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Monday, May 15, 2017


President Donald Trump -
he loves attention - and more acting like a brat -
the Democrats - created the vacuum -
and he got right in - on his terms - and keep touting his horn.

You would expect - if anyone any decent American - was asked a question - what do you think about the President of the United States - and expect a decent answer?

Guess what - in poll after poll - that answer comes near and many time hits " spot on " - they say we have an IDIOT in the White House!

President Donald Trump -
playing to the Televism and more to his lackeys!

On recent poll - valued by most - had 33% of those polled saying that the person who is residing in the White House - is not fit to be the President of the United States.

Now, let us chill out a little - and evaluate - truly what is happening.

You have to go to the source. 

Is President Donald Trump - truly an idiot - " I do not think so ".

You may be shocked at my answer - read on - if you choose not - forever hold your peace.

Early on I called him an " egotistical maniac " - and in calling our President so - and giving him this title - I wanted to point out that our President has some serious mental - issues.

Now, this does not mean - he is an idiot.

It means that he has some serious mental issues -  and you witness this when he is not treated right - he will go straight for the " jugular " and call a spade a spade. He will act like a charlatan.

In the countryside people like that - they like when you speak your mind.

Not so in the Cities and in places - where they have fake norms - and like to be  thought of something they are not - artificial.

What these type of people - do in normal life - is act artificially -  their demeanor - a far cry from reality - what is widely known as -  acting and talking - in a manner commonly interpreted and chided as  being " politically - correct ".

Politicians by large measure - will lie - rather than speak to the truth. There are some exceptions - President Jimmy Carter was  one - his demeanor - his heart in the right place.

Meeting him in person - showed more of  President Jimmy Carter - his humility - and for a long time - we did no know he was suffering from cancer.

He taught " Bible Class " and one day - not long ago - revealed to the world - that his " cancer " was in remission.

Jimmy Carter in recent years - was truly meant to be a good President - thought many may still talk of the one of two things - that went wrong - with his Iran policies and President Ronald Regan - playing hard ball. Time will tell.

President Donald Trump - just did not become the President by chance. Believe me - I have been fighting the crooked Democrats for decades - the scum of the Earth.

The Democrats all of them - including the ones - today - barking up the wrong tree. Failing to admit - the Democrats most of them - lying, cheating, hoodwinking - just to criticize President Donald Trump - when they themselves - the Democrats - have to be ashamed of their daily - behavior.

Take Obama Care for example - some Affordable Health Care Act - was never planned and thought out in detail.

American were lied that they could chose a doctor their desired - never, ever happened.

There was tons of talk - that Affordable Health Care - would be affordable - premiums skyrocketed - and even today - one cannot find Insurance Companies - to help those in most need.

The " Insurance Companies " were favored and promised subsidies by the United States Government.

The Insurance Companies by large measure - could not acquire clients or have accounts across State Lines.

A segment of the population had to pay more - so that those who had " pre-existing conditions " - could be covered.

Pitying Paul to pay Peter - or Jane to pay Mary!

Towards the end - just before Obama Care saw its mercurial demise - now, on its last leg - premiums got so high - that people  just STOPPED - they now have no insurance - and are at the mercy of God. Go figure!

Today, most of the Insurance Companies have jumped ship and millions of innocent people - including many with " pre-existing condition " meaning those that have chronic diseases - are left high and dry.

Here is San Francisco - we have HealthySF and other models of Health Care - and can do better.

With or without Obama Care - even though we did well before getting help for Medical and Medicaid and Medicare.

They say when you meet President Donald Trump - face to face - one of one - he can take anyone - that says he has a high IQ - but, as things are " want to be " - when he meets people in large groups - he wants to be in charge - and what is more - likes that the people agree with him.

On occasion after occasion - President has said things - he out not to say - but at least we the people know more about him. 

President Barack Hussein Obama -
his failed policies have come to haunt us.

The Democrats were sly - the likes of President Barack Hussein Obama - the House Negro that did not do us any good.

My subjective opinion - time will tell.

He now is writing a book and will be paid $60 million.

For weeks he rested on his friend's Yacht  - five million dollar Yacht - Barack Hussein Obama - quickly learned the " crooked ways of the rich and famous " - it is just a matter of time - when he will be exposed.

Here in California - all the Democratic whores and pimps - took junkets - to fill in their campaign coffers.

I personally know of some who contributed millions - and were counting their blessing - to make more - from favors that would be delivered to them on a platter.

Hillary she still cannot get over it -
she lied and made her own bed - getting defeated  -
she should fade into oblivion.

When Hillary Clinton lost - these wannabes - got sick in the stomach - they lost a lot of money - and to this day - regret for aiding and abetting - a liar, a crook, and someone that compromised the Security and well being on the United States of America.

Only - someone who has worked for the Federal Government - has worked up the chain of command - has very high clearance - can understand - the " stupid " way Hillary Clinton and her lackey acted.

Back to President Donald Trump - the man is a business man - and has zero tolerance for lazy folks,  folks who cannot think quickly and come out with solutions.

President Donald Trump will continue to upset the apple cart.

Much as we call those in our life - " crazy " - people will call President Donald Trump - an idiot - and all sorts of names.

In the short run and long run - President Donald Trump will get into trouble - as he continues to learn the " finer and more refined ways of etiquette ".

 How to do business in the crazy and pandemonium filled " political world "  - where the likes of Bill Clinton,  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein,  Senator Charles Schumer, Representative  Maxine Waters - other nefarious and dubious Democrats who are licking their chops.

Our Nation and more the Democrats failed Blacks - in a big way.

The bad policies of Bill Clinton - sent thousands of Black to jail - for long terms of prison - many of them for minor crimes - linked to Three Strikes - and other judicial atrocities - that our Nation - the United States of America - cannot come to grips - with.

We admire and need people - with their heart in the right place.

More, educated on issues - who can take a stand - and more take us all to a good place.

The Democrats continue as they have in the past -  the continue to take  most  people who are " ignorant and stupid " for a wild ride. 

They cannot be trusted.

Now, we have President Donald Trump - he will " Tweet " he will dance the " Jig " - he is out to drive most of those who truly cannot comprehend  - where he comes from - " nuts ".

What you see - is what you get.

The reality of the madness of the moment - is for all to see and fathom - and you can keep on guessing the future.

The parody - you learn some from President Donald Trump - as strange as it may seem - the Democrats keep barking up the wrong tree - for sure - they have no keen leadership - and more the - people at large - will NOT trust them.

Closer to home the San Francisco Democratic County Committee.

Much like the many dysfunctional families we have in America - surviving day to day.

 Most of them not educated on issues - most of them  getting all their - " information " - from the Television and other mundane Television Shows - where a lot of disinformation and misinformation - is spewed  - "ad nuseaum" - for nought.

The question to be answered by most is - what has President Donald Trump revealed to us all - who call him an " idiot " other names like  " a clown " - charlatan.

Through history - the clown, the charlatan, the joker - taught us all a lesson - in more than one way - but few expected one to live and dine and joke - in the White House.

The reality is if we have one - if you can figure him out.

You are better off - if you have patience and compassion - have love in your heart - for that is what  life is really all about.

On this journey - patience, compassion, and a keen sense and manner of being - calm and recollected - counts.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has chosen to set our City and County of San Francisco -
on Fire. Go Figure - he is one of the many crazy Democrats.

Closer to home - in San Francisco - we have a clown in Room 200 at City Hall - the City and County of San Francisco.