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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


London Breed and Olson Lee -
God alone knows the number of crooked
deals these two have made behind close doors.

Yesterday, May 23, 2017 - I was at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting - the long drawn out deliberations - are a pain in the ass.
Of course London Breed thinks nothing of this - as President of the SF Board of Supervisors  (BOS). She loves to run her mouth -
time for her - to limit her comments - and stop acting like a brat.

London Breed is known for her long rants - and now we find out - surfing Facebook and other sites - all while pretending to attend to business in the Chambers - as President of the BOS.

This behavior is totally uncalled for - and tells us who truly represents our City and County of San Francisco - as more and more decent San Franciscans are leaving San Francisco - never to come back - again.

Malia Cohen is no better - she too was found surfing the Internet - mostly Facebook - and then farting around the place - engaging in side-bar talks - and when she talks - she talks from both sides of her dirty - mouth.

This information reported in the Examiner - is only from data made available linked to the computers - if their cell phones were subject to the same scrutiny - more damaging information would be revealed.

In recent months - more and more - the SF Planning General Plan is thrown to the wind. 

Now, Big Developers can have another 20 feet - for their high rises - provide they accommodate - 30% so called affordable housing.

No one states clearly - affordable to whom - no foot print of the units is made available - and of course - the price - which is always the killer.

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen are busy making deals - behind the scenes - Malia Cohen has sold out the Bayview Hunters Point - has no clue about contamination and liquefaction.

It just a matter of time- when some incident happens - much like the Millennium situation - a 58 story building - now sinking - some 18 inches plus and tilting on one side.

All over the Fillmore - properties under the control of the SF Redevelopment Agency - have been transferred to the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - OCII - the third such change in the name of the original Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - who is fooling - whom.

The SF Board of Supervisor -
as they want to do - took Olson Lee -
whose actions have harmed thousands -
and allowed us to take this photograph.

In the Fillmore assets in access of $100 million - land equity - are been pandered.

Mainland Chinese - tied to EB-5 visas and other illegal deals - are given opportunities -  " ploys and shenanigans " introduced - Request for Proposals - attached to discussions and meetings - that are NOT - legally binding.

As I mentioned before the people in the Fillmore more the Japanese, the Filipinos, the Blacks have suffered - and they need the Controller's Office to take charge of the situation at hand - while land is transferred and equities distributed for less.

Give us the Public at Large - some idea - more on the Internet - who is really purchasing the land ?.

Land - formerly taken by " eminent domain " - and why is the State of California not notified about all these crimes - crooked deals - wheeling and dealing - pay to play deals - one of a kind.
Where is Governor Jerry Brown on this? 

Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this ?

Properties are being transferred to the SF City's  Real Estate Office - an office that has been involved in many nefarious activities - giving SF Brokers breaks - and someone pocketing the money.

All land taken by Eminent Domain - in the Fillmore aka  the Western Addition - must be inventoried - then let us find out - how the former SF Redevelopment Agency got the land - and for how much.

Now, when this land is transferred - we want to know to whom - and if this information can be posted on the Internet.

Again and again dubious entities in the SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - the inept Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - the Mayor Office itself - the SF Real Estate Office - and crooked SF Supervisors - think that we do not know about the many - illegal activities - and how land is transferred, leased - and the community at large - SHAFTED - decent, hardworking, San Franciscans.

Again and again we find House Negros pretending to say something - but doing nothing - supporting the Mayor and his lackeys - destroying our neighborhoods.

San Francisco is about our neighborhoods. Our neighborhood built by San Franciscans - make San Francisco - we must not allow corrupt Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed to destroy our neighborhood - while filling their campaign coffers - these two - for sure are NOT fit to represent.

Public Housing all of it belonged to the Department  Of Defense - transferred to the Housing and Urban Development ( HUD). Public Housing has been paid for - hundreds of time over. When transferred the properties were good to go. This fact has never, ever been noted and stressed. Complete with garden, a grocery stores, community facilities, play grounds, gyms and so on.

 The City and County created the SF Housing Authority - and with intent - ran the housing inventory down - using the famous tool  - " deferred maintenance ".

Malia Cohen would NOT know anything about " deferred maintenance".

I heard Malia Cohen - the air-head  speak - at the May 23, 2017 - praising Olson Lee who is retiring - the man who supposedly had no clue how thousands of - " Certificate of Preference " - vanished.

Former SF Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi called for a hearing some years ago - and we found out more about the former SF Redevelopment Agency, more about the SF Housing Authority - even more about the SF Mayor's Office of Housing that Olson Lee headed - creating all sorts of models - putting up many properties up as " equity " - and getting loans on these properties.

Olson Lee has gone out of his way to support the Property Managers - most of them White - leading the charge and causing immense problems to the people who live in Public Housing the well known " rogue Property Management - the John Stewart Company.

Also Mercy Housing and Bridge Developers - all part of HOPESF -  in the shadow of the failed HOPESIX - some one has have been following the crooks - for a long time. 

The commons denominator in all these shenanigans - the House Negro the likes that have no place in any decent society. House Negros that sell out the community - we know them and have named them before - deserve long, jail sentences.

With the retirement of Olson Lee - one of the key players - is fading away . He will form his own consultation firm - and he other crooked Lee - Edwin M. Lee - who has worked hand in glove with Olson - will " buddy up " - and carry on their dubious and nefarious activities.

Never mind a number of Court Cases - are still pending - against Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Never mind a number of Ethic Violations have been filed agains London Breed and Malia Cohen - shameless political whores.

Now we find out - because a Freedom of Information Act was filed - how these two London Breed and Malia Cohen - spend their time - and are paid for huge salaries and perks - surfing Facebook - shame of them.

They must be charged and jailed.

Wasting their time on mundane actions - while the tax payer - shell out and pays these dubious SF Supervisors - more London Breed and Malia Cohen.

 I have been saying this all this time - and now we find more - the are corrupt to the hilt.

The SF Ethics Commission - must do something - and the Controller and the District Attorney has a duty to bring those that spend their time surfing on Facebook.

Check this out:

 Right in the middle of important deliberations - right at City Hall - Room 250 - the August Chambers - where such actions are NOT - tolerated. Can you imagine London Breed and Malia Cohen - try to fool us San Franciscans - pretending to represent - while hoodwinking us all - in broad daylight. Aho.

Check this out - how some of the SF Board of Supervisor spend their time - surfing the Internet - Facebook and other mundane sites - while pretending to represent in the August Chambers - Room 250 :