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Thursday, June 1, 2017


Donald Trump loves to challenge everyone - it does not matter - what the subject is - what the issue is - he wants to have it his way.

The " egotistical maniac " that Donald Trump is - he now wants to get out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change.

Over 200 countries including China, Russian India, Brazil, even the United States - agreed that it was time - we all address the Carbon Foot Print, Sea Level Rise - and the adverse impacts of drastic climate change all over the world.

Here is California we are ahead of the game - trying to reduce the Carbon Footprint - our Governor Jerry Brown will visit China soon - to work with China.

China - a Nation famous for its pollution and contamination - now doing every thing possible - spending billions of dollars to reduce particulates, reduce contamination, reduce pollution - breathe easier.

China is spending billions on solar panels, electric cars, taking drastic measures - stunning the people of Beijing - where factories are stopped polluting - the stacks stopped spewing pollution into the air - mercury, lead, sulphur - dangerous particulates.

It is common to see people in Beijing with masks covering their mouth and nose. Now more and more - they breathe easier - and when they visit the United States - they simply love it here - more in the country side.

The smell of Sulphur in the air - the acidity is too much to bear - in many cities in China. 

Millions all over China - have suffered from contamination and pollution - and know that first hand - the tragic suffering.

 Here in America we are pampered - enjoy wide open space - and clean air and environment that slowly is being polluted - and we must STOP  that now.

We have experts astonished how Carbon Dioxide
is play " havoc " in real time -
the ozone level depleting - while many of us -
have no clue - about the adverse impacts of Carbon
Dioxide - from cars - aerosol -  other toxic chemicals

This land we call America belongs to the " indigenous people " - and we must remember that - every single second we live on this land.

For thousands of years it was called " Turtle Island " now know as " America " - named by Christopher Columbus - a pirate, a murder, a good for nothing - " evil person " - a disgrace to the human race.

Folks like Donald Trump and his kind are strangers - on this land.

 The way Donald Trump behaves - is like a " spoiled brat ".

It is not for him to decided - what millions of decent human beings agree upon - to curtail dangerous particulates, to curtail the Carbon Footprint, the spewing of Methane gas into the air. One ton of Methane gas - equals twenty tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Many of our landfills - spew Methane Gas - from combustion of vegetation - cow dung, and other such products - and produce Methane Gas is harmful - we can capture Methane Gas and use it for practical and good purposes too.

In and around Alaska - it is not uncommon -
to see large chunks of ice floating -
and as you get closer to the glaciers - tons of ice -
crash daily - and when you see this for yourself
 reality check set in.

Indigenous people - the First People of this Earth - we are the ones that have to " unite " - and save Mother Earth.

We do this by educating ourselves - taking little and leaving more to future generations.

Donald Trump and many nay sayers like him - can say what they want to say.

 When it comes to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise - it is about doing things right.

Using less " fossil fuel " - curtailing the emission of pollution and contamination - using " public transportation " - and in short informing ourselves - about what is right.

This Earth will be here - long after we two legged folks - choose to destroy ourselves. 

That is a given. So, if we choose with the empirical data we have - we can make clear sound choices - and contribute - to the good of Mother Earth.

If we do so - we will be blessed. If not we will be judged by our sordid actions.

Barack Hussein Obama - 
was a the Paris Accord on Climate Change 
in Paris - at home he could have followed
with detail Treaty on Climate Change -
with goals and time line - and funding into the future -
he did not - he missed the boat, the bus, the plane and the train.

Barack Hussein Obama was at the Paris Accord on Climate Change - and we all know - he bragged that the United States - signed this Accord and all that is good.

However, back at home - he could have signed an Executive Order - and followed with a Treaty on Climate change - with detail plans how to implement and curtail the increase in the Carbon Footprint, address in detail Sea Level rise - and related issues - and he did not.

The Untied State in previous years - did not sign the Climate Change Accords in South Africa, in Japan, in Brazil - the United States  did sign the Climate Change accord in France - in Paris and that was good. 

So we - the United States do not get a high grade - because we took our time - we had to be dragged in to sign the Paris Accord on Climate Change.

Now we must do the hard lifting - at the grass root level - and cannot rely on the United States Government - not with Donald Trump in the Cockpit - for sure.

Here is California - we must stand tall and do the right thing on Climate Change - stay on track - and more with our heart in the right place.

The "egoistical maniac " Donald Trump -
he may not last his first term - 
and if he last - after 8 years - he must step down -
and fade into oblivion - Donald Trump - will leave NO legacy.

We all - children, youth, young adult, seniors, those with compromised health - everyone that has life - and moves - must do her and his part - on reducing the Carbon Footprint.

We must be " educated on issues " - learn for ourselves - and be well informed.

Here in California - solar products, electric cars, less fossil fuel projects, less sending garbage to the land fills - and a host of little things that count - matter.

Our Governor Jerry Brown is well educated -  and what is important to note - he has taken on Donald Brown and won on many issues.

Recently we had a large project linked to our Caltrans railways - upgrading the rail lines, and putting a system in place that could speed the carrying of passengers - millions of them - and reducing the Carbon Footprint.

It took us over 10 years - to tweak the system - come out with viable and sustainable model with funding.

 Just as everything was in place - some Republicans from California - wanted to STOP the project - just for the sake of stopping it.

California contributes billions of dollars to the Federal Government - California is the 6th largest Economy in the world.
Most people all over our Nation - do not know this fact.

Some California leaders worked hard - got the bi-partisan support - went to Donald Trump and the new Secretary of Transportation - and got the money - to upgrade the project - and make a difference.

We all know - we have the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

If you are following the trend linked to the many Executive Orders that Donald Trump has signed - many of them without a detail plan.

These shallow Executive Orders - have been stopped - dead on the track - by the Judicial Branch.

Time and time again -  Donald Trump - is told  to follow the law - he cannot discriminate - and he cannot target any one single group - as Donald Trump has done with - his illegal proclamations - uncalled  " immigration penalties " - targeting Muslims.

The fact is Muslims here in the United States and all over the world are decent human beings - work and pay their taxes.

 In large measure - the majority of Muslims - do not embrace violence, murder, killings - as Donald Trump and others like to think - and want to paint a picture of - it simply will not fly.

It is always nice to enjoy places - where the air is clean - people live healthy and take care of Mother Earth.

We still have many places in the Untied States - we have a population of about 314 million - and live in a vast area that is
3, 717, 812. 8 square miles.

All this land belonged to the Native Americans - and they took care of it  - for over 13, 000 years plus - all documented.

Whites fled Europe and landed on Turtle Island - the name the Native American gave this land - we now call America - today.

In less than 300 years the strangers - contaminated, polluted, and destroyed the font and flora - and the " greedy " still continue to do damage. God sees it all.

We travelled by van from San Francisco to North Dakota - some 1600 miles - to visit Camp Oceti Sakowin - and we learned a lot - this was our " spiritual journey " - to witness for ourselves - the
" greedy " - most Whites - who want it all - and do not care much about contamination, pollution, and those values held dear by - most " indigenous people ". Aho.

We must respect ourselves and take care of Mother Earth - avoid those that are selfish - those that foster hate - and those that do not have heart in the right place.

The Great Spirit see it all - and time is running out - we may think - we can play with fire - but fire can destroy - incinerate - turn what we see whole - into ashes - right before our eyes.

Here is a video of large chunks cracking right now and impacting Sea Level Rise: