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Monday, May 22, 2017


The shenanigans will STOP  as Donald Trump's STOPS in Israel - it is all about LAND.

For the first time - Donald Trump will fully understand  - he is a minion - to tackle an injustice - for which he is not equipped - he may think some - but will NOT deliver - much.

The land was stolen - precious land - more HOLY LAND - and the true owners and keepers - of the land - the indigenous Palestinians.

Much before this issue arose that we are having today - the Jews were taken away from what was then Palestine - taken far away to lands - closer to today's Russia and beyond - during the Ottoman Empire.

The Jews were refugees and suffered much - but returned to build the Temple that was destroyed - by help given by King Cyrus - the great Persian King - of great nobility -
a Persian King - who has left an internal - legacy.

Cyrus the Great - a Persian King -
today's Iran - that is NOT part of the equation -
left out in this half-baked agreement of sorts.

The Ottoman Empire - played havoc with the Jews -  before that the Persians - today's Iran.

From Iran came much good - that brought many Jews back to their land.

Unlike the Jews who came from Europe years later - tainted in the views and more mentality.

Today's Zionists - who think they can fool all the people all the time.

Every Zionists is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist.

The present Holy Temple that the Jews revere and treasure - was built - from the ground - by money and gold given to the Jews - by King Cyrus - a fact that we forget - we must always remember.

Today's Jerusalem 

Today Jerusalem caters to many Faiths - the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims - the Orthodox Christians -  other sects that have emitted from Catholicism and the many Protestant Sects - and more.

The Sunnis and Shias visit and pray and respect Jerusalem and so the many other sects that have derived from the Sunnis and Shias. Other faiths too - are honor and respect the Holy Land we call and know the world over - as the Holy Land.

The dynamics after World War II - with the Jews from Europe - invading Palestine - is never, ever given detail evaluation and determination.

So is the philosophy of Zionism that despises the Palestinians - considers them second class - and this nonsense must STOP.

There can be NO peace - with all parties - have full equity - understanding and respecting the issues linked to " Cultural Competency " - and " Implicit Bias " - caused by the turmoil and fear - the many atrocities - mostly adversely impacting children and women. Those murders cry to heaven for justice.

During my life time- I had personally seen it all - and what I see has left scars - my heart is heavy - more when children and women die - this I will never, ever forgot. More the " cluster bombs" that harmed so much - bombs provided to  Israel by the United States of America.

Olive Trees thousands of years old -
respected by the Palestinians -
not so by the Zionists and those 
that do not have their heart in the right place.

To this day - thousands of innocent Palestinians  sent as refugees to Jordon - are hurting - while their land was stolen.

This one aspect - with Olive Trees thousands of years old - still prayed for and revered by Palestinians - wherever the live to survive.

 After being refugees in so many lands - all over the Middle East, in South America, in Europe, here in the United States, in Canada, in Australia, in England - as I said all over the world - there is not a single Palestinian that does not want to return to her or his native land - Palestine.

This one Olive Tree says it all -
it stands here for thousands of years -
and bears witness - who respects this tree and who does not -
and why - this symbol - is the symbol of peace - 
" offer an olive branch ".

Today - Donald Trump will attempt - in his FOOLISHNESS - to make some " lame attempt " to force the Palestinians to agree - to some " hastily made plans ".

More - to relinquish rights - and thinks the  Palestinians will arbitrarily agree - to  some " vague proxy " - which will never, ever happen.

Just in case - I want to ask Donald Trump - much as his speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - said so - who does he want to drive out of Palestine - I know whom - those that disrespect the olive tree.

Donald Trump thought he was making some statement of value - by saying that Iran the land from which King Cyrus hailed.

The same King that gave money and gold - to build the present Holy Temple that stands in Jerusalem.

That the Jews and all other faiths - have in common - Abraham - the Father of all Nations.

In Saudi Arabia the Saudis have their own land - and using their dictatorial " Wahabi Theology " - that has reigned fear and created a mess - fostering divisiveness of the worst order - all over the world.

The mess spreading - from Pakistan, to Indonesia, to Europe, to England, to Germany, to France, to South America - to here in the United States and Canada - and beyond.

So what is it that Donald Trump - does not comprehend.

Reality Check - the majority of those that participated in 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.

With 24 hours of the event - 4 737 Boeing Jets - full of Saudis left from New York to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

 Few of us know this - and those of us who know about this significance  " exodus " - from the United States to Saudi Arabia - are still figuring out - who was behind the planning and execution - of that singular exodus that little is spoken about.

Olive Trees 
the aged olive trees removed 
by those that lack Cultural Competency
and carry with them " Implicit Bias ".

The Palestinians are the indigenous people of Palestine - the thousand of years - the Olive Trees are their witness - and stands tall and alive today.

The Jews from Europe have desecrated the Olive Trees - uprooted thousands of Olive Trees - and shamed humanity. 

The Olive Tree is the witness to the atrocities committed - no Palestinian worth the salt - will harm an " Olive Tree " - not so the Zionists - more those that came from Europe and messed the Palestinians and stole their land.

The British who were the Colonist and ruled over Palestine - know more -  and were in many respects the culprits of the division of the Palestinian people.

God bless Jordon the former King and the present King - for doing what is right - with their heart in the right place.

Only those can hand a Olive Branch - and say rightfully - let us make peace. 

We know one side has their heart in the right place - those that have revered and respect the " Olive Tree " that grows and gives fruit - and lives for thousands of years.

We know the indigenous Palestinian has suffered for a long, long time - and the time has come to give them back their land.

Allow them to nurture the thousands of years old - Olive Trees - that they dream off.

The Elders have spoken of the land - the sheep, the goats, the  hens and the roosters - the camels and of course the Olive Trees,  the grape vines - Guava trees, Pomogranades, and more - to their Palestinian grand children and children. 

Today's Palestinians - who like their great grand parents, their grand parents, and their parents - share the inner most secrets of their ancestors - in the land of Abraham and great prophets Mohammed to the Muslim and Jesus to the Christians.

Others too - like Daniel and John the Baptist and more - too many to name - but all worthy of fortitude and justice for all.

 Their great grand parents, the grand parents, and their parents - handed the torch to  today's Palestinians who are educated and can read the fine print - that is all I will say.

In like manner I have the opportunity to count among those I interact - European Jews and those from lands such as Portugal and Spain, Morocco - Iran, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world. The Sephardic Jews - by family has been associated with them since the 16th Century.

The issue of the land in Palestine - and how can most of it be returned to the rightful owners - who had " patrimonial jurisdiction " for thousands of years.

The British left a mess - dividing and separating - creating India and Pakistan - East Pakistan - now Bangladesh.

The British left the mess in Palestine - millions of Palestinians - today are refugees.

Many Palestinians - all refugees  - bearing a document given to them by the United Nations.  They are landless - why?

Many Palestinians are second class citizens in their own country.

That must change - and those that have suffered all these years - must be offered - full and just restitution.

Any clown can say what he or she wants to say - without clear understanding - it is NOT for a " clown " -  to first and foremost address this issue - that is crying to heaven for justice.

Today for those that are ignorant - many Palestinians must wait for days - before crossing over to see their relatives - less than a quarter mile away - by barricades - that Israel has put in place.

Others are separated by wall built by the Israelis - billions of dollars our tax payers money - and given to Israel freely - our modern jets, missiles, cluster bombs used on Palestinians, bombs used to kill thousands of innocent children and women - all these many years. Too much blood has be spilled - who is responsible for this carnage, murder, atrocities that cry to heaven for justice - in the land of Abraham - the Father of all Nations.

Women and children treated like animals - and this is wrong.

Many Prime Ministers from Israel have tried to say the right thing - always with some ulterior motive.

 This time whoever it is that brings about some - " little change " - better do it right - we are watching - billions of people - well educated on issues.

We must speak the truth.

Remember what I said about the thousands of years of Olive Trees - who stand witness - to the on going madness. On one side - those that treat the Olive Tree with respect.

It is a crime and wrong to harm
the Olive Trees in Palestine -
casing harm and trauma to the Palestinians.

On the other side those do not. Some of them lack the virtues of the indigenous people - the Palestinians who embrace there Olive Trees - that have been there for thousands of year on their land. Go figure? Aho.