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Saturday, October 1, 2016


San Francisco - District Attorney
George Gascon - pussyfooting -
bait and switch - his Blue Panel suggestions -
too many to implement - and less able to take affect.

It is time San Francisco wake up and take on the San Francisco - District Attorney - who has been pussyfooting around - diverting our minds.

 Pretending to do this and that - but has NOT to date - charged ONE single - SF " rogue police officer " - those involved in the many deaths on the streets of San Francisco.

Right now George Gascon - a lackey from Los Angeles - having served in that infamous LA police department - then moved to New Mexico.

We know how they treat immigrants there - in New Mexico - right now they have Law Enforcement in New Mexico - with the worst track record in the Nation.

 Nothing much  of worth to show for - nothing  holistic - to show - nothing - nada.

 More,  with the Governor of New Mexico, the Sheriff of the area - a well known Racist - fostering atrocities of the worst kind.

The poor need help - the immigrants desperate need help -  others that need help - mostly people of color.

Law Enforcement in New Mexico -  those that must defend those that need help most - foster - human dignity - failing to do so.

We people of color have protested.

We have spoken up - to NO avail. 

We have political whores the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen. Others - others who purport to be leaders - are Black - but are a pain in our ass.

Ignorant and self centered wasting our time - and our patience is running out.

We want JUSTICE.

The people united - will never, ever be defeated.
We will NOT follow leaders who are sell out -
do not know the process - fail to be educated on issues -
have been caught red handed - selling out the community.

The metrosexual Mayor - Gavin Newsom brought George Gascon to San Francisco - and anointed him the SF Police Chief - and during his entire tenure here in San Francisco - things have turned from bad to worse.

George Gascon a very good friend of Kamala Harris who was our former SF District Attorney - did nothing much - and has done less as the State of California - State Attorney. 

She is seeking to fill the vacant seat of Senator Barbara Boxer.

Right now George Gascon is seeking to fill the seat that will be left open - when Kamala Harris - leaves in November, 2016 after the upcoming November, 2016 - Elections.

We must remember these scum bag politicians - do NOT give a damn - care less for the people their must serve.

It does not bore well of us tax payers - that pay the salaries of inept, spineless, uneducated, pompous - sell out Negroes - the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - who just happen to be Black - pandering, selling out - lock, stock and barrel.

Even - caught red handed sitting down with  a FBI informer - trying to make deals - on projects and other underground happenings - that we know off - and can report in detail.

Umpteen cases have been reported against London Breed and Malia Cohen - and sent to the Sunshine Task Force and forwarded to the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

It is there for all to see - so I for one - do not trust these two political whores - one worse than the other - Malia Cohen and London Breed. One from District 10 and the other from District 5.

Both - London Breed and Malia Cohen - partners in crime -seeking to rake in money - we call them bribes - caught in the web - the infamous - " Shrimp Boy Sordid Episode " - that London Breed and Malia - have tattooed their asses - and now want to pretend they are holier than thou.

The MACHINE stepped in and saved the two " Negro political whores ".

For all their talk and smiles - the shenanigans going on at City Hall - more in Room 250 - these two Black so called politicians - are a disgrace to the human race. Make no bones about this fact.

District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen

District 5 Supervisor - London Breed

London Breed and Malia Cohen - have been hoodwinking the public - for a long, long time.

Both are " ignorant on issues " - for all their fake charm - these two sordid " political whores " - have cause too much damage to thousands of innocent people in San Francisco - and have BLOOD - on their hands.

For starters none of these two " political whores " helped us the community - more the Black community - in our fight against - Lennar Urban - a " rogue developer " - that continues to defy us.

Stop Lennar Action Committee and all those who participated in that moment - must have nothing whatsoever to do with Malia Cohen and London Breed - after all the harm they have done - supporting Lennar Urban - who to this day - has brought untold suffering to our people - more people of color.

These two " political whores " favor Proposition "O".

They have NO clue that Proposition " O " will Fail - this time we are well organized. Lennar Urban and FivePoint their partner joined at the hip  - will fall flat on their face.

Lennar Urban wants an exemption to expand 5 million square feet of  " Office Space " - at their proposed project at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Land so contaminated that these parcels - were put on the Superfund Site.

Depleted Uranium was tested on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and Candlestick Point - in close proximity.

The two contaminated sites Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - share the dubious distinction - know to all those " educated on issues " - as sites where no human beings - should linger less live on proposed housing units - that will slowly but surely - kill those that choose on these two sites - to make their fatalistic - abode.

It does not help to have " an idiot " like  Mayor Edwin M. Lee - now working - at this late hour - to hoodwink us all.

The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee has NOT taken a strong stand - to bring quick justice - to invited the Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights component - linked to the Department of Justice - the entity that can investigate and adjudicate - to San Francisco.

Shame on Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who must step down - and go somewhere far away from San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee  - himself trained - to be a Civil Rights lawyer - corrupt now - and known to be a season - crook of the first order.

