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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Seniors and others who have fallen on bad times -
have no roof over their head - sleep under our bridges -
in other filthy places - God have mercy on SF our authorities.

There are thousands of Seniors in San Francisco who have NO roof over their head.

At one time all of them - had jobs and a roof over their head - but the recent changes - where rents have high rocketed - one bedroom costing in access of $3500 - a two bedroom in access of $5300 - is too much to bear.

These Seniors live one limited income - most of them on an average making $900 - and one can plainly see - with this limited income - no one truly can stay in San Francisco - any more.

Gentrification has destroyed thousands of families - who have left San Francisco - in the last five years - over 40, 000 families - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys have nothing much say.

Our City is made by of unique neighborhoods - the Mayor and his  lackeys do not under this - and so the time has come - to remove this Mayor - he and his lackeys - even with all the changes - his advisor jumping ship - and some other worse crooks brought in.

Two of the Mayor's lackeys have jumped ship his chief advisor Steve Kawa and his other expert on " so called affordable housing " Olson Lee.

Prior to that - Tiffany Bohee - who is now working for " Land Lease " - and has a lot to do with the transfer of City Property - the large Block on Van Ness - at the corner of Van Ness and Market.

For the last 30 years - Seniors have been relegated to the status of  those that can wait - they have been waiting - " Waiting For Godot " - NO affordable housing has been built - to accommodate the large amount of Seniors - who are now spending their Golden Years - living in tents - on the streets of San Francisco.

It is not uncommon for those who use brand new cars - and roam the streets of San Francisco - so called " workers who care for the homeless " -  from all the things we see - they only care about themselves.

Calling in the hot teams and the SF Police Department - to take care of things they should be taking care of - calling in teams from the Department of Public Works - to wipe out encampments.

These team - take the medications from the indigent and poor - treat the homeless with disdain - all the while most San Franciscans - are now feeling immune to the situation -  few stand up for those that need help most - our Seniors.

God is watching all this - and already those in authority - are feeling the pinch - but there is more to come - you will be treated by a higher power - in proportion to the disdain you show to those - who need urgent help and more compassion and love.

The City has now tasked the Department of Public Works to wipe out areas - more tents - without taking care to inform those in tents - to set aside their valuables and medication.

It is simply wrong to destroy - the little the poor have - more the Seniors -  it should be made mandatory - that a video be used to record what was there before - and how the tearing down of the tents - is executed.

How the things are inventoried with a Supervisor present - more,  when valuables are removed - how those impacted are given an opportunity to save their medication and valuables.

Those who are acting on orders - have no clue - about compassion and human dignity - those acting on orders - do not know they can be taken to " court " - we are a Nation of Laws - and we pay taxes.

Anyway you look at it - we the tax payers - pay the money - for all these actions - costing the City and County of San Francisco - millions of dollars - in access of $200 million - temporary housing - included.

Again and again - I have stood a few feet away and seen the workers who are ordered to - remove the tents.

 How those that have some shelter - more during the current inclement weather - cry their heart out - feel that no one cares about them - left so vulnerable that they feel - that there is no reason for them to live. Their removed tents - their last resort to stay - alive.

While those who are young adults and adults - can tolerate some stress - the Seniors should be treated with compassion - and everything done - not to stress them out.

Hundreds of Seniors have died - their bodies taken to the morgue - where they are left for someone to claim - the SF City and County has done a poor job - when it comes to those left in the morgue - before their remains are incarcerated.

There are no shelters - shelters with showers, a good meal, and a clean bed to sleep- to cater to the majority of the Senior and those that are poor - and have fallen on bad times. 

The few amenities that are available are taken by those who have connections.

Many Seniors are given a chair and have to sit on this chair all night long.

 Those who offer such amenities - think this is the best they can do -  offering a chair for a Senior and making her or him seat all night long - this is a crime.

I said it is a CRIME.

Shame on our Nation - and those who rake in millions - from selling ammunition, war weapons, fighter jets - missiles, and other sensitive equipment - we have been supplying  to Israel - costing us the United States - billions of dollars.

Now, we are bowing down - acting like fools - and supplying over 110 Billion - and some say as much as 400 Billion to Saudi Arabia.

We must think about our actions - more - when here  in the United States - 3 out of 5 Seniors - have no food to eat - and many past the second week - literally - starve. 

This is a shame - and we call - ourselves a Superpower - no Superpower should treated its citizens like dirt.

 More our Seniors - who in their Golden Years - have to live in despicable condition, have no good place to sleep, no nutritional food to eat - no health services - worth the salt.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee must step down now - HE is an utter failure.

We know about the millions he has in off shore accounts.

His wheeling and dealing is well know - and more his pay to play - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

San Francisco is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohone - and our Seniors our Elders are respected.

Those that are poor - must be offered succor - and treated like human beings.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I am monitoring the situation at hand - intervening and doing the best I can.

As I said  - God is watching the sad state of affairs - here in San Francisco. A City named after Saint Francis - and run by a bunch of thugs.

 Many SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang - who do as their please - others surfing the Internet - right in the SF Board of Supervisor Chamber - Room 250 - while the deliberation are on going.

This is a crime and illegal - and the authorities must take those acting like " morons " - disrespecting the tax payers, the constituents of San Francisco to task. Change them under the RICO ACT - now we have the empirical data and more. Aho.