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Monday, May 1, 2017


Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - suddenly decided to anoint a candidate - who mediates in labor matters  and is linked to the Carpenters Union - Local 22 in a big way.

Most of those who came to support him - were from the Carpenters Local 22 - the same scum bags that got involved with Apartment Investment Management Company.

We had killings and shooting - Blacks pitied against Latinos - and we the advocates - aided by some pro-bono attorneys - had to deal with that situation and put things on track.

To this day Local 22 has not resolved many issues linked to Black Journey men carpenters - we need " people color " on the SF Police Commission - and not some transplant - from Florida.

Doest Mr. Robert Hirsh - 
a labor mediator of sorts -
meet the smelt test - time will tell?

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks he can hoodwink us all - kudos to Supervisor Norman Yee and Sandra Fewer - for representing the people.

Supervisor Sandra Fewer has a keen history with the SF Police Department - her relatives - all Chinese Americans - have served the SF Police Department - and Sandra Fewer - has an astute knowledge - of the situation at hand.

Bring the Local Union 22 Carpenters to vouch for Robert Hirsh - was the worst act ever - to much corrupt in that Union - Union 22.

Susan Loftus - who head the SF Police Commission -
stepped down- months ago - her seat has not been filled -
now suddenly - attempts are made to fill a seat -
keeping the people out - the people who should 
participate in meaningful deliberations.

The SF Police Commission - had it first vacancy - when Susan Loftus stepped down - as the President of the SF Police Commission.

Susan Loftus - did her best - but, the constant abuse and threat from the Police Officers' Association (POA) - linked to the many and blatant " murders " - by rogue SF Police Officers - was too much for her to bear.

Advocates such as myself - are on the frontline - and those that understand the issues - more with their heart in the right place - understand better.

Diana Oliva - Aroche

The players behind the scene - many of them corrupt - aiding the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is "ignorant " of issues - keeps making moves and decision - lacking " discernment " adversely impacting - thousands of innocent citizens - hard working - tax paying citizens.

For all the nonsense that the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee is responsible for - he is paid a big fat salary - some $400, 000.

At one time - Diana Olive-Aroche would come to SF City Hall - and beg that she and others like here - be afforded a home - so that her children could play in a back yard - complete with crocodile tears. 

She use to work for the Mayors Office of Children, Youth and Families - who now works for the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and with another lackey - Paul Henderson. One worse than the other.

Some members of the Hunger Strike -
held outside the Mission Police Station.

Here we have some more members -
of the Hunger Strike - making their voices heard.

When the Hunger Strike was going on - at the Mission Police Station in San Francisco - a time reached when the Hunger Strikers - were at a stage - where their health was in danger.

We had doctors and nurses - from the UC San Francisco Hospital - monitoring their health situation.

A time came - there was a decision to make - life and death matter - we had to take some - pertinent steps - to save lives - and we did what we could to address - " this situation ".

An arrangement was made - for all those participating in the hunger strike - to first get an apology from Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Secondly its the Hunger Strike members in the cockpit - to listen and abide by the demands of the ' Hunger Strike Members ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - joined by Joe Marshall and Paul Henderson - decided to pull a fast one.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee thought he was smart - trying to circumvent the situation - he learned his lesson - when thousands entered City Hall - and shut City Hall down. The coward Edwin M. Lee - could not come out to meet the demands to the people and citizens of City Hall. Shame on this  - good for nothing - scum of the Earth. 

Visiting the Mission Police Station - in the wee hours of the morning - Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  thought - he, Joe Marshal and Paul Henderson - could corral the " Hungers Strikers " - and hold them - hostage.

Paul Henderson -
an advisor to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Joe Marshal - 
he has been too long -
time to step down and fade into oblivion.

When the stickers - saw this - they refused to meet the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his two House Negros - Paul Henderson and Joe Marshall. They fled the scene and now the world knows about the three cowards - Paul Henderson, Joe Marshall, and of course Edwin M. Lee - each one of them - corrupt to the core.

We did contact Diane Oliva- Aroche - and even though - she said she was grateful - to bring this impasse to a halt - she failed in this - " mercy mission ".

Diana Oliva-Aroche - wanting to gain some browny points - made the arrangements - but the final ploy - was made by Paul Henderson, Joe Marshall - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who must step down - now.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a sell out - has been playing games with the SF Police Commission - thinking - he can fool the citizens of San Francisco - saying one thing and doing another.

When the Blue Panel was  formed to address pressing issues linked to the SF Police Department - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - refused to expand a single dollar. 

Three stellar and astute judges spoke about this matter - and this one singular fact - reveals - how poorly Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is seen in the eyes of those that uphold the law. 

