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Friday, May 5, 2017


San Francisco in past years - going back 40 years - has been open to some pertinent, changes - within the San Francisco Police Department.

After long years - been deprived - having to report details to the courts and other entities - through modalities such as - and measure such as " receivership ".

In recent years - that cloud was uplifted - but, even as it was uplifted - accountability and transparency - seems to wane away - and what has been replaced - is divisiveness - racial discrimination and more.

At closer inspection and evaluation - the problem seems to be embedded with a few - very few San Francisco Police Officers - more those that come to work here in San Francisco - from far away places - not very clear that San Franciscans - embrace all - attracting the best minds - to this land - the land of the Ohlone.

The present San Francisco Police Commission is in a flux - two vacant positions - two good past Commissioners - have left their seats vacant Petra DeJesus - termed out end of April, 2017 and must be reappointed.

Susan Loftus resigned - after doing her best - and we need in her place some San Franciscan - who is not tied to our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - less some one linked to the Laborers' Union 22 - that is ripe with corruption of the highest order.

We need in place two San Francisco - who live in San Francisco - from our neighborhoods -  independent - who can look anyone in the eye and speak to the Truth. 

I have had a good relations with the last 12 SF Police Chiefs - going back to around 1980.

During this time - I have witnessed and seen a lot - much of it  -basically - that meets the known " smelt test " in Law Enforcement.

However, that comes witnessing  the dark side of the "situation " few rogue SF Police Officers  - that have let us all down - very badly.

From around 1999 to 2017 I have attended 257 funerals - most of them killings - in our street on San Francisco - many of them still not solved -  many of them in recent years - our District Attorney George Gascon - kicking the can down the street. 

We cannot go on like this - and if the Police Officers Association - deems that it will back all the SF Officers - especially those that do not want to change for good.

Again and again - the POA prefers - to foster divisiveness - the time has come for a change.

It has happened before - change for good - and it can now - with your heart in the light place - shed light - where there is abject - darkness.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - need your help - and the time to act is now - roll up your sleeves and do good.

As advocates we go before the SF Board of  Supervisors, the other bodies that hear our complaints and commentaries - backed by empirical data and documents such as PERF and documents.

Advocates have spent thousands of person hours - with any remuneration for the good of our City and County of San Francisco - all the work, all that time - all that sacrifice with love - must not be in vain - the time to find solution and shed light is now.

The PERF document has been lying on the shelves collecting dust - after costing the City and County of San Francisco - thousands of person hours in meetings, thousands of dollars - as much as
 $ 200, 000  if not more. Time to act and reveal why all that waste of time and money.

Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) a branch of the  United States Department of Justice  (DoJ) brought out another document - spending thousands of dollars, more - all tax payers money.

The Department of Justice - " Initial Assessment Report of the San Francisco Police Depart ". Please read it in its totality and do something - and this goes to the SF Board of Supervisors - more Malia Cohen and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - two individuals who have done disservice to San Franciscans and cannot be trusted:

Advocates have spent hundreds of person hours at the the SF Police Commission - and most of us have reached - saturation point. 

It is like banging your head on a wall - nothing seem to happen - good.

The many murders on our streets - by " rogue police officers " - over the years - where some have chosen to shoot first and ask questions later. This nonsense must STOP - now.

Such behavior - is not what is expected from our men and women in Blue - but that is a reality - this is not comprehensible to those in the " know " -  a few tarnishing the name - of the many who do good work.

 Creating bad blood - where trust and good relations should be the norm - a vacuum has been created.

 After all - we citizens, decent, hardworking tax payers - pay the good salaries of the women and men in Blue  - and expect the best from those we are suppose to - trust.

The Blue Ribbon Panel on Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness in Law Enforcement - sheds more light - on the SF Department Police and the many areas - where are some dysfunctional  SF Police Officers - continue to tarnish the good name of the other and many SF Police Officer - who try their best.

The SF Grand Jury Report entitled  - " Into the Open Opportunities for More Timely and Transparent investigation of  Fatal San Francisco Police Department Officer-involved Shootings " - has with empirical data - shed more light - the many areas - that we all must work - through meaningful  and direct - " meaningful community policing ".

The President's Task Force on 21st Century policing - mandates - that those in authority involved with Law Enforcement - do better - more when it comes - when interacting with the constituents and citizens - nationwide.

The Department of Justice Initial Assessment Report of the San Francisco Police Department has a report - that I have posted above and one must read it - to fundamentally - understand that we all have our work cut out - and that the SF Police Department must do better - less talk and more walk.

We have a new SF Police Chief and I have just met him - I am not into meeting people - just for the sake of meeting people.

After months the new SF Police Chief - William Scott - must have gathered a lot of information. I am willing to sit down with him - and touch on " community policing " - but also on the many areas - in our City and County of San Francisco - had need focused attention.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I am ready to act as a facilitator to address the real issues - but also Quality of Life issues in general.

We have advocates with fortitude that can assist - in making San Francisco better - we all must build trust - and we must walk the walk - more. Aho.