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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


No one in their right mind - 
wants someone like Malia Cohen to represent them -
the first time around - she won the District 10 -
Supervisor's seat by a measly 200 votes.

We have two political whores - who simply will not get it. They keep behaving as if they have no manners - no etiquette - bringing disgrace to the August Chambers - Room 250 at City Hall.

Brought up surrounded by dysfunctional entities - they cannot conduct themselves as they ought to - and behave like brats.

Our Elders who are homeless - are treated like dirt - in the shelters - for only one reason - because they are " indigent " - they are poor - and this because - they just happened to fall on bad times.

Most of our Elders have been living on "limited income " - and in today world it is practically impossible to survive on $900 and below a month. 

These two political whores simply do not get it - because daily they are " wheeling and dealing " - involved in pay to play - ploys and machinations.

In their mind these two political whores - think ' we the public respect them -  when this one fact -  could be further from the truth - these two are despised.

Again and again - advocates have pointed out to these two jackasses - that they are a disgrace to the human race.

At the last SF Board of Supervisors meeting - one Supervisor was not at his seat - the one represent District 11 - and was chided by the President of the Board - calling him " boy " - such words and statements - from the hood - that is inherent in the DNA of London Breed - betray her ignorance and more show where she really belongs - the cesspool.

Malia Cohen - not in her seat - in the Chambers - kneeling next to the Clerk of the Board - bothering her and hindering the Clerk    of Board - from doing her important work.

The Clerk of the Board - better take this warning seriously - before a complaint is made.

You are paid to do your work - and if some idiot like Malia Cohen impedes your work - you have to tell the idiot to stay away.

Our SF Board of Supervisors in San Francisco - have NOT totally come to an understanding - when it comes to our Elders or Seniors. 

More those that live in tents on the streets of San Francisco facing inclement weather and many other hazards.

Many of our Elders have died and are their remains - are kept in the morgue. No one claiming these remains.

There are all sorts of bodies, entities, committees created to deal with the Seniors and Elders.

The many issues linked to discrimination, more in the shelters.

On matters linked with Senior Housing and Hospitals - other essential services - and daily it gets worse.

In some of our Centers where they serve " free food " - if Blacks go to these Centers - recently invaded by the Chinese who have been here as in the case of Visitation Valley - for some 15 years or so - in bigger numbers. 

These Chinese discriminate against Blacks - and do not serve the Blacks - and in  many cases are told to go away.

Malia Cohen and London Breed two Black politicians - have been caught in the web of corruption again and again - the Ethics Commission has all the complaints.

Malia Cohen is in bed with Lennar Urban a " rogue developer ".
In fact she is on Lennar Urban's pay roll - and the Federal Bureau of Investigation must get to the bottom of this issue.

London Breed has been arrogant - once - even trying to intimidate me.

 She does not know - anything much about me - and I will not tolerate nonsense - from an " idiot " like her. 

Be is she is immature and has not had a proper upbringing - she is know as a " brat " - and continue to act like one.

London Breed -  will do anything for money - and has pandered to entities - just to receive some bread crumps.

That is how these political whores act - always pandering - laughing like jackasses - and have nothing positive to offer - besides spewing - " hot air ".

It is time that a hearing be held on our Elders our Seniors - let us see who calls for this hearing.

It is time the Clerk of the Board -  honor the decorum and standing of the Clerk of the Board and what is stands for - more, to conduct business and maintain some decorum  - without having some " brat " -  like Malia Cohen siting next her - and diverting her mind.

More -  chirping into the microphone - barking at a Senior to stop talking - when the Senior in question is hard of hearing.

More though aged - is educated on issues - and can teach Malia Cohen - a thing or two.

Malia Cohen should be sitting at her desk - and not roaming around the Chambers - having side-bars - chatting all the time - bothering the City Attorney, at one time when I was present the Controller - the other SF Board of Supervisors who want to do their job - and listen to the pubic at large - for which we tax payers - pay those that want to represent and serve.

Now,  Malia Cohen wants to join the Board of Equalization - when in fact she should step down - and fade into oblivion. We surely do not want a  " political whore " on the State of California Level - in any capacity.

Malia Cohen is Black - daily she bleaches herself to make her appearance look lighter - in fact she is " ugly " - as " ugly " as they come.

The brashness and meanness is well known and recorded - and it is a pity that Malia Cohen - has NO clue the harm she is doing - to those that choose - public service - more to represent and help the public at large. 

To get to the point - when some San Francisco Supervisors - do not consider - the plight of our Senior and Elder population  - to be of  significance - more pertinent  - San Francisco is turning its back on our Senior and Elders - who in the past - have been treated right.

The least we can do - is protect our Seniors and Elders - much as most of us do at our homes.

It does not mean - our Seniors and Elders are treated with disdain - just because - they are poor - have fallen on bad times.

Our Seniors - need some help - more they are in need of some urgent - assistance. Too may of them have fallen on bad times and live on our streets - facing inclement weather - and the bad hazards that come with the territory - assaults, robberies, treated with disdain - just because of their age.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and we do not respect those that treat our Seniors - our Elders - with disdain.

Those that do that - should choose to live somewhere else - more if you behave like political whores and pimps - bring disgrace to all of San Francisco - and more decent - San Franciscans.