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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Has anything changed since the days
of slavery? What about the sell outs -
those Blacks today - who with intent - 
sell out the community?

CityBuild from its inception - has never had in mind - transparency and accountability. The first seed that CityBuild planted - was " rotten". I repeat - ROTTEN.

Let us travel the long and tedious road of " CityBuild" - how it came to be - and what it is today.

A small group of us used to meet at the Bayview Library - more to discuss the Third Street Light Rail and the activities at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - in the year 2001.

Some of us advocates attended the Restoration Advisory Board - linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

We also attended the meetings linked to the Citizens Advisory Committee - another body linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

In the 2002 Violence peaked in the Bayview - we held the Summit on Violence - invited folks from Compton and took control of the situation at hand - as best we could. 

Mayor Willie L. Brown was the Mayor - and we still had Dr. Espanola Jackson and Bishop Birch and others - who we could trust.

Again and again the issue was brought about jobs and training.

In earlier years in the Bayview - there were all sorts of training opportunities - people got trained and most of them had career jobs. More in the 1970s and 1980s.

There were ample jobs at MUNI, the City and County hired many Blacks from the Bayview, Fillmore,  Exelsior - all over San Francisco - thousands of workers who lived in San Francisco - because they could live in San Francisco at that time - and enjoyed Quality of Life issues.

The University of California did the same - the Presidio of San Francisco where I worked hired many Blacks from the Bayview, Potrero, Fillmore, Exelsior - from all over San Francisco. Most of them lived in San Francisco. Now, it is difficult to find housing - and if you live in San Francisco - it has become a nightmare.

The common denominator we found out - to attain viable an sustainable jobs - was the role of the UNION - training, apprenticeship - job stability and of course upward mobility.

After all San Francisco is  a UNION CITY - but the Unions are busy - politicking.

Foremost the Laborers' Union - filling the sordid " campaign coffers " - of nefarious folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee and a few others - one worse than the other.

In the year 2002 we started to work on a White Paper focused on Jobs in the " inner city " - Upward Mobility - building sound work skills - we soon had a " Job Creation White Paper " in hand - a viable and sustainable Blue Print - that we could work with.

In 2004 we had a meeting at Glide Memorial - and invited some key people - among them Sophie Maxwell and she brought her aide.

The Chair of the Meeting was Maurice Campbell - I was present - and I did not want someone like Sophie Maxwell who was the District 10 Supervisor to be present for this meeting. 

I insisted that we could talk in general about  some talking points - but in no way - give a copy of our White Paper to anyone outside the inner circle.

Someone did not listen to me. Before you know it our paper was in the hand of Sophie Maxwell  - who gave it to a consultant  - a woman - Laura Luster.

In early 2004 I was present at a meeting at City Hall - and on the agenda - was some training program - and an amount of $150, 000 was to be given to this woman - Laura Luster - for creating a " Job Creation Plan ". At a later time - the contents were copied from our " Job Creation White Paper ". Shocking but nothing new in San Francisco.

I vehemently fought this idea - giving this woman $150, 000 all caught on video and available to this day.

I  explained that we had fought for this money - at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - the Director at that time Jose Moscovich - agreed to set aside some $200, 000 for training.

I said   "no way was anyone going to get so much money " - based on our White Paper - that someone stole and now tried to created CityBuild.

In the end - Laura Luster was given $50, 000 - and the rest is history.

CityBuild was formed - and for the first few years it was a disaster. More with Rhonda Simmons and some others - who did not have an idea about San Francisco. More the problems in the " Inner City " - and less had their heart in the right place.

I know all the characters and the characters - know me.

I discussed all this and more - with a Special Advisor to the Mayor's Office on Economic Development and Workforce - but to NO avail. 

The situation is worse today - than ever before - people earning in access of $150, 000 plus benefits - and failing to attain any Viable and Sustainable operation -  good results - that lead to solutions that are - holistic.

People given some training - most of them not placed for long periods.

Some placed - only to let go - after a week - hundreds of such people that come to me in early on when CityBuild was a mess - and I helped them get better jobs.

Some hold these jobs to this day.

Those placed on some project - did not last long - and as I said CityBuild was a disaster.

The City has all these Enterprise Departments - the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is one of them - it employed over 2000 employees - many going to retire - but SFPUC - has failed to train - employees to carry one the operation - with standards.

Failing to capture institution experience and institutional history - so important to maintain a standard - which spells out and attends to details - to carry on the superior and vetted operational values - of any good institution - be it an Enterprise Department or otherwise.

Another Enterprise Department that generates is own money - and does NOT depend on the General Fund -  the SF Airport.

