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Saturday, May 20, 2017


Frederick Douglas

It is so pathetic to see and more hear - Blacks  - who are NOT educated on issues - try to take a stand on any issue - without being fully educated and less articulate - when they take a stand.

The plight of the Black Family all over San Francisco is sad.

So sad, more when we learn the true facts - of the contribution of Blacks in San Francisco. It makes many Black in the know - what really has happened to our people?

Where are the Black leaders that matter - do we have one single leader - that has the education, the wisdom, the vision, the compassion, her or his hands clean - her or his heart in the right place ? Think about this one factor.

Unlike any other City in the United States - from day one - Blacks contributed to the welfare and progress of San Francisco. Most cities in the Nation, the United States - cannot say that.

We have the empirical data to prove - what has been stated above - and have done it again and again - to the astonishment of those that are ignorant - the many racists who make their abode in San Francisco and are not people of color.

Blacks the ones left today are so pathetic - that they cannot stand united and make a presentation of HOPE.

No true Black mother or father - would put down our Black children - we LOVE them all.

When we represent - we must give HOPE and take all those that listened to a better place. We must learn to give HOPE at all time with fortitude and our heart in the right place.

Those left who portend to represent - are mostly " sell outs ".

They pander to those that give them " stale bread crumbs ".

 I am talking about the few so called " politicians " - one worse than the other. 

We shall make no attempt to name - names - that has been done - before.

It does not have any affect - on the shameless who have lost their conscience. More, put down Black when an opportunity is given them to say things positive - and showcase the contributions of Black from day one in San Francisco.

We have churches in San Francisco who still stand tall and serve and such institutions - have given succor and hope to thousands over the years. Some churches over one hundred and fifty years old - they all give HOPE.

We have a history of building the first school, a bank, businesses - such as wash houses - where  those that had money - went to get clean up and manicured. Blacks thought them - hygiene and more - and gave HOPE.

At one time there were over 20 Black newspapers - each vying with one another with information - and these newspapers gave HOPE to thousands.

We had streets  named after Blacks - who worked hard and contributed so much to San Francisco - the streets still stand - and when people from other parts of the world come to San Francisco -  more Black people - they rejoice - for they understand that there is HOPE.

William Alexander Leidesdorff )1810-1848) - Henry Wagner Halleck (1815-1872) -Phillips and Company (1836-1902) a bath house that catered to the middle class - well known and situated at 406 Pine Street.

 At 425 Montgomery Street the San Francisco  " Western Outlook " edited by Joseph Smallwood Francis born in 1854 at Colma.

The San Francisco Athenaeum Building was financed and constructed by Blacks. From 1853-1858 it housed the Athenaeum Library Company, the earliest Black Library association in the West.

I could go on and on - with hundreds of well known Blacks that gave San Francisco and this Nation - HOPE.

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - well known for the Buffalo Soldiers - all Black regiments the 9th and 10th Calvary - the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiments - all stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco.

At one time the National Park Service made light of this historical fact - never mind the Buffalo Soldiers accompanied the Pioneer to California - and protected them and others - everywhere they went. Never mind the Buffalo Soldier gave millions HOPE - all over the world.

Over 500 Buffalo Soldiers lie in the Veteran's Cemetery - at the Presidio of San Francisco - and someone wanted to hide this known fact - but Anthony Powell and I - brought to light this fact and many others. We gave HOPE.

When people are ignorant - when they are NOT educated on facts - when they are not educated - they act like fools. They cannot give HOPE.

Often time - people are hasty to call for a hearing - where idiots come and vent - and in presenting they bring the worst examples of  " human beings ". You mostly Black folks - fail to understand and do not give HOPE.

Some Blacks feel nothing what so ever - putting down other Blacks - because these " House Negroes " suffer from what is known as - " inferiority complex ". They cannot give HOPE.

The House Negro who was trying to say something about Work Force - knows nothing much about  the contribution of Blacks in San Francisco.

Black were here from day one - and contributed more than any other segment of the population - on many levels. They stood tall Black women and men and gave - HOPE.

Frederick Douglas

The man I respect and feel close to Frederick Douglas who debated President Abraham Lincoln - influenced many Blacks who lived on SF Washington Street - man such as James M. Whitfield - a recognized  poet - and gave thousands HOPE.

