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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


San Francisco is a Racist City - and today - more than ever before - the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce, the Mayor Office in Room 200 - more Mayor Edwin M. Lee - with intent is adversely impacting thousands of people.

In the Fillmore large areas that formerly came under the jurisdiction of the SF Redevelopment Agency - where transferred to the now Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - quickly and without any short term and long Blue Print.

This happened when the former SF Redevelopment Agency - was deactivated and all former SF Redevelopment Agency assets - transferred to the State of California.

The many mistakes made at the Transbay Project by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCCI) are well known - one glaring issue resulting in the current mess - the sinking of the Millennium Building.

Adverse impacts to adjoining skyscrapers - with the City and County and the Department of Building Inspection - caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The blind leading the blind.

We know the blatant, corruption prevailing at Huntersview and the adjoining areas.

Free rein given to the corrupt John Stewart Company - who should not be given - such a large area - to act as Property Managers.

We know this " rogue developer " - from the days of Geneva Towers - the role of the John Stewart Company - and their role today - where many tenants - are treated like dirt.

It is the same with Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holding LLP - a rogue developer who continues to build inferior homes on very toxic and contaminated ground.

People should be living on land that is not contaminated - putting innocent people on land that is contaminated - with intent - is wrong - someone has BLOOD on their hands.

The plan made for a large shopping mall at the former Candlestick Stadium site - is totally out of sync with the Master Plan of the City.

The community at large - without any viable and sustainable public transportation in place.

The same is true at Hunterview and the surrounding area - it has NO viable and sustainable Public Transportation. Years after the housing is in place - many elements - linked to sustainability - are not in place. As I mentioned one of them  - sound Public Transportation - secondly charging stations for electric cars - means to curtail the Carbon Footprint - are not in place.

Again and again the former SF Redevelopment Agency - adversely impacted the community at large in the Fillmore, in the Bayview, at Potrero Hill, in other places.

Removing people also know as " gentrification " -  choosing high density buildings and other dubious and nefarious actions - to intimidate and traumatize - innocent constituents,  hard working tax payers - of San Francisco.

The Fillmore experience the worse type of " gentrification " in the 1960s - adversely impacting thousands - even today many of those who suffered remember the harm - and the City and County of San Francisco - does not have a  Blue Print - to adjudicate the harm and bring about a holistic conclusion.

Today plans are afoot to sell assets by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - assets in the Fillmore - where well noticed and informed meaningful meetings - should be held with the Fillmore and other interested community members.

This is NOT being done.

On the contrary - behind the scenes all sorts of ploys, machinations, shenanigans are carried out - trying to fool the people and make them jump hoops and hurdles - and this is WRONG.

Some plans are afoot to notice Request for Proposals - that undermine the trust of the " community at large " - asking them to submit proposals - without providing detail plans - of transfer of land and buildings - once meant for the " community at large - in this case the Fillmore ".

The Right of First Refusal should be given to the community at large - more in the Fillmore because the community at large was impacted by the nefarious and dubious actions - of the former SF Redevelopment Agency - in large measure.

" Eminent Domain " - was used to remove thousands of people - most of them were given some minimal notice and money.

Victorian Homes and other building moved to other places - and given to others - thus encouraging - blatant gentrification.

Large areas left vacant - for years - latter on the SF Redevelopment Agency - built high density buildings - paying no attention - what so ever - to those that once lived on that land - had homes - all of them - treated with utter, disdain.

The SF Controller Office is mandated to study the impacts - that adversely impacted the people of the Fillmore - be it the American Japanese who suffered the most - including incarceration in camps - during World War II - even though they were Citizens of America.

The Filipino community - who suffered not only in the Western Addition but in other areas too - because of the nefarious mandates and actions of the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

African Americans - were removed - and most lived in miserable condition in the Tenderloin.

 Many of them falling prey to heroin and alcohol - other deadly habits - thus destroying families who came from the South - worked very hard - and then had most of what they had earned - taken from them. Thrown to the wind - this one act - crying to heaven for justice.

San Francisco is a Racist City - and today - we still have folks like London Breed and Malia Cohen - who have no clue about past actions - committed by the SF City and County of San Francisco.

 Today both of them are on the payroll - of dubious entities - and what is disgusting in this picture - Blacks are put in places - to continue the blatant removal - we call it " gentrification " - adversely impacting - people of color.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is working with Mainland Chinese entities - encouraged by visas such as the EB-5 and other dubious tactics -  to further the nefarious intentions of those that have money.

The Chinese from Mainland China  -  do not care about the welfare and good - of the constituents of San Francisco. These Chinese are very selfish and mean - and care only about their own welfare.

These nefarious and  illegal actions - will come to haunt him - sooner not later.

Many of the activities - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is involved with - call for  the implementation of the RICO ACT.

 The illegal action he is involved with - could and should send him and his lackeys to jail  - for a long time.

These actions must be addressed by the Controller Ben Rosenfield - also City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

 It is also possible if need be this matter be made known to the U.S. Attorney General - and the  United States - Department of Justice too. For sure the Federal Bureau of Investigation - here in San Francisco - who already investigation many of the pertinent and salient dealing - coming out from Room 200 at City Hall.

This is Muwekam Ohlone Land - and all the land that we are talking about - some, 49 square miles that is San Francisco - was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on matters linked to Infrastructure, Land Use - and other Quality of Life issues -  in San Francisco.

What I see - all over San Francisco -  is blatant disregard - in interacting and more discussing matters - pertaining - to land, the buildings, the assets - that belong to the " people " - the " commons ".

More, the constituents of the Fillmore, the Bayview Hunters Point area, the Potrero Hill Public Housing, Oakdale Public Housing, Visitation Valley Public Housing.

The many other areas - set aside once for the indigent and poor and now being given to HOPESF - run by mostly, Whites more Property Mangers - who do not have the best interests of people of color.

Those removed and given " Certificate of Preference " - have been treated with disdain.

One hearing called by then Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi - some years ago - had Olson Lee from the Mayor's Office of Housing - stating that many lists - naming people who had the 
" Certificate of Preference " - were lost.

 Lost in the move when files were transferred from one place to the other.

Thousands of eligible " Certificate of Preference " candidates have been told to go here and there - to register for housing. Put on some list and never called.

Now, a new system has been created - by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII ) - where one can fill out an application form for housing on line.

 But -  in no way - is there a meaningful way to adjudicate a case - people  have been waiting with their  " Certificate of Preference " in hand - in many cases for over 30 years. Go figure. 

I am calling upon the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) to notice an agenda item - to discuss the in and outs of the Proposed Fillmore Heritage Center - and how the community's concerns can be redressed - Community Benefits - restitution to the community for all the harm done. 

The millions wasted - on the Fillmore Tower, Yoshi's, other real estate - linked to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - and now been hurriedly transferred to dubious and nefarious entities - the community in large - kept in the dark - by the Mayor's Office and the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCCI).