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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


On November 15, 2016 a hearing was held in Room 250 - the Board of Supervisors sitting as a Committee of the Whole - to address pertinent findings and recommendations - regarding Law Enforcement Practices and related issues - that have adversely impacted the citizens of San Francisco.

We have seen murders committed by Rogue SF Police Officers - shooting first and asking questions latter - we did what we could - as Citizens of San Francisco - and will continue to pursue those paths that we know - will bring positive result - what goes around comes around.

The Blue Ribbon Panel on Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness in Law Enforcement ; the Department of Justice Initial Assessment Report of the San Francisco Police Department; the  President's Task Force of 21st Century Policing; and the Civil Grand Jury's Report - entitled - " Into the Open:  Opportunities for More Timely and Transparent investigations of Fatal San Francisco Police Department Officer-Involved Shootings ".

A motion was made and agreed upon requesting the SF Police Department of Human Resources, the Department of Police Accountability, and the SF Police Commission to report, scheduled pursuant to Motion No. M16-164 - approved November 15, 2016 - a hearing to be held - Hearing - Committee of the Whole - Findings and Recommendations Regarding Law Enforcement Practices - Update - May 2, 2017.

On this day - May 2, 2017 I was present in the August Chambers -  at SF City Hall - Room 250 - when the Agenda Item 16. No. 170497 was called by the Clerk of the Board - only for Malia Cohen - to continue the matter to another date.

Several dates were called - and  May 16, 2017 chosen as a probable date - for this continued hearing.

Malia Cohen who purports to represent District 10 - is not fit to comprehend such important issues - linked to Law Enforcement.
Less has the acumen and mental bearings - to delve deep - into the many crimes, illegal doings, hurdles that are put in the way of the tax payers of San Francisco - decent constituent of San Francisco - Citizens of the United States of America.

At this meeting, as with other meetings - Malia Cohen - immaturely - keeps having side-bar talks - while the SF Board Meeting is in session.

Malia Cohen  cannot focus and less address - pertinent issues.
She is not fit to represent - District 10 and less San Francisco - with all of its - 11 Districts.

I have brought this issue - her disruptions at the Board of Supervisors meetings - having side-bar meeting - bothering the City Attorney, the Controller - and others - much to the chagrin of those in the August Chambers - who are disgusted with her antics - thousands of others who are aware of her blatant and implicit - immaturity.

When Agenda 16 was called : " Board of Supervisors Sitting as a Committee of the Whole " - on May 2, 2017 - the issues described  above in detail - Malia Cohen - woke up from a slumber - and after some minutes - asked that the matter be continued.

The back and forth between Malia Cohen and the President London Breed - on the agenda No. 170497 - and its continuity - went on for about 10 minutes - until Malia Cohen agreed to May 16, 2017  - as a probable date to hold this meeting: " Board of Supervisor Sitting as a Committee of the Whole ".

Since some of us were present to address pertinent issue - during Public Comment - a measly two minutes assigned to us - advocates who care to serve the community.

More - advocates who had come prepared - only, to learn that this agenda item 170497 - would be continued to another date.

The President of the Board - wisely called for Public Comment - and I was the first in line to comment - on this important issue.

This particular agenda items-  has caused great concern, divisiveness, and lack of trust between the SF Police Department and the Public at Large.

When folks like Malia Cohen in particular - pretend to take charge of an important hearing - something is " wrong " with the entire picture. We know some of the entities that back her - for all the wrong - reasons.

Today in San Francisco we have a San Francisco Police Commission that is in total disarray.

We have two seats vacant - and two individuals - linked to UNIONS - are vying for these seats - more, using political strings - that is totally - uncalled for.

The standards used today - to choose these individuals who have not served us well - meaning the tax payers - have not been with us in the trenches - and now purport to have the skills and abilities - that are a far cry - from those astute and stellar candidate for the position of SF Police Commission - should have and possess - with one purpose only - to represent and serve San Franciscans - all San Franciscans - and more those that are hurting from the many atrocities - committed by " rogue SF Police Officers ".