Another - the SF Port Authority - all generate their own money - the SF Airport and the SF PUC - employ thousands of people.

The other City Departments - be it the Department of Public Works, the SF Health Department, the many Departments the City operates each has its own culture - it is who you know.

If - you know some one - your chances of getting a job - are high.

On May 17, 2017 at City Hall in Room 250 - a hearing was held on Economic Equity and Job Creation - the entire hearing was a JOKE.

Sheryl Davis knows nothing much about Jobs and Job Training.
She gave a presentation on " dysfunction families " - that is one problem - and it is not the only problem.

Blacks such as Sheryl Davis - do not have their heart in the right place - she is a sell out - if she was have way decent - she could have focused on the positive .

The examples she gave - gives one some inkling - about her mentality - she thinks she is superior - but suffers in reality  severely - " from inferiority complex " - typical of a House Negro.

Carr the Director of the Mayor's office of Economic Development and Workforce - tried to convince those watching the Presentation - that his OEDW - was trying his best.

CityBuild is an utter failure - with all the ploys, machination, and shenanigans going behind the scenes - all these many - years.

The main problem - is no one has the pulse of the community at ground zero. You cannot have outsiders - who think they know what they think they know - without vetting the details - with the community.

Again and again - so called Community Based Organization - apply for a grant - and are told to take a hike.

Other CBOs with connection - get grants yearly - and this must STOP - we see this more in the Bayview - no grants should given to any entity - continuously for more than 5 years.

Some of them think they are doing a good job - but they have been wheeling and dealing - and many of them exploit the situation at hand. Any decent audit will reveal the truth.

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation - has given people hundreds of jobs - we did the scaffolding at the Calavares Dam, we did miles of fencing at the Calavares Dam.

We transporteed women and men - some 140 miles away - and gave them opportunity. We worked with Giron Construction, Yerba Buena, Black and Vetch and other contractors - who wanted good workers and we chose to work with our young adult outside San Francisco - because of the stinking - politics - within San Francisco. 

The worse of them all the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

We  had our office  at Executive Park, 5 Thomas Mellon, and did it - without help from the OEDW - accepted the enquires - for good workers and kept our word.

With making waves we manage to keep - so many employed - getting good salaries. Our contractors paid their dues - and the UNIONS that took the dues - did not help us in an major way.

I know them personally and most of them are corrupt. I have empirical data - and can expose them - at any time - and they know what I am talking about - the Carpenter Union in San Francisco - the Laborers' Union in San Francisco - and other so called Trade Council one worse than the other.

We employed young adults - women and men - and worked with companies - that we had a good relations with - we had to talk them into understanding - we had a good track record.

We were frank that some of our employees - were incarcerated but were now  " family " - to this days - we communicate with our employees - but as opportunities outside San Francisco - withered  away - so did our opportunities to work with our work force in San Francisco.

I went out on my way to conceive and created the SF Public Utilities Commission Contracting Office - first established at Executive Park - 5 Thomas Mellon Circle. Took us 4 years - to bring this Contracting Center to fruition - 2012.

Today the Center has moved to 150 Executive Park - SFPUC moved there about a year and half ago.

The Center which a state of an art center - is under utilized - initially the focus was on " Jobs " and " Career Jobs Training ".

The focus was changed mid-way - to Contractors as can be noted from the name - Contractors Center.

We, Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation a non-profit - mentored the young adults - many of them - had spent years in jail.

We treated our workers like family - we rejoiced with them but we also shed tears with them. We told them we had their back - and we did.

Recently, CityBuild after all the mess - one of them that  helped create the biggest mess was Rhonda Simmons - a transplant from Oregon.

Missing great opportunities with California Pacific Medical Center - with the many projects all over San Francisco.

CityBuild is about statistics - forms that have to be filled - it has zero ability to enforce - zero compliance.

Once we had the Human Rights Commission - the Human Rights Commission - has a COMMISSION - that enforced compliance.

With the Commission in place and meeting regularly -  the Compliance Officers - doing their job. It was NOT perfect - but it had compliance in place and reporting methods that were transparent with accountability.

Today we have the Contract Monitoring Division - under the City Administrator - truth be told we have an Acting Director that I know and admire him for this diligence and hard work - but why is he treated bad - how long must he be an Acting Director?

The Contract Monitoring Division does not have the ability to conduct - steady and quality compliance - on the hundreds of projects all over the City and County of San Francisco.

It has NO Commission - and NO" policy arm " that can come into play - and maintain quality goals and time lines.

 More  " standards " -  do those that gave the presentations - know about what I have describe above. 

