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Sunday, January 22, 2017


We the people of the United States of America must be educated on issues - then only can each of us CITIZENS - hold our ground - and comfortably ignore President Donald Trump - an egotistical fanatic.

For those of us - who are indigenous - our values and power - come from a great sources - aided and guided by the Great Spirit. Aho.

Actress America Ferrera -
astute speech set the tone at the 
Women's March - January 21, 2017 
Washington D.C.

The recent Women's March exercised their rights to protest - guaranteed in our CONSTITUTION - and the First Amendment.

Fully spelled out in detail where women can vote today but could not some years ago - an amendment was necessary to make that happen.

The Civil Rights mostly led by Black leaders - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others - brought some justice to the Blacks and they could vote - but even today - impediments are put in their way.

Indigenous people - the Native Americans could not vote - they can vote now - but few know hundreds of tribes - are not on the Federal Register - and as such as Second Class Citizen in America.

People of color can vote - you have to be a citizen - more and more we all are comprehending - if we do not VOTE - we can usher in a monster - and now we have one - for all the world to see - an egoistical, maniac.

In the last election - we witnessed that the popular VOTE matters only if the person winning the Popular Vote - also wins the Electoral Vote.

Out went Hillary Clinton - in came Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton 

Winning the election - did not happen with Hillary Clinton - and this did not happen with Al Gore. 

In the case of Al Gore - the matter went to the Supreme Court - and President George W. Bush was declared the winner. The case seemed satisfied - with the issue of Chads - and now and then the issues comes up - we did not see the divisiveness - we see today - as a result of the November, 2016 results.

In the case of Hillary Clinton - she won the popular vote - but since the Constitution guarantees that the Electoral Votes matter more - guess what - we have to deal - with President Donald Trump - an egotistical maniac.

This results have created - " divisiveness " never, ever seen in the United States of America - but as we noticed on January 21, 2017 - spread all over the world.

Millions took to the street and rightly so. Thousands marched in France, England, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia - in cities all over America - Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago - you get the picture.

President Donald Trump must admit that the people are speaking up and are protesting - because they want him to listen to their pleas -  if not - " Donald Trump will be fired ".

We all saw the smooth transition - difficult as it may have been for us to watch - President Barrack Hussein Obama - the first Black President of the United States - making the smooth transition - and we all must remember - this one singular act - keeps our Nation going - law and order in place - and the key security measures taken at every level - for a very smooth transition.

Senator Kamala Harris from California 

Can we trust our politicians - the many - that spoke at the Women's March? No. 

Not Kamala Harris the newly elected Senator from California - not the many who talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk. The many politicians - who have followed the lead of folks that have disowