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Saturday, May 13, 2017


The despicable Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a crook and corrupt - and having no leadership 
qualities - what so ever. Pathetic.

When the Democrats were in power - they were informed - again and again - about " synthetic drugs " - originating from Mainland China - the Capital being - Beijing.

The House Negro - Barack Hussein Obama - did nothing at all - Hillary Clinton the  then Secretary of State - visited the Chinese in Beijing.

Hillary Clinton was pussyfooting - and I am glad she did not win the last Presidential Election - she is a lying - scum and we must always remember - that she compromised the " Security " of our Nation.

Hillary failed to serve our Nation - and more on Health Issues.

So did Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and our aged and senile - Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The Chinese  with "intent " - killing our most vulnerable population - those who started with " pain killers " - indiscriminately prescribed by " rogue doctors " - all over our Nation and  even here in San Francisco.

The SF Department of Health and those in authority knew about this and did nothing.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee knew and know about this and has done nothing much about it.

The SF Board of Supervisors - talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk - leading the pack - fake jackasses the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - both,  political, whores.

These artificial synthetic drugs - called " opioids " - millions of  synthetic pills sent to Mexico and from there - flooding places like California , New Mexico, Texas, Florida - and other town and citizens - all over our Nation.

We had one major distributor - right in the SF Mission - that was arrested and his business busted - by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Our ports are all vulnerable - and if hundreds of "containers " slip in with other salable, contents - these " synthetic drugs " - are cheap and can cause -  havoc.

Over 100, 000 die from opioids and related drugs - more than those killed by cars, guns, and other related incidents that lead to death. Think about that.

Here is San Francisco - there are places in the Mission - one very close to the " Navigation Center " in the Mission. All sorts of nefarious drug activities - go on there - for all the world to see.

Another eye sore the Bill Graham Auditorium - for sure Bill Graham would not approve of such an eye sore an disgrace to our City and County of San Francisco.

 Those hooked on heroin and like drugs - including " opioids " - of course - doing their thing - in the open - surrounded by filth.

Our Mayor makes over $400, 000 a year - and does little if nothing - on those fronts that matter - addressing Quality of Life issues.

Congestion on our roads is getting worse - the increase of the Carbon Footprint - generating millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide.

More - from pouring millions of tons of  concrete - and other particulates - from the millions of vehicle trips - spewing particulates more - PM 2.5.

Our SF Board of Supervisors and more idiots like Malia Cohen and London Breed - have NOT studied - nor do they know - how to analyze any empirical data.

Their education is pathetic to say the least - even though they claim to have degrees - and has been mentored by entities such as " Emerge " - they hear things but they do not listen.

The well know corrupt power - even meeting with an FBI informer to rake in money - is know - and proves that when it comes to character  - these two political whores - are worse than scumbags.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land and I represent and monitor Quality of Life issues at all levels.

More and more our San Francisco - Elders are treated with disdain.

They are NOT provided sound housing, good health care - and the Commission on Aging - must step up and have a Blue Print - with goals and timelines.

The food programs linked to the Aged - have to be fine tuned - and in some centers where the Aged are fed - the Aged are discriminated.

 This too - in San Francisco - where we pride and say - we are the City that  "knows how" - more to do things - better.

One of the sites -  the Center on Leyland Street - in the Visitation Valley.

 I have written about this Center and the rampant discrimination - against Blacks and Latinos - by newbie Chinese - who think - their shit don't stink. 

More and more our youth - foster youth and young adults - Queer youth and young adults - are suffering.

Others who have compromised health - our Homeless Czar - head of the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing - is a rip off - millions spent on administration and the Czar himself - receives a salary of over $250, 000 with benefits and perks.

Navigation Centers - are places where anything goes - meaning the model - allows animals to accompany and live with those in the " Navigation Centers ". 

While most maintain some hygiene - others - who are devoid of maintain cleanliness - contribute to diseases.

Generally so far these Navigation Centers - do not cater to more than 100 people.

We have over 10, 000 homeless on the streets of San Francisco , many living under bushes and bridges - others living in boarded buildings, still other in vehicles in horrific conditions.

The Mayor has NOT been briefed - and when he is told about the reality of the things at hand - he says - what can he do about the " reality " - bouncing the same question he is asked - without mentioning any solutions.

For every slot that is available at a shelter, some shelters where you are provided a chair to sit all night long.

 This is an issue that must be taken to Court - human beings - with compromised health - should not be given a chair - and told to maintain themselves sitting the whole night long.

 This is inhumane - and some one must sue the City and County of San Francisco  for a large sum may be $500 million - to make a strong - point.

It is in San Francisco the United Nations signed their Charter - at the War Memorial Building - opposite City Hall on the Van Ness side.

How stupid can those in authority be - to give chair to a sick person, a person in distress - and tell her or him - to seat on this chair all night long?

While the Mayor and his family sleeps on a bed - and we pay him a fat salary - for doing nothing at all?

The City and County of San Francisco must be ashamed of itself - for failing to abide by the United Nations Human Rights - and more the Constitution of our Nation.

Millions of dollars are doled out to so called Non-Profits - who waste money - so called Homeless Monitors - most of them White - who do not truly care for those - mostly people of color.

Again and again - our Elders, our foster youth and young adults, our Queer youth and young adults - our most vulnerable group the Transsexual individuals - many of them having degrees - discriminated - this nonsense must STOP.

It is time our Transsexual, our foster youth, those that are vulnerable - are invited to the table - to explain and narrate their experiences - we do not want - idiots - more morons - making policies - while someone blows hot air - up their ass. Despicable!

Leaders like Theresa Sparks and others must step up - and post a list of what the Transsexual have to encounter - daily in their lives to survive under very pressing - circumstances.

Prioritize the needs of this segment of the Transsexual population that has been neglected - and who stood up for their rights - a long time ago - duly recorded and commended Nationwide.

One place the above issue can be addressed and can be on the agenda - is the SF Health Commission - with Barbara Garcia present .

The Mayor must be mandated  to attend the fully noticed meeting.  The SF Health Commission  held at 100 Grove Street.

The Mayor is pathetic - he has no clue about the suffering of the Transsexual and the many harassment cases, trials and tribulation they endure.

More, Edwin M. Lee does not care - typical of a paper pusher - one that wheels and deal - caught in many pay to play - ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (DPH), Mobile Crisis Support (DPH) - TAY Navigation Centers, TAY drop in Centers - are just the tip of the iceberg - catering - just to a very few people who need help - badly.

Again the above services lack - Cultural Competency and more lack " Implicit Bias Training ". Too many Whites thinking they have the solutions.

People of Color kept out - people of color - who can associate closely and more find the right solutions - as they are closer to the issues - and more - have their " heart " in the right place.

Whites mostly gravitate - where they can make tons of money - even willing to sell their Mothers - for a nickel.

Mostly Whites doing their thing - and failing to understand and comprehending and more having a deep feeling - the tribulations, trials, and pain - of those that have been suffering for decades.

Belonging into that segment of the population - foster children  Transsexuals, the indigent, other vulnerable groups, more those with compromised - health.

All the above groups and more - too many to mention - where these groups are treated with disdain. Not invited to the table - to deliberate and showcase their plight. Wake up San Francisco!

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee talking the talk - but failing to walk the walk - laughing to the Bank  - glad that we pay him in access of $400, 000 a year - for doing nothing at all.

This Joker has set our City and County of San Francisco -
on FIRE - this clown - must step down - and fade into oblivion.