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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Donald Trump -
he spews too much hot air -
he is an " anathema ".

Donald Trump is an " anathema " - created by the Democrats - who let us down - decent, hard working, citizens of America.

The Democrats created a sordid vacuum -  the Democratic Party - failed on many pertinent - levels - and now must pay for the adverse impacts.

Today, all the Democrats  do - is point fingers at Donald Trump.
Bark up the wrong tree - for how long can the Democrats try to fool all the people - all the time.

The Democrats -  in the many terms they have had an opportunity -  to do good - did nothing much.

 The Democrats controlled this Nation - they failed the people - again and again. Today, the Democrats are licking their chops.

President Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Care with all that has been said - has helped a few - may be more those with " pre-existing ailments ".

In general and by large measure - Obama Care - raised premiums - and many Insurance Companies today - do not want to have - anything to do with Obama Care.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and others to this day - think - they did well - with Obama Care.

The " truth " be told - the Democrats and more the Democratic leaders before and today - are not to be " trusted " - and failed miserably with Obama Care.

President Andrew Jackson

It is not as if - we have not seen - a character like Donald Trump - before - one that can be likened to Donald Trump - in the past  -President Andrew Jackson. They two share many things in common - one for sure - dislike for the Native Americans.

Today, the Main Media is hurt - because Donald Trump - keeps saying the " Main Media " is FAKE. 

To some degree - today's Main Media - has set aside "investigative reporting " - and wants to put out news - that, in large measure - has not be vetted.

Vladimir Putin - a " thug " 
he wants to destroy the free world.

The Russians and Putin - has studied the weaknesses - and hacked our Social Media - platforms.

So many Americans - are not educated on issues - and those that are - could not care less - to counter attack - the propaganda of the Russians. Many cannot discern - and more have their priorities - far away from issues that matter - sound education, world affairs, geography, international politics - emerging power like China and so on and so forth.

Facebook and other platforms - are used by international hackers to introduce misinformation - that those that are " ignorant " spread - and soon that sordid news - goes viral.

Many Americans and others - who live in the Cyber world - and they are  many -  prop up their fake egos - others use it to spread gossip.

Still others will take something that is NOT true - and spread some " disinformation " - that soon goes - viral.

It all boils down - to being educated on issues.

There is nothing like - sound education - people who can discern. 

There is a lot of information out there in cyber space - the ability to filter the best information - connect the dots - that is true - education.

Putin from Russian - is a "thug".

An evil man who worked for the KGB - a man who will do anything - to destroy America - and the free world.

We must have little to do with him - and unfortunately someone  -  like Hillary Clinton - as the Secretary of State - compromised our Nation - on many fronts. Going into detail would do more harm than good.

As the Democrats are prone to do - Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, others, one worse than the other.

All Democrats and many of them - living here in San Francisco - blindly supported the worse elements - within the Democratic Party - the most poisonous snake of them all  - Hillary Clinton. 

Chief Joseph - a great leader -
whose people were murdered by this Nation.

Chief Sitting Bull - who defeated Custer -
a fact that is well known - this land all of it -
every square inch belongs the the Native Americans.

Those that raped this Nation - Turtle Island -  do not want to go to a time - when some scumbags - literally landed on the shores of Turtle Island - seeking " freedom " - about 350 years.

The Whites that we see today - and know some - had nothing to do with this Nation - they were strangers. They came here to take refuge - they are immigrants - the only ones who can say truly - they are Native - are the Native Americans.

The more - we do not want to come to grips with this one fact  - as to who is Native - and more the jokers look like buffoons.

The United Nations - other World Entities - have again and again - requested the United States - to respect the Native Americans - much as Canada has the First People.

Even Australia - in some little way - has apologized for the atrocities committed against - the Aboriginal People of Australia.

The United States including Barack Hussein Obama - could have given some succor to the Native Americans - embraced the Native Americans - many of whom live on Reservations - in their own country.

Donald Trump much like the House Negro Barack Hussein Obama - has not seized to be compassionate - and it is - this one singular fact - that cries to heaven for justice.

The Great Spirit sees it all. What goes around come around.

We do have sovereign Native American lands - much as we saw in North Dakota - the land of Chief Sitting Bull and other great Chiefs.

As I said - today we have person - in the White House - who compared the immigrants to some " snake ". Donald's mother  -entered the United States - as an illegal immigrant.

Donald Trump who is the President - has no clue about our Judicial system - he has failed to produce one single piece of legislation that make senses.

His many Executive Orders - are pointers - like arrows shot in the air. Not one of his Executive Orders - has a detail plan - and as I said he an " anathema " - a disgrace to the human race. Pathetic.