Right now two seats are vacant - on the SF Police Commission.

SF Police Commissioner Petra DeJesus -
termed out - her vacant seat used as a ploy -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a corrupt person behind the ploy.
An active participant - a House Negro - Paul Henderson.

Two seats are now vacant at this time - that of Petra DeJesus as of the end of April, 2017.

That of Susan Loftus - for months, now. 

Why the hurry to fill the seats now. Susan Loftus' seat has been vacant for months. Why the hurry now?

The two aides - helping Mayor Edwin M. Lee - Paul Henderson and Diane Aroche - are stooges - who must stand trial for all the nonsense they are involved behind the scenes. Criminal acts - that these two think - we have no knowledge off - we have empirical data  - that will shock them both.

Corrupt and lacking leadership -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
he must step down - and fade into oblivion.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has no clue about " Law Enforcement " - has not read the PERF document - has no clue what so ever about 21st Century Policing - nor his stooges - that purport to advice him.

We the people - need more than the arbitrary noticing - of two weeks - to come out in force and express - what we feel, think, and how we want - the present SF Police Commission to function.

The Rules Committee is put on notice - the people need to participate with due notice - and sufficient time - to study the ploys, the machinations and the shenanigans - linked to filling these two seats - and this time around - we will not be  -hoodwinked.

We need a hearing - why it took so long to choose a SF Police Chief? Even though a Police Chief has been chosen from Los Angeles? We need to know the criteria - and there is more to this selection - than the eyes can meet.

If there was a leak to the press - when the final three candidates were chosen - in the recent selection of the SF Police Chief - we want a hearing on this issue?

If the Mayor Edwin M. Lee had anything to do with this confusion - which is the general point of view - we want to delve into this situation - on an emergency basis ?

Even former Mayor Willie L. Brown - did not endorse - many of Mayor Edwin M. Lee's recent decisions - the critical ones Mayor Edwin M. Lee - made in recent months - putting our City and County of San Francisco - citizens of San Francisco - in harms way ?

Few know that in Los Angeles - the Sheriff rule the roost - the Los Angeles Police Department - pay second fiddle.

We are a City and County of San Francisco - and any decision made by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - including the recent ones - are not playing well - he just realized what a mistake he made - and continues - messing with our citizens of San Francisco.

The head of the Citizens Complaints has resigned - further adding fuel to fire.

Of importance to note - are some pressing cases - against some SF Police Officers - where the adjudication has taken ages.

There are over 15 SF Police Officers - who are suffering each day - even though - their cases have been reviewed and adjudicated. Back and forth and now - some cases are reversed. Why?

We need a SF Police Commission - consisting of fair minded people.

 We need good citizens - not tainted ones - to adjudicate the cases - with a fine tooth comb - and fairly adjudicate  - with their heart in the right place - and more with compassion.

Our SF Police Officer come from families - just like all of us come from.

The work is difficult - and even though we know of some " bad apples " - it is wrong -  with a bold brush to say - all the SF Police Officers are corrupt and bad people.

Such logic does not make sense - we need SF Police Officers that reflect the " diversity of San Francisco ".

I am in touch with the SF Police Department - Command Group and have been in touch with them - for over 40 years. I go back and know the last 8 SF Police Chiefs - personally.

Many SF Officers - who came up the rank - and now are part of the Command Group. 

I am independent - no one can buy me - and I have " qualified experience " - having worked for a Federal Law Enforcement.  What I see today - is disgusting to say the least.

San Francisco's citizens - must be treated fairly - more indigenous people. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco. 

I have a good relation with the SF Police Department Command Group - they know me and I know them.

We must emphasize at this time - the need for qualified " Cultural Competency " -   pushing for focused and emblematic - embodiment - a sound understanding and more adjudication - using tools like " implicit bias " - sound training - and more.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has failed us for many years - working for Human Rights Commission - SF Contracting - for the Department of Public Works, City Administrator - and by some strange osmosis - making in mind up in Hong Kong - that he would accept the position of Mayor of San Francisco.

A very corrupt Mayor - who must be charged - using a powerful tool - as we have empirical data - the RICO ACT - where this scum bags - should spend many years in jail.

San Francisco is suffering under this Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - the congestion on our streets, the homeless now invading our neighborhoods, the Chinese selling donated product - everywhere on our streets downtown and now in our neighborhoods.

The Gentrification has badly hit Blacks - now down to 2% of the entire population of San Francisco - one they were 25% of the population.

We the citizens of San Francisco need qualified input on the San Francisco Police Commission.

The two vacant position - should reflect indigenous people - people of color - the people of color - have suffered a lot - and the time has come to change that for better. Aho.