look the other way - just because they have lost their humanity.

Millions of dollars are given in terms of compensation, pay, pension, and other benefits - to some who must enforce law and order - and these folks get well paid.

 They also follow orders - fake in the action and words - pretend working with the people -  their heart in not in the right place. Not all of them - but most.

We see our children - stressed, hyper, their attention span is but for a few seconds - they get restless and act up.

Other suffers from all sorts of psychological adversity - many bi-polar - others far removed from reality.

Young children - we adults see the symptoms - we talk a lot - but we do not have the guts to - analyse, get to the bottom, and bring about solutions. Reveal the factors that create such abnormal conditions - and fail the human race. As human being we all must uplift each other - we all must being about progress.

There is NO love with sacrifice. Many sacrifice and try to do it alone - we must figure out a way to work as a team - then the blessing are many - and you have some one to lean upon - some other human being - worth the salt.

Not all human beings are bad - there are many that make this world a better place.

The City of San Francisco talks about small businesses but does nothing much. It talks about Local Business Enterprise - but if you know what we know - it is a fucking - joke.

Again and again jobs are promised to the young adults - women and men - and again and again - no one has the benefit of enjoying a good job - working five day a weeks - a career job.

A career job - where one can save money and raise a family - look forward to the benefits any decent human being - must enjoy.

Our Court System stinks to high heaven.

We have some attorneys other call them lawyers -  who appear before the judges - the judges listen - and you can see - much before the proceeding ends - the judges have made up their mind.

In our judicial system - those that truly need representation do not get it. Many of us know it - but, no one cares to do anything about it. Thousands in our jail system are innocent - they are there - because they were not given - sound representation. 

If this is not blatant discrimination - I do not know what is.

In San Francisco we have a population of about 805,000.

As I have often stated we have over 28,000 City Employees - over 30% of them make over $175,000 in salary - with benefits.

Most do not live in our City - they come here - do something - enjoy receiving their pay - and really their heart in not in our City and County of San Francisco.

This nonsense must stop  - those that live in our City must be cared for - truly cared for.

Our San Francisco Unified School District is failing us. Some of us will address the SF Unified School District on January 29,2013 at 6 pm at 555 Franklin Street.

Those of you that have sat on your asses for a long time - have not done anything worthwhile for your fellow human being - please attend the meeting - and show you support. 

A young black girl was abused, a Black man who worked for forty years doing his job - fired - we want to speak out and find out - what is really happening to the SF Francisco Unified School District - a responsibility of the State of California - that leeches for funding on the City and County of San Francisco - and our General Fund - year after year.

For decades we the people have given our contribution, paid our taxes to keep our Public School running.

Those in charge - have failed us - and now want to persecute and abuse our children - let us see how that all spans out - when the rubber meets the road.

Let us see how the SF Unified School District Board fares - as we expose their sordid past - their poor performance - and their ineptness - shallow and spineless.

Incarceration is a billion dollar business - you have the Walton Foundation, the Koch Brothers, the Fishers other devious entities raking in billions - all investing in the Private Prison System - for profit.

Yet, stupid as we are we buy their products - and do not educate ourselves on issues.

On those playing any part in intentionally incarcerating our youth and adults - giving them no second chance - not practicing Restorative Justice - you have blood on your hands.

Make no bones about it.

Our many mentally challenged in San Francisco find succor in our County Jails - there the doctors, the nurses, the aides, the volunteers, the chefs and others in the kitchen - do a good job.

Most people do not know this - but that is the truth. The SF General Hospital - with its over $1.5 billion dollar budget - has failed us.

Millions of dollars in grants - set aside to deal with those mentally challenged, our children suffering from chronic diseases, our adults that need preventive health care - are all NOT taken care off - some talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

There is crime in our neighborhood - an increase of crime - because our City is focused on companies like TWITTER and ZINGA and SALESFORCE and others - that rake in millions and have failed our City.

The City and County is subsidizing these large companies - in one case even providing the company - free transportation.

How about these companies - all large companies - sponsoring our youth - help to reduce the over 10,000 youth who are truants - over 60% of them - chronic.

We pander to GOOGLE and APPLE but these companies have done little to help those that need help.

These two companies could come out with a plan - complete with funding - to build affordable homes and create an educational system - a holistic model - that could be recognized worldwide.

Our youth are tech savvy and can meet the challenge.

The problem is that our SF Board of Supervisors, our Mayor, and the other so called City Heads - are spineless, have no vision, are not fit to be - leaders.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

We have companies and rich folks with billions of dollars- they can do a little in their own back yard - which is San Francisco.

If they want a Blue Print - I can provide them one for FREE. But these bastards want to make more money - and pussyfoot around.

In the interim crime in our neighborhood in increasing - and those that must provide opportunities, some HOPE - are busy pandering - filling their campaign coffers - with ill gotten - wealth. 

They must remember - if they fail the people, they promised to represent - and have not - they have BLOOD on their hands.