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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


We pledge allegiance to the United States of America -
and even as we do so - we must do right not wrong -
why do we declare war on Nations that have NOT attacked us?.

I learned early on - with all the experience I garnered - working with the United States Army - that war is not something - that we take lightly - the determination made to go to war - kill humans beings - more innocent children and women - is a very, very, very serious responsibility.

We as a Nation - the United States of America - failed to pay attention to this very serious fact - when we decided - to go to war with Iraq.

That one war opened a can a worms - problems one of a kind - that to this day - we cannot fathom - much less resolve.

The flag of IRAQ -
they have a population of 33 million.

The many Christians in Iraq have died in the thousands - fled to Syria and died there too - few have escaped to other countries as refugees. Their suffering cries to heaven for justice.

The of flag of Jordon -
they have a population 8 million.

Other ethnic populations from Iraq are in Jordon - with the refugees from Palestine, Iraq, Syria - the King of Jordon - doing his best - to save lives - more the lives of infants, children, youth, and women.

There is serious turmoil in Iraq itself - there is no viable infrastructure to provide electricity and clean running water - 
trillions of dollars - spent on missiles, all sorts of ammunition to bring about destruction -  ISIL was created in Iraq - and now has its tentacles - all over the world.

Iraq - which is Babylon - is the home of all Nations - Abraham - many of us - fail to comprehend -  that civilizations had so much to contribute to our modern and contemporary world.

The Libyan flag -
they have a population of 7 million.

We went into Libya with false assumptions - today - Libya is a mess. Thousands have lost their lives - and with all the fake intelligence we purport to have - daily - divisiveness - reigns, supreme in Libya - that has a low population of only 7 million.

The flag from Sudan -
it has a population of 41 million.

The situation prevailing today in Sudan is a mess - children starving to death - and with it all sorts of chronic diseases.

Donald Trump must choose to look at the photographs coming out from the refugee camps in Sudan - closer to the border of Kenya.

Doctors against Borders, the United Nations - trying their best -  with the Army from North of Sudan mostly ethnic Arabs - murdering, killing, stealing donated food - while the entire  world looks on.

In order to avoid the rebel and sometime Sudanese troops from the North intercepting and stealing donated food - airplanes make air-drops of food.

Even these food drops - are sometimes - captured by the rebels and North Sudanese troops - who hate and despise the Sudanese from the South.

The Flag from China -
it has a population of 1.4 Billion .

China  is playing havoc in Africa - which by the way in a Continent - someone goes to Ghana and says I went to Africa - no, you went to Ghana. There are many more countries in Africa - that you could go to - and more learn - better.

In the last 30 years - China has invaded most of the African countries that have resources - many African nations - have a stadium built for free -  that can hold upwards of a 50, 000 persons.

Oil, grain, minerals, wood, meat - you name it are loaded from the many ports that China has access to on both the East and West coast of Africa - that sail to China - for the last 40 years - the Chinese have been making hay while the sun shines.

In many villages the Chinese have married the local women - in some cases taking three and four wives - because they purchase them much as you would - purchase cows, goats - you get the picture.

China is busy creating its own monetary system - both regionally and internationally - today Brazil, Russia, India, China - (BRIC) - China on another high level - are competing with the International Monetary Fund that has raped Africa over the last 70 years. Lending money - and making more money - on interest.

The Chinese build the railways, the ports, help in agricultural projects - marry the local African women.

Open Chinese restaurants - they are integrating themselves faster than is comprehensible to many other so called Super Powers.

In a couple of decades - Africa will have a inter- racial population - with a Chinese Element -  that will be viable and sustainable - and contribute to China - that has a population of over 1.4 billion - bursting at the seams -  the Chinese have their eyes on the prize.

Africa still has some rare minerals - these resources need to build - air-craft - used in parts that make operable our cell telephone and other equipment that is used in communication. 

Titanium and so on - stronger metal - that is used for so many purposes.

Of importance to note - the dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on - technically worth less than 2 cents - the dollar no more has the backing of GOLD - Fort Knox is empty - China, India, even the Philippines believe it or not - has more Gold - in reserves or hidden.

The old way of warring with Nations - and trying to foster growth - the one percent investigating in ammunitions, war assets - this philosophy is dying.

In 5 years - 2022 - the dollar will hit its lowest level - and the countries that have Gold - and access to resources - will reign supreme.

Many countries have the weapons to defend themselves - and they are not about to surround to a so called Super Power that cannot take care of its local and parochial concerns.

One in three seniors starve in the United States - the pandemic of those those taking Heroine, other pills manufactured in China - is creating a pandemic - we know about it - but we do not know about it.

Here in the United States - the filthy rich will die rich - they will die as they are cursed each day by those that are suffering daily.

The Great Master said " Blessed are the poor for their is the kingdom of heaven ". Aho.