Mary Ellen Pleasant ( 1820-1904) - she ran a boarding house and the movers and shakers boarded at her mansion - still stands by Saint Mary's Cathedral - on Nob Hill - she would not tolerate the many " House Negros " today - selling out the community.

Mary Ellen Pleasant gave HOPE.

The famous Brotherhood of Black men Porters - handsome men - who catered to so many - and the many articles written about them - to this day - those few that had the privilege to be served by them honor them and more respect them - they by their hard work and example - gave millions - HOPE:

San Francisco is a Racist City - and it does not help when some stupid " House Negros " pretending they know about Work Force and more about being " Black " - make a fool of themselves - they failed to give HOPE at the last hearing on Economic Equity and Jobs.

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was present and saw these fools act and talk - the way they did - spew hot air - and talk from both sides of their mouth - he would take a stand and correct them.

He would teach them to give - HOPE.

So would Frederick  Douglass - and so would a hundred other black women and men that I could name - they all would speak their mind - and halt the madness that is going on in San Francisco within the Black community.

I have touch thousands of lives in this City and County of San Francisco. 

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco. This is the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - San Francisco.

We respect those Blacks that give HOPE. That is all I will say.

I have many Black friends - and can name a hundreds - but will not do so.

This nonsense of dividing the community - creating divisiveness - making deals behind close doors to get some  " stale bread crumbs " -  must STOP.

There are so many openings in San Francisco - that every Black woman and man - who has the skills can get a job - a career job.

Once Blacks owned their own homes - fewer do today.

Hundreds of good homes in the Bayview for example - paid for in full by Blacks - have been sold by their children - and the money wasted on drugs and mundane things. Not all of them but most.

Blacks moved into the homes left by the American Japanese - during World War II - that history is not told in full.

Many Blacks got ahead - only - to be cheated and hoodwinked by the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Today the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - that has replaced the SF Redevelopment Agency -  is no better - using blight, removing people, using ploys like high density housing.

More, playing with the lives of innocent people - learn the history and find out who played havoc with the Black community.

It is the same in the Western Addition aka Fillmore, the Exelsior, the Bayview Hunters Point, Potrero Hill, all over the City where Blacks  are - gentrification props its head - and Blacks cannot stand united to a stand.

Who will give Black HOPE - once 25% of the population - now, a measly 3 % and dwindling.

Glaring example - once all of  South Park in San Francisco - closer to 3rd Street downtown SF - each and every home - surrounding South Park - had Blacks owning those homes.

All of the homes - each and every home - has been bought - by those that used racist tactics to remove Blacks - and send them packing away.

Some ten years - I was called - when someone called the SF Police Department to stop some Blacks - who used to gather at South Park - for a  annual - Reunion.

I went to the Park to confront this White man - who told me point blank he did not want any of " these people " in his neighborhood. 

Those who live there all Blacks for over 5 generations - had just gather to BBQ - no loud music.

 Just a gathering -  good children, women and men - to pay their respects and share - old memories. They never, ever expected such hostility - I put an end to the nonsense - on the SPOT.

Reported the matter to then SF Chief of Police - Heather Fong - to Dr. Esponala Jackson who was well acquainted with South Park and known by most all over San Francisco. She has since passed to the other side - and is with our ancestors - guiding me and a few others to do right  - our heart in the right place.

He changed his mind - when I told him the history - in front  of the SF Police Officers - who I knew and were listening to me - too. Those that had gathered too hear me speak - and shed tears.

We have lost sense of history, we have forgotten our ancestors, our elders - we have forgotten to take a stand for right. 

We have somehow forgotten - humanity and what it stands for.

People do not know the history of San Francisco - if you really knew the history - Blacks would stand up and speak with authority.

Not the way they speak now - loud mouth - making loud noise -  making fools of themselves - one idiot keeps saying again and again " he is the Czar of Out Migration " - what does that mean - really - Brother? You have lost your mind.

Do we Black know that the Native Americans helped Blacks in large measure and share many things in common?

How many of you truly know about the Muwekma Ohlone? 

How many of you have read the content I posted - allowing the ignorant to get a "basic history of the Fillmore aka Western Addition - and  know how the term " Western Addition " - was coined and by whom?

House Negros are toxic - and there is a way to neutralize them - teach them and shed light - where there is abject darkness. Aho.