The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee has decided to give the SF District Attorney - some $1.9 million dollars to expedite - long standing cases - including the cases - involving SF rouge police officers - opening up a can of worms. An action coming to late - more to hoodwink the public at large.

At the last SF Budget Committee meeting - held in Room 250 - the Budget Analyst Harvey Rose - was forthright to warn the SF Budget Committee and those that had ears to hear - that the SF District Attorney's office - has a track record - to say one thing and do another.

The money set aside - to help the SF District Attorney - is in question.

The Budget Analyst - as would anyone - that believes in Accountability and Transparency - wants to know - how the money - some $1.9 million - all tax payers money - will be spent?

Of course - as you would expect - the SF District Attorney  - George Gascon did not come before the Budget Committee to vouch - how the $1.9 million would be expanded. 

George Gascon sent another woman - a District Attorney to act as his spokesperson.

This woman tried her best - but Budget Analyst - Harvey Rose - shut her down. The SF District Attorney has a track record - of jumping the gun - and then justifying its sordid - actions.

Not too long ago - the SF District Attorney was so pompous as to order brand new furniture - for his office - with no permission and less justification.

A sign - that this rogue SF District Attorney think he can do - whatever he please - failing to remember less recollect - that he is paid by  - " we the people " - the tax payers.

At the last Budget hearing - this spokeswoman - declared that two positions on this team to clear the backlog had been hired - even before the " $1.9 million had passed the Budget Committee - and been approved ".

This arrogance stems - from our Mayor - Edwin M. Lee lacking leadership. The President of the SF Board - having no clue - about - accountability - that is District 5 Supervisor London Breed.

The SF Budget Committee was stunned - that while some attempt is being made to help the SF District Attorney office to clear the backlog.

 What is exhibited again and again - by the SF District Attorney's office - at every levels - is arrogance and lack of accountability and more transparency.

SF District Attorney George Gascon cannot be trusted.

The Blue Ribbon Panel took over 18 months - a document was prepared with recommendation some 81 plus - I call them suggestions - better put - all talk and no action.

Soon a hearing on this so called Blue Ribbon Panel - created by some Judges and attorneys -  many offering their services " pro bono " some 400 pages long - with commentaries - a document - dubious in nature - meant to hoodwink the public at large - procrastinate and buy time.

At the proposed hearing at City Hall - in the Chambers - next week Tuesday - we the people should be allowed to have our Representative - and given at least one half an hour - unfettered to voice the sincere opinion of the people.

The person that is trying to take credit for this hearing is Malia Cohen - even though John Avalos and others initiated a hearing - but their suggestions and implementation - were put on the back burner.

London Breed the President of the Board - has the authority to make pertinent decisions - but this " dumb woman " - is busy pussyfooting,  pandering - and creating a mess. Time will tell.

The Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - has been on the forefront trying to put its best foot forward.

 However - again and again we are told one thing - and the outcome - of these meetings with the SF Board of Supervisors - are not fully - forthcoming - lacking sincerity and mostly falling by the way side.

We the people want our Representative - who backed by some astute and well tested civic leaders - with long standing experience - and respected by the community at large - to be allowed to speak for at least half an hour - unfettered and FREE.

We are fed up hearing from the SF Board of Supervisors - who have really NOT taken a strong stand - none of them have - fought for the people.

 The suffering families of those - murdered victims - who want justice and have not seen any - not to this day.

For sure not London Breed and Malia Cohen - sitting on the fence and waiting to jump on that side that is green. One worse than the other - and their purport to call themselves Black - they are House Negros - take it from me.

It does not help that an entity called Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) who are consultants - working for the Department of Justice ( DOJ) where invited by London Breed, Malia Cohen and some dubious entities - to San Francisco - to bluff us the tax payers of San Fransisco. 

Those who participated in this hoodwinking  - bluffing us all - ad thinking they could get away with murder - in broad daylight -  Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Paul Henderson  Diane Aroche and the SF District Attorney - George Gascon.

 The present Interim Chief of police Toney Chaplin - before becoming the Interim Chief of Police -  was the Liaison for the SF Police Department - interacting with COPS.

 COPS - a tainted entity - has failed to do justice - the three or so Public Meeting held in San Francisco - were a farce.

 I participated in two or the three meetings - and spoke first hand - loud and clear - what I thought about COPS. 

COPS is a joke - they will release a thick document - must like the Blue Ribbon Panel.

 The document released by the Blue Ribbon Panel - that says a lot - but has NO clout and the soon to be released COPS document - are meant to HOODWINK the public at large.

We have a rogue SF District Attorney - who thinks he can fool - all the people all the time. 

Try us - we are watching you Mr George Gascon like a Hawk.

You must step down - the pressure on you - will be continued - until to get out of San Francisco.

It is same with very corrupt and nefarious entities backed by London Breed and Malia Cohen - two political whores - that have failed to represent San Francisco.

They have a bad track record - failing to represent - scumbags of the worst order.

Failing to understand - that they are two representatives - more people of color - who are in bed with those that harm us most - Whites. 

Make no bones about this fact.