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Sunday, May 21, 2017


President Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman

On his first visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Donald Trump was met on the tarmac - by the King of Saudi Arabia, Saudi King Salman - a singular respect shown to Donald Trump.

Not even Barack Hussein Obama was afforded such a privilege.

The Saudi King Salman - also honored Donald Trump by bestowing on him - the highest honor bestowed on a foreign dignitary - as seen in the photograph above.

The message Donald Trump brought to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - was one of " security " for the Saudi  Kingdom.

America signed a large weapons deal - some $120 Billion.

This one deal - sends a strong message to Iran - who pride themselves as Persians - as opposed to the Saudis and the surrounding area - whose native populations - are Arabs.

This animosity has been there for thousands of years - and the only way to bring the parties together - is to communicate and come to some common agreement.

More - where all parties - contribute their best and bring about peace to this world.

The Gulf Cooperative Council - some 50 Nations 
from the Middle-East
with the aid of America and the Saudi King Salman -
can bring some HOPE to the Middle-East and the world

In his address Donald Trump stressed his visit to the land that protects the " two holy sites linked to Islam and the millions of Muslims who believe in the Prophet Mohammed ".

Muslims by large measure are peaceful - so when those few who indiscriminately kill and maim innocent people - in the name of Islam - they do all humanity wrong.

It must be noted - in many cases Muslims - have died and continue to suffer from terrorists acts - which affects all humanity - and this is - wrong.

Donald Trump said terrorism has spread all over the world - and noted that " peace must be spread all over the world " and must start here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia -
has agreed to fund and open a center -
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - to address counter attack -
the terrorists - on many fronts -
funding, sale of weapons - encouraging the Nations
that matter not to harbor the terrorists.

The Saudi King has agreed to create a center - where Muslim Nations and others - will formulate ways and means to counter attack - terrorism - and the many aspects that has put fear all over the Middle East.

Tourism in place like Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, other places where tourists flocked to visit landmarked institutions and archeological sites - has dwindled. Thousands of jobs have vanished - hundreds of hotels have closed - those that travel know about this.

The dying tourism has adversely impacted millions of people who once had work, the small businesses that sold things to the tourist,  countries like Egypt invested billions - and now - are left holding an empty bag.

Donald Trump stressed the need for all Muslim Nations - not to harbor terrorist - this one act if all agrees - can go a long way.

Donald Trump stressed the need to cut funds to the " terrorists ".

All those Nations some 50 Nations - belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council - will implement ways and means - to cut funding to those that perpetuate - terrorism.

The few actions that Donald Trump stated should have been in place a long time ago.

 The Democrats under Barack Hussein Obama failed us all - with its failed International Policy - all over the world. 

Barack Hussein Obama's - two terms - 8 years in all -  Barack Hussein Obama failed when it came to international policies - made our world - less safe.

Hillary Clinton who was the Secretary of State - did worse - she compromised the " security " - of our Nation. She must fade into oblivion and is anathema to this Nation - the United States of America.

Donald Trump was brave enough to announce to all present - the 50 Nations and their heads - belonging to the Gulf Cooperative Council - to provide succor and help to young muslims.

Further to provide better opportunities - better jobs - better amenities - to wipe out " poverty " that has shown its ugly head - all over the Middle-East.

On one hand you witness  - " opulence " - it  thrives -  as in the Kingdom - of Saudi, Arabia.

At the same time - over 30 % of  young Saudis - do not have career jobs.

When Donald Trump sticks to the script - he makes sense - this time he stuck to the script - he did justice to the speech - written by some " speech writer "

As President Donald Trump said in his speech - actions count more.

As we say - anyone can talk the talk - but those that walk the walk - leave a legacy.