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Saturday, May 6, 2017


San Francisco City Hall -
where the pay to play - wheeling and dealing -
is a norm - more in Room 200 - Go Figure!

San Francisco brags that it is a City that knows how - however, in recent years - more under Mayor Edwin M. Lee - large projects are given a green signal - without, proper enforcement by the Department of Building Inspection.

The Department of Building Inspection - Commission - NOT doing due diligence - failing to follow policies that are NOT enforced.

Devoid of standards - and more lacking the ability to " enforce " the Department of Building Inspection - is " impotent " - the Department talks the talks but fails to walk the walk.

 The taller building in the picture -
58 story sinking some 16 inches -
and tilting to one side 4 1/2 inches.

Recently, we saw this with the " Millennium Tower " - a 58 floor building - sinking some 16 inches and tilting some 4 1/2 inches - the Department of Building Inspection - could not produce pertinent documents on time - and it filing system and record keeping - Smithsonian.

The corruption virus -  has saturated every aspect of the Department of Building Inspection - is now moving into rapidly and viral - to the San Francisco Planning Department.

The number of skyscrapers - and the congestion it creates - is totally uncalled for. High density buildings - and that type of living - is NOT -  San Francisco. We must NOT be another Manhattan - this is Ohlone Land - once pristine and wholesome - now a concrete jungle - fostering " gentrification " and greed.

Over 30, 000 units are planned in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Land that is poor landfill - and when it comes to Candlestick Park - large portions of that area - a former site that was used as a " garbage dump ".

Paradoxically our SF City chose to accept the land a former site used as a " garbage site " - to use it as a State Park - the only urban State Park in San Francisco.

Today, tons of Methane Gas spews from this site - where mostly the poor live and use it for recreational purposes.

They fish a little and enjoy a BBQ and other such activities.

 Few know about the hazards, surrounding them.

Those that know, some - have no other large Park to use - where they can BBQ and play loud music - more surrounded by the Bay.

So they do - with, what little they have - and put their health and lives in danger - while the crooks laugh - all the way to the bank.

The 49er Stadium is torn down -
now a large hold sits vacant -
future plans - a large shopping mall -
hundreds of stores are folding up - and MACY's
and other large business stores are - consolidating.

The State Park sits right opposite the former Candlestick Stadium - now torn down - and a large Shopping Mall is planned and thousands of units - by a " rogue developer " - Lennar Urban going as 5 Points Holdings LLP - same snake different head.

Much of the land surrounding the Bayview Hill - adjacent to the former Candlestick Park - is land that was once under the Bay - the land created from rubbish, poor construction landfill, and all sorts of hazardous material - contaminated and toxic to those human beings and in general - all life.

Our City and County of San Francisco has a law - Precautionary Principle - but - the City and County of San Francisco - more under Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is so caught up - wheeling and dealing.

More, with pay to play - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - that this man - Edwin M. Lee - must step down, now - and refuses to do so - because he and those supporting him - have NO - shame.

How can one brag about building - thousands of homes - most brand new - others rehabilitated  - former Public Housing at Hunters Point and some at the Oakdale Housing.

 All of these units and more - built on very contaminated ground - in very close proximity to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where " Depleted Uranium " - was tested during World War II.

More to note - after the Atomic tests - near the " Bikini Islands "  - where ships were exposed to the Atomic Tests - large animals radiated on the ships.

These ships and animals - were towed to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - sand blasted - for repainting and reuse and operation.

As the many ships - were cleaned - sand blasted - and the residue much went into the Bay - now called Parcel " F".

 Other residue collected - was buried in discriminately all over Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Today much of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard still belongs to the United States Navy - Parcel B, C, D, E, E2 (very polluted).
F which is the Bay, Utility Corridors UC1, UC2, and so on - G where a Stadium was planned - but the plan was shot down by the 49ers - who moved from Candlestick Park to Santa Clara - where the 49ers built a State of an Art Stadium.

 Only one parcel - Parcel A has been transferred to the City and County of San Francisco - who quickly transferred it the former SF Redevelopment Agency - who very quickly conveyed it to Lennar Urban - a " rogue developer".

Every aspect of Lennar Urban and how it does business is convoluted.

 It does not help that our City and County of San Francisco and the then Mayor Gavin Newsom - did not take the necessary precautions.

 Conveying  Parcel A - when the Restoration Advisory Board - refused to agree and approve the Record of Decision.

Other astute and stellar environmental organizations too - including Environmental Justice Advocacy - leading the charge to this day.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard RAB - was declared null and void - the only RAB in the Nation to meet such a - fate.

