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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Throughout my life -  I have witnessed  some unique  " space " - more in situations - that need an input - the essence of which - takes us to a better place - a more holistic - place for most.

Children and even infants - can teach you some - the "situation " - may not be complex - it could be simple - but it serves as an example.

As adults - failing to go the extra yard to embrace all is futile  - more to go to a place but fail to give children, youth, and young adults - a say - that matters. 

Failing not to permit our children, youth, and young adults - to give  them a means to participate in a meaningful way - is the only way - to address issues - in a holistic manner - full inclusion.

We notice again and again - some adults - talking too much - and then when you have heard them - and analyzed all that they have said - and bring to their attention - they have brought little of substance.

 Little is no progress in the short run - the long run - mostly barking up the wrong tree.

Never looking at the " situation " - without taking all human beings, be it an idea, a concept, a principle embracing all - and what is important to note - make a difference - for all - but as any good mother will tell you - our children matter.

Here is San Francisco - our children - have to face - innumerable hurdles, they had to suffer, they had to endure a lot - as many adults - were fumbling and looking for the answers - in all the wrong - places.

Donald Trump - on the National Level

Willie L. Brown Jr. on the Local Level -
here in San Francisco -
a former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco.

When some of us advocates - looked for the imperial data - purportedly generated by machines - that were in place - an analyze air - land surround by Asbestos Structures - we found - from many avenues we investigated - there was NO empirical data - to be found.

As hard pressed as we were to find answers, scouring all the places we had access to - we came to a " dead end " then we found out the - Truth.

We found Lennar Urban a " rogue developer " - had removed the batteries - from the machines meant to function and analyze the air.

 The machines - the Air Monitors - lay stagnant, docile, there was no suction happening.

There was no air, no particulates or Asbestos Structures - to analyze - and this utter nonsense went on for years.

Some of us who were fine tuned to our children, our mothers, more our women who care more for our children.

We advocates were led to work hard - day and night for months on end - motivated by our children - and it is our children - that led God be with us - spur us on.

Our youth, young adults - went to Sacramento, California -
to fight for what is right -
many of them stranded to this day - vague promises -
nothing sustainable and viable - where is the justice.

We all went before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District  (BAAQMD) on Ellis Street in San Francisco - filled the space - and we adults spoke - always with our infants, children, youth, young adults, our sisters and bothers, our seniors in mind.

The BAAQMD fined Lennar Urban $515, 000 the largest fine - some mandated actions were to be executed - the point to make is that our children led us " advocates " - to bring about this - unique and spectacular - change for good.

The corrupt Mayor - Edwin M. Lee =
wheeling and dealing -pay to play -
he must step down - now.

Today, Mayor Edwin M. Lee does not mention the case - that we the people won - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - fining Lennar Urban - $ 515, 000 - which Lennar Urban paid.

 Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - does not mention - the many other issues we have fought with our children, youth, and young adults - Citywide.

The Lennar Urban case - adverse impact as a result of activities on Parcel A - at Hunters Point - more affected the Bayview Hunters Point Area - and more the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

San Francisco has hundreds of " so called " Environmental Organizations, Foundations - such as the San Francisco Foundation.

Other Foundations - that will dole out large sum to entities - but NOT one of them - has paid attention to the harm done to our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - others in San Francisco. Here is our own - backyard.

These so called entities without a " soul " - organizations such as SPUR - have never once - taken a position for good - when it comes to the increase linked to  the Carbon Footprint in the Southeast Sector. More liquefaction and severe - flooding.

The San Francisco Foundation with Fred Blackwell - as its head - former Director of the SF Redevelopment Organization - who doles out money to dubious entities. Never once mentions about the high levels registered at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that Huntersview is surrounded by the worst type of contamination.

Grinning like a jackass -
Nancy Pelosi has failed us all -
bragging that Huntersview is a good place to live -
why does she not live there? People slowly dying.

Other Foundations - touting they stand for Environmental Issues - are as fake as can be.

 The stands they take - more - when they fully ignore - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health.

Right here in San Francisco - who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, tumors, cancer, heart problems, burning eyes, throat irritation, skin irritation, severe headaches - and so on.

Hundreds of surveys, tons of information - we call empirical data - are available with our Director of San Francisco Health Department.

 Many of these so called Environmental Entities - groups and entities - that have NO clue about what I am talking about.

The Ohlone - they lived in the San Francisco 
area and beyond for over 13, 000 years.

The paradox all this land we see - was stolen - every square inch - from the Ohlone.

For over 13, 000 years the Ohlone took care of this land.

It was pristine and all life thrived. Our micro climate made this land we called San Francisco a paradise.

A Map on note - much before the strangers -
came to San Francisco - this land -
once known better as Turtle Island.

Skyscrapers changing the skyline -
some of the skyscrapers sinking -
one of those in the picture - 16 inches and sinking.

Today, San Francisco -  is a concrete jungle, with skyscrapers that have changed the skyline.

 A 58 story building sinking, and the congestion on our roads - adversely impacting our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors and those with compromised health.

As often happens - every City in this Nation - the United States of America draws a line - this side of the line - the filthy rich live and have all their needs met.

On the other side of the rail line - in San Francisco - the Southeast Sector - is where the industrial facilities were - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - created from landfill - two huge hills the likes of the Bayview Hill - demolished and the dirt - together with the remains of the Ohlone - dumped to create over 1200 acres  - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where Depleted Uranium was tested in the 1950s - as part of the World War II - efforts.

The bomb named " Fat Man " left San Francisco's
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
to be put on the U.S.S. Missouri -
then transferred to a American B-29 -
then dropped on Nagasaki,  Japan August 9, 1945.

One bomb left the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - was put on the U.S. S. Missouri - then placed on an aircraft - an American B-29 and dropped on Nagasaki. Thousands died - the Emperor of Japan - decided to submit - and World War II - came to an end.

Few know the key role San Francisco and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard played a role - a key word to note is " KARMA ".

The unconditional surrender - by the 
Emperor of Japan - the Atomic Bomb -
killed thousands and millions still continue to suffer.

General McArthur signing the unconditional surrender -
today the United States has armed Japan and South Korea -
to confront North Korea - times have changed -
many have no clue what I am talking about -
because they are NOT educated on issues.

" No good will ever come - with anything that is built on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard ".

If you know your history - you know some - if you do not know your history - you are lost - a compass without any hands.

Learn more:

We can and will go deeper - in future articles.

Reveal the ignorance of those that want to develop and build brand new units on land that is contaminated - in San Francisco - some 30, 000 homes.

Right now the land on which the units are built - registering high level of radioactive elements. Go Figure.

In any equation our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - must NOT be adversely impacted.

Those that are " innocent " - should not suffer - because of  the sins of those that were caught in the moment - and failed us all.

As we know - even today - we have NO right to fight wars in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya, in Yemen, in Syria, in other places - we go to war - without consulting Congress - and none of these nations mentioned above - attacked our Nation.

We get caught in the madness of this all - all these mundane issues.

Fail our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults more here in San Francisco.

 Adults calling themselves leader - barking up the wrong tree - have created a mess - and make our children, youth, our young adults - jump through - hoops. Aho.