The head of the Office of Citizens Complaints has resigned - further adding fuel to the fire.

Casting a deep shadow - on accountability and transparency - linked with the SF Police Commission - and related entities.

Our Mayor Edwin M Lee is impotent and incompetent - and must step down - now.

At one point - three individuals were chosen to select a  Police Chief not long ago. The names were leaked - and the leak came from the SF Police Commission.

One thing led to another - and an outside candidate chosen - the  Mayor Edwin M. using his prerogative as Mayor.

We advocates  - know this man - and his lack of leadership  - less competence -  the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee chose an outsider - the present Chief who hails from Los Angeles. 

Much the same as George Gascon who once worked in Los Angeles - went to New Mexico and then was hired - by Mayor Gavin Newsom - as Chief of San Francisco - and failed us all.

In Los Angeles the Sheriff's Department has more control and jurisdiction - less the Los Angeles Police Department.

We all know about Rodney King - and the lack of competency of the authorities - who could have done better - and could not control the situation at hand.

Korea Town in Los Angeles - was burned down - and Korean from the area - had to arm themselves - and police themselves.

We are a City and County of San Francisco - and have failed to considered many qualified SF Police Officers - more from the Command Group - who could and should have been chosen. Time will tell.

At the last : " Board of Supervisors Sitting as a Committee of the Whole "- held November 15, 2016 - we advocates had to negotiate behind close doors - to permit - one of our members to be given an hour to speak - and Malia Cohen decided to give the person chosen 30 minutes.

At that hearing Malia Cohen - could not articulate - and further was a disgrace as one trying carrying on the discussion on some very pertinent issues - lacking expertise - having no ability to discern - no logic what so ever on matters of importance - and less purpose of mind.

Adversely impacting - thousands of innocent - citizens of the United States - hard working constituents of San Francisco - who work very hard and pay their - taxes.

Daily - our Quality of Life issues are at stake  - in San Francisco - the congestion on our roads, the homeless problem, the polluted air - the many hot-spots saturated high levels of dangerous particulates.

Contamination, Pollution, and Crimes linked to all category - goes hand in hand.

Of course Malia Cohen who does not know that - has no clue about the pertinent issues - is on the SF Retirement Board - and invests millions of dollars - linked to the Pension Fund - on Fossil Fuel. For the last 7 years - advocates have been pressuring the Pension Board to - stop investing in Fossil Fuel funds - with NO success.

Much as Mailia Cohen - in getting into muddy waters - being on the payroll of Lennar Urban, 5 Points Holdings, LLP - other nefarious entities linked to Pier 70 and so on. The RICO ACT - is one way to be applied to her deeds - and the consequences could send her to jail - for a long, long time.

Malia Cohen -
one pathetic individual

Malia Cohen is FAKE - you just have to look at one of her old photographs and who she pretends to be now.

Malia Cohen is - seeking higher office for all the wrong reasons.

Now seeking office with the State of California - Board of Equalization - the second District - a misfit and unfit person - who should fade into oblivion.

Malia Cohen has been caught " red handed " working with  provocateurs - dubious entities - that have tried to divide us - advocates and failed.

Never mind she has doled out some money - from her illegal and tainted funds - trying to win favors - using nefarious entities - to do the devil work - while bragging to pray for others - there are those knowingly or unknowingly - worship - mammon.  

Today, we look forward to decent youth, young adults, seniors, women and men of good faith - to join us today - May 3, 2017 - at the San Francisco Police Commission - at City Hall - Room 400 - at 5 pm.

We all need to stand up united - to defeat " evil forces like Malia Cohen " - who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. A person who cannot make up her mind - and want to seek - higher office = not to serve, not to represent - but to be the best political whore the can be. 

For sure we will come out in force - at the appropriate time - to serve the community best - and seek tools - over and beyond the local and state authorities - to bring those corrupt to the core - to justice - the RICO ACT - looks good - right now.