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Thursday, May 11, 2017


The Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
pussyfooting at the City Emergency Dispatch Center -
while 90, 000 homes - had no electricity -
people trapped in elevators - in the many skyscrapers -
people calling is - no dispatchers there to take their calls.

San Francisco under Mayor Edwin M. Lee has become a place where the filthy rich - with intent - want to push for a " hidden agenda "  all these " filthy rich do " -  commit themselves to - push for in your face - " gentrification ".

At every level the people that work hard - decent San Franciscans - cannot enjoy Quality of Life issues - it is becoming non-existant in San Francisco.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and the Ohlone fully understand that this Land - Mother Earth  - is not to be polluted - more contaminated, and all life including - " human life " - respected.

Our City and County of San Francisco - has a law and ordinance called - " The Precautionary Principle ". 

One has to read the Precautionary Principle to understand more:

Recently the Mayor had an interview with one of the reporters from KTVU - Channel 2 - talking from both sides of his mouth - when it comes to the homeless -  what he takes credit for -unemployment in San Francisco.

There are " hot spots " in San Francisco today - where there is 60% unemployment - but the Mayor talks about some nonsense that he no one knows how he arrives at such numbers.

Outsiders have come here in the thousands - and taken the good jobs - and those San Franciscans who get some jobs - get it only if they have the connections.

The Mayor Office of Economic Development and Workforce is not working. 

There is no relevant compliance - with empirical data - the deeper one goes into the working conditions - and more one learns - how inept our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is - the picture is a disaster - and even worse things - waiting to happen.

CityBuild is not working - and I have been in meetings and heard those that represent give some drab presentation - they want forms filled - forms that do not reflect much - never really revealing what truly happens - on the may projects - where the workers come from outside San Francisco.

You have expeditors who pay our City Departments to look the other way - millions in bribes - given to those that the Mayor works closely with - more to receive bribes. Who is fooling whom?

Contractors come here - pay to play - bring their own workers - for example in one case - all the workers - who did the framing - thousands of person hours.

All the workers that  dealt with rebar - and the person in charge told us - that San Francisco - did not have the qualified workers to do the job.

Again and again the " Elation Software " used is defective - and does more injustice than justice.

Elation -  has NOT been incorporated - in a real way - into the present " software system " embraced by the Treasurer and the Controller of San Francisco.

What has the Mayor Edwin M. Lee to say about this system that must be in place - he talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk.  

This Mayor Edwin M. Lee has " no compassion " - and when pressed he will say - he is dealing with the reality.

The idiot does not understand nor will he ever understand - he has created - the reality - favoring " developers " - pay to play projects - fast tracked. Wheeling and dealing - and has totally messed - San Francisco.

The homeless have increased by leaps and bounds -
while Mayor Edwin M. Lee - says :
" this is the reality of things ".

We have people dying on the streets of San Francisco. Most of them San Franciscans who have fallen on bad times.

The homeless are not bums - but human beings - and the Mayor when confronted about the " many homeless " - will say " that is the reality". 

The man is nuts - he must step down and fade into oblivion.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
San Francisco is their land -
not for Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
to abuse the land - with pollution and congestion.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and we do not accept nor  do we agree with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - that his idea of high density living, congestion on our roads, the divisiveness he has created all over our City and County of San Francisco - is fine.

Good workers who cannot meet the high rents are living - and the Mayor has not done anything - to help our workers - who use to live in San Francisco - and cannot live in San Francisco - anymore.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - reality of things - is messing things up - for those that have contributed - all these many years.

Our neighborhoods - that this Mayor with his half-cooked plans - has messed up - has no idea were created by decent, hard working, astute San Franciscans.

Our neighborhoods are falling apart - and in come those that have the money - but not the heart. 

Neighborhood after neighborhood are experiencing hurdles - and the Mayor and his lackeys - are NO where to be found.

The Mayor has given himself a salary of $400, 000 - and the Mayor Edwin M Lee - must be ashamed of himself.

Thousands of people are now homeless - many renting couches to sleep, other begging their relatives and friends for shelter - recent we heard the " the working people " - reveal the sordid conditions of the workers - who are not even paid well.

 $105, 000 for a family of four is consider not sufficient for a family to survive in San Francisco.

The people in general hate the man - Edwin M. Lee - in fact the better word to use  - is that they " detest " - this man who has no compassion and more is a crook .

At part of the EB-5 visas - Edwin M. Lee has got kick backs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation - is full aware of all the many tentacles.

The role of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - Platinum Consultants - the many China this and China that - shadow companies - formed - that will all be investigated  and what is more important to note - shut down.

At $500, 000 a pop this EB-5 Visas - have brought in - nefarious characters - nefarious shadow figures - subsidized by Communist China - and other dubious entities.

All of the Hunters Point housing units - the ones supposed to be built at Candlestick Point by 5 Points Holdings LLP - are tied to EB-5 Visas.

Those types of ploys and machinations - linked to tainted money - brought into the United States - and all of these tainted money can be tracked - and those behind these schemes - will be sent to jail under the RICO ACT.

The Millennium Building is sinking - and Joe Montana and others have highlight - the state of affairs.

Tall buildings sinking -
the Millennium Building over 16 inches -
what has the Mayor Edwin M. Lee to say about this nonsense.

The way the tenants of that building -  at 301 Mission Street - have been treated - with disdain - is a disgrace and must NOT be tolerated.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was silent for a long time - but not now - in a few weeks - Edwin M. Lee - he will be roasted.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has set San Francisco on fire.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  will have nothing much to say - accept to admit that his office and those that he put in place to run the SF Department of Building Inspection - are not fit.

The poor leadership - the Department of Building Inspection - have revealed to the world - the madness of building a 58 story building - without anchoring the foundation to the bed rock.

Anchoring to the bed rock - is mandated and required in places that are prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

Not long ago - our City experienced a total black out - our Pacifica Gas and Electric Company - who is hand and glove with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - failed our City and County of San Francisco - and what is more - exposed our " vulnerability " - to those that wait and wait - for such type to exposures - to happen.

We call them that " bad guys ".

We do not give them any opportunity but this Mayor is so full of crap - he does not have the slightest idea - about "resilience". 

A word the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - started using when he visited  New Orleans - after that City and the neighboring areas - experience flooding and related - disasters.

If San Francisco experiences another such situation as the Black Out - we had some weeks ago - we will be in deep trouble - again for sure.

The Mayor will not have much to say - except lick his chops - as he is want to do - always after the fact.

Those that work for him - the Office of Emergency Services  - failed during the Black Out.

The Mayor found out that thousands of telephone calls - went unattended .

There were no qualified dispatchers - and the turn over of those working long hours - and even overtime - is over bearing.

The Mayor makes a statement - he wants to change that in two months - I will give him two years.

 Such statements reveal his ignorance - you just cannot create an organization over night - or fast track things - as he does taking bribes and fast tracking - the many projects in San Francisco.

Time will tell - Aho.