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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wall Street Has Blood On Its Hands - And The Protesters Have Every Right To Voice Their Opinion And Protest.

Wall Street has blood on its hands and the protesters have every right to voice their opinion and protest.

It all happened in 2008 and our Government the United States of America - without consulting the people broke every law and bailed our Large Financial Institutions who were not regulated.

Large financial institution and banks - who kept breaking the law - and fleecing millions of people all over the world. Creating a phony system of "toxic assets" - the "toxic assets" are still there - and they must cease to be.

The evil practice of sub-prime loans and derivatives began here in the United States of America - and the plot hatched by large financial institution such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase and others.

Backed by large insurance company such as Moody's.

Millions of innocent investors lost money - and a number of detail investigation suggest that the large financial institutions should have been shut and NOT bailed out.

Where is Tim Paulson today? Where is George W. Bush today? Where truly are Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, AIG, Bear and Sterns, and the many other Banks - such as Bank of American, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo - others too many to mention - where are they today in terms of adjudication and restitution?

Well, all of the above and many more were bailed out - many continued to receive huge bonuses - telling us that they only could fix the mess that they created - and if they did not fix the mess - the world financial institutions would come tumbling down!

Well, that is happening - and has happened with Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, soon to be Germany  and the shit is hitting the fence and splattering all over the place.

Some of us wrote about this nonsense - and none of the Main Media and those controlled by the Zionist were telling the truth.

Even today - LIES  are being spread - and decent Americans and decent citizens the world over - are simply - fed up - what is more disgusted.

We do have decent people in this world.

The bankters just like the "gangters" - must go away and be put to rest. You cannot give a second chance to just criminals - who with intent - caused this harm and are still causing it.

We just need to audit the cooked books of the major financial institutions. This has been done by one Senator Levine - but the details need to be reflected in a public document - so that the Managers that manage the large mostly "toxic assets" have some legal and concrete platform - to stop assisting the large Financial Institution in any way.

Within seconds these existing portfolios will be declared null and void and Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and other will be ready for speedy - execution and adjudication.

No mercy should be shown these vermin - who today are propped up and are bringing down Nations such as Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece and more.

These so called large institutions that are NOT regulated must be removed from any operation.

The same price must be executed of  the banks - and a new monetary system - put in place.

We simply have too much - trillions of "toxic assets" around - that is like having "cow dung" stored in banks and shifted from place to place - while all the time - billions of dollars of paper money is printed - to give some false pretense to the - "toxic assets" .

We cheated China and other large institutions from aboard - about how sincere we are in our Trust Bonds and other so called "bank trust legal transactions" most of of them - do not reflect the true value of  what is stated.

We lie and continue to lie - and have created a mess - and pretend that all is well.

Think deep about derivatives, sub-prime loans, algorithms, other devious ploys created and used by the large financial institution and the millions of White Crime committed and which are continued to this day. Why? Who is assisting in these crimes?

Credit Cards too must be taken to task - any institution that has "with intent" carried on mass bluffing, cheating, robbing, creating ploys and machinations that many of us wrote and have been writing about - while the Big Boys have been having fun, laughing all the way to the bank.

The all have BLOOD on their hands.

The protesters have every right to protest - and Mayor Blomberg and his posse of thug - cannot do much except watch this swelling of the "commons".

The right people, at the right time - taking the right control of the situation at hand.

The all can protest and there must not be any one, two, three, ten reasons why they are protesting. None of anyone crook asking for a reason. Why?

Thousands of ploys and machinations were used by the large financial institutions, the insurance companies, the banks, other institutions that participated in the evil schemes - they are well known to millions all over the world.

So, why must the protesters - have some platform that satisfies the Main Media. The Main Media has NOT done their job - and even today, at this late hour - have not come out against Wall Street and the devils that brought about this calamity that is a TSUNAMI and soon will hit the United States of America and drown millions.

I have been saying two things favor the United States of America our small population compared to other countries about 311 million. Our vast resources and land. The belongs to the First People, the Native Americans, it was stolen from them. Turtle Island.

Already, food shortages and water are creating situations where millions of people are being affected.

We see this in East Africa, but we also see it in China and India, and we are seeing it in Europe, and it is spreading - rapidly.

Compounded by drought, floods, large fires - and other calamities we wonder -  why?

Goldman Sachs wanted to control the world.

Well, right now anyone working for Goldman Sachs must be a target.

They all must go to jail because the are complicit.

Some must be jailed for life and many must face the "death penalty". Such vermin must not be permitted to contaminate this Earth. They all committed - treason - they violated millions using illegal - schemes. All of them.

We are seeing many Spring Uprisings - and the Wall Street protesters - took some time to organize - but the reasons are deep and well founded.

The justice to be meted out has been slow - but, the sign in on the Wall - and Wall Street must come down.

Your trading, your transactions, your dealings daily in "blood money" and phony hedge funds and other variables are a farce and shallow - more toxic.

You all have missed the boat, the bus,  the train and sadly the plane - your time is up and you are a nuisance more a liability to all.

You all must cease to cause further problems - you must halt, pause, and fade into oblivion.