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Thursday, May 25, 2017


Huge pipes laid to rehab and upgrade
the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

San Francisco use to be the place - that showed the entire Nation the good way - the smart way to do things - and take us all to a better place.

Again and again the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - created in 1996 by Willie L. Brown Jr. has failed us all - wasting millions - on project after project.

This Enterprise Department - that generates millions from selling hydro-electricity, charges to treat the sewage, charges for clean drinking water, charges those it leases golf courses, the SFPUC has a Quarry from which is generates money - and there are other facilities and millions of acres of land - under its jurisdiction - that it has FAILED to be a good steward of.

Assistant General Manager Juliet Ellis charged by the Fair Action Political Committee and the SF Ethics Commission - for moving over $200, 000 our tax payers money - to her former Non-Profit - Green For All - must be fired.

In charge of slogans - " Your number two is our number one " - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - and more the brand new Digestors - a project that is moving at a snail's pace.

Another slogan touting the decision made by SFPUC - that mixing ground water with pristine Hetch Hetchy water is the
" in " thing to do. Such thinking is so primitive - that is defies logic - where do such " idiots " hail from - and why do we hire them - the sooner we get rid of her the better.

The ground water mixed with pristine Hetch Hetchy water has been creating many problems - for weeks a foul smell - was experienced by tax payers - all over San Francisco - that has a population of over 820, 000. 

This population increases to over a million and a half - people coming from everywhere to work in San Francisco. On days when we have Conventions and Base Ball games - more.

I brought this issue before the SF Public Utilities Commissioners - and it took SFPUC - over month - to fix that problem. In that duration millions - were exposed to " contaminated " drinking water - in large measure.

It badly adversely affected the restaurants - industries that are a pride of San Francisco - the " beer making industry " - many contacted me - and I was at a loss - to under - how stupid and nonchalant the SFPUC - Assistant General Managers were - many of them inept - Juliet Ellis for sure.

Again and again some of the Assistant General Managers working for SFPUC - who should not be working - the likes of Juliet Ellis - are so arrogant and more ignorant that they use innocent infants, children, youth, young adult, seniors, those with compromised health - as guinea pigs.

This nonsense must STOP - now.

We have over 1000 miles of clean drinking water - and we have over 1200 miles of sewer pipes - over 95% of these pipes are old - and leaking. 

The sewer water leaks and contaminates the " Water Shed " - it contaminates the " wells " we have all over the City to use in case of emergency.

We do not want the blending of contaminated water - not in a year - where millions of gallons of water - are released - because all of our  " reservoirs " - are over full.

This year we had so much snow - that right now in May - the snow melting is causing serious - flood problems.

We have too much water - so much - that we let the water spill over - and create a run off. What is it that the stupid SFPUC in charge - do not comprehend?

SFPUC is so stupid that its plans to go forward and mix the contaminated water - contaminated with nitrates from the various golf courses, and play ground.

Chrome product that are very harmful to our infants, children, youth, seniors and those with compromised health.

We have over 4000 hot spots - all over San Francisco - and the City and County of San Francisco - has not abated these hot spots.

 Besides - hundreds of " gas tanks " - buried -  and only when some construction has to be done - these tanks are removed - and each operation cost in access of $300, 000 for the abatement and mitigation - if not more.

We use Chloramine is our clean water as a disinfectant - and Chloramine erodes the clean water pipes - the side affects - create erosion - the  residue contaminates the drinking water - and now the nitrates, chrome products and more.

All sorts of drugs that leach from the human feces - raw sewage.

Asbestos, contamination from poor infill - has not been factored - by those at the SFPUC in leadership - who confront the constituents of San Francisco - with their sordid and evil plans - and when confronted - by San Franciscans - make excuses.

San Francisco does not have a Toxicologist - and when the hearing was held yesterday - May 24, 2017 at City Hall - in Room 216 - before the Safety Committee.

 There was no expert from the SF Health Department - the person in charge was missing in action - and again - the panderer Tomas Aragon - stepped in - to make a fool of himself - he works for the SF Health Department as the Assistant Director of Health.

I am requesting Barbara Garcia - the Director of the SF Health Department - to test the drinking water independently - and post the results on the website - weekly.

I have a gut feeling - some major catastrophe is looming on the horizon - and hundreds will fall sick - if one person dies - the SFPUC will be held responsible - more folks like Juliet Ellis - who does not consider this one issue - serious.

Thousands of San Francisco - have taken to buying  cases and cases" bottle water ".

Once the people smell the foul smelling drinking water - no one wants to touch it. Believe me children for sure will not touch the drinking water - more when the smell - is like sewage water.

Today, the SFPUC has let us down on many fronts - millions of dollars wasted - and folks like Juliet Ellis who should be fired - messing around - harassing decent and hard working - SFPUC employees.

Wasting millions on " fake advertisements " - pushing her agenda - with slogans that read as if some one has lost their mind -  " Your number two is our number one ". 

Juliet Ellis - inept and playing
with the lives of millions -
in charge of communication and doing a very poor job.

This woman Juliet Ellis needs to see some decent psychologist and examine her head.

Moutain Tunnel which is adjacent to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir was once examined and evaluated - over 10 years ago - and cracks were found. Millions of dollars were paid for this evaluation.

Recently, another evaluation - discovered wider cracks - and this important and vital tunnel - Mountain Tunnel is being repaired.

Even as an assessment is being made - the experts want to build a new tunnel costing in access of $100 million - to avoid a future catastrophe.

All this - because of poor leadership - and having the ability to dip into funds - we San Francisco passed a Bond Measure in access of $2.2 billion - to rehab and upgrade our Water System Improvement Project (WSIP). 

Another $2.6 Billion coming from the other Region partners - linked to BASWA - that we provide Hetch Hetchy clean drinking, pristine water - envied by all - all over the world.

The Raker Act spells out the details and how the pristine water should be used - never, ever was it stated anywhere to mix ground water - more today's ground water that is very contaminated - more with sewage water from leaching old sewer pipes - over 95 years old.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
useless - lacking vision and less leadership -
putting millions in harms way -
including tourist who visit us.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue about the situation at hand - the SF Board of Supervisor - many of them surfing the Internet - while pretending to do some half- hearted representation at City Hall - in Room 250 - the August Chamber - where the SF Board of Supervisor meet.