The present Citizens Advisory Committee - linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard rubber stamps everything - with Veronica Hunnicutt - a Black sell out - heading this very corrupt body.

In recent years - Tetra Tech that has been fined by the " regulatory agencies " - for sending to our Landfills - Class One soil.

Only the worst contaminated dirt soil - is classified - Class One - more contaminated and registering very high levels of Radioactive Elements.

MNBC and other media - even Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) - have had a number of shows - revealing the " truth " - linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the surrounding area - all the land declared a Superfund Site.

Only the worst contaminated grounds or sites - are put on the Superfund List. Today the City and County of San Francisco and other agencies - call it a Brown Field - this is a misnomer, a lie, and such convoluted practices - must NOT be tolerated.

The paradox the deafening  " truth " be told -  the Mayor Edwin M. Lee looks the other way in disdain, so does the City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

So does the District Attorney - George Gascon, so does Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, so does Senator Dianne Feinstein.

So does our SF Planning Department, so does our Director of Health - Barbara Garcia, Tomas Aragon, our SF City Land Use Committee, our SF Board of Supervisors - in large measure.

Some of the SF Board of Supervisors - participate in pay to play - wheeling and dealing - and leading the charge - in this corruption one Malia Cohen - the District 10 Supervisor.

Added - there are other projects the Sewer System Improvement Project - the Biosolids Digester Facilities Project - and related projects -  which will cost tax payers - over $7 Billion dollars.

As much as we plead - there has NOT been one singular - indepth meeting - to address the project with the Public at Large.

 Less with me and others - who have been monitoring the project - from its inception. No time lines - no goals - working behind the scenes to push the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - without vetting - the public - decent San Franciscans - kept in the dark.

BAYCAT and other entities - have been given money - to create videos - one with Mayor Willie L. Brown - a former " thug Mayor".

All the - while some rapper - is singing about the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - and the upcoming projects - but that rap - does not inform the public at large - not the children, youth, and young adults - information that matters - on the contrary making light of something that is important - and has slowly killed those in the vicinity of the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant has adversely impacted thousands over the years - people have died - suffering from heart attacks, chronic respiratory diseases, asthma is rampant in and around the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

Mosquitoes and related diseases carried by mosquitoes - and the SF Public Utilities Commission is warned about ZICA and other pandemics in the offing.

For a radius of over 4 miles - the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - sends a stench that is unbearable - watering the eyes  - and those in close proximity suffer from burning throats - and other adverse impacts. Have for decades - this nonsense would not be tolerated in a White neighborhood.

All this in the year 2017.

The Communication done by the SF Public Utilities Commission in pathetic.

 The person in charge Juliet Ellis - the same person who was caught red handed - funneling over $200, 000 to her former non-profit. She was fined and paid the fine.

Today, nothing much has changed - she is still doling money to entities that have nothing much to the do with the community.

The demographics of the Bayview has changed drastically - Latinos, Asians, White, Native Americans, - are totally left out - when it comes to qualified communication and outreach.

Some Blacks - we call them sell outs - jumping, shouting and screaming - as they did with the BAYCAT rap - having nothing to do with practical, reality and the sad state of affairs - prevailing.

In reality Blacks make up 2% of San Francisco's population - and rapidly dwindling - in less than 5 years - the Black population - will be less than than one percent -  if not less.

One by one the stellar advocates are left out - committees are formed to have access to Community Benefits - and doled out to entities - that have nothing " holistic " to offer - to the community at large.

Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - has nothing to offer positive - by building homes on very contaminated ground. 

Lennar Urban has failed to contribute the Community Benefits it promised since 2013. Lennar is about " Land Banking " - Lennar is a " rogue developer" - that failed Vallejo, thousands of homes planned and declared - bankruptcy - inferior homes that those bought - now crying - " wolf ".

Here is one conceptual plan. This is how I define " the conceptual plans by Lennar Urban - planned, for the Southeast Sector - it is like a dream - you wake up and it becomes your worst - nightmare" :

This is Ohlone land - the land was stolen - every square inch - and those that think - they can do as they please - will have to deal with KARMA.

Right now - many of them jail birds - have been charged - all Blacks - recently by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

However, under the RICO ACT - if a net is cast - right now - hundreds can go to jail.

 There is a lot of evidence - some within the SF Public Utilities Commission - leading the charge Juliet Ellis - time will tell.

At the Mayor Office - the Mayor himself -  Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wheeling and dealing - pay to play - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

All this in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - we are watching you all - like a HAWK.