They all got an opportunity to give some drab presentation - because they are " sell outs " - more House Negros - that are NOT - respected in San Francisco.

The Contract Monitoring Division favors  politics - the City Administrator and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee can sit with any Developer - and wheel and deal - pay to play  - has reached saturation point.

Of course - I am not going to explain the details to any " idiot " - the idiots who presented something - that had nothing to do with giving and providing  " good steady jobs ".

Creating long lasting   " career jobs "  - those working in these jobs - working hard to attain  sound skills - and with upward mobility in mind. Also case management - to foster help in the areas of health, mental health if required, housing, nourishment - a holistic approach.

In this digital world - there are many other good jobs - out there - we have no vision, no leadership.

Many the concepts coming from the heads of Department in our City and County of San Francisco - are Smithsonian.

Outsiders come - and take our jobs - hundreds of workers - if not thousands on some jobs - they rent an entire motel or hotel - outside San Francisco - mostly - and take all the jobs - here in our City and County of San Francisco.

I was  at a meeting in Mission Bay recently -   two employees from CityBuild - present  - I witnessed the interaction - after some half-baked orientation - the two employees were late to the meeting - right from the on set - setting a tone - that creates a bad impression.

One contractors boldly stated - he could not find anyone to fill in the many slots he has - link to the  - Ironworkers - the much sought after job " rebar building "  and so on and so forth. 

" Okay that is fine - just fill out the forms and send then to us - so we know what is happening " - said one CityBuild employee.

We have right now in San Francisco thousands of slots - vacant and ready to the filled - in the Hospitality Industry, in the Hotel Industry, in the Digital World.

In the Health or Hospital Industry - but we have NO vision, no leadership - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee bragging that our City's unemployment is 4 percent. This is NOT true.

There are hot-spots in our City where the unemployment is over 60% - I know this - because I go into such areas - and offer HOPE.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - talk a good talk - but cannot walk the walk.

This is San Francisco - and on any given day - we have over 2000 slots to fill - but do we have access to the empirical data - NO. 

Why - because many of those that purport to know some - when in comes to Work Force and Factors dealing with our Economy - are totally - ignorant.

They have not read the Controllers Report - on our Economy - other pertinent documents - linked to our Work Force and Economy. 

This boom in our construction is about to STOP. Then we will be crying wolf - we must spread the work force - into areas that are pertinent and more relevant to the changing times.

Our MUNI has been slow to employ our constituents of San Francisco, so has our Recreation and Park, so has our SF Police Department, so has SF Airport and it goes on and on.

Now, how about housing - we you make less than $40, 000 you might as well forget getting help - having a roof over your head - and even less owning a home.

Crashing on a couch is now common - living in a tent is common - what else is left - ask your Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that pander to him - one worse than the other.

If you are a Senior and  receive some $900  a month - forget about owning a home - and less living in a decent place.

These hearings open a can of worms - they expose the wounds - they rub salt in the raw wounds.

 The House Negros the likes of Sheryl Davis - a " sell out " - she witnessed what the community that mattered - offered the Human Rights Commission - when they offered some Commendations - but did not take a stand of the prevail " murders and killings " - mostly of Blacks - on the streets of San Francisco.

The Commendations were given back - in fact they commendation were thrown on the floor.

The Mayor's Office wastes millions of dollars - giving grants to those that cheat, steal, buy themselves things - and then come to the meetings - and cry that - their funding is cut.

This crooks since the days of  Willie L. Brown - are known liars and have testified wrongly and done harm to decent people - the likes of Kevin Williams - a Black man - one of the best Compliance Officers in San Francisco - who was ganged upon.

If Kevin Williams was afforded half an hour - he would have analyzed the paralyzed situation today - linked to Work Force, less Career Jobs and more the House Negros - who continue to do the most damage - the worse among them Amos Brown. 

The Wheeling and Dealing - the Pay for Play - going on daily in Room 200 - the den of thieves - in charge of that sordid den - Mayor Edwin M. Lee. Go figure.

London Breed means well - but she is a pander - has been pandering all the days of her life - pretending to please those Blacks who are not educated on issues.

None of them have studied the Unfinished Agenda - none of them have studied the Our Migration Document - the reason is simple - they love to hear gossip - they love to take the easier route - the love to get things  on a platter.

Finally let me say - the likes of Amos Brown, Linda Richardson, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Veronica Hunnicutt, Derf Butler, Calvin Jones, Al Williams,  Dr. Churchwell, Malia Cohen, London Breed - have only themselves to blame - talk from both sides of their mouth - and spew - diatribe.

CityBuild is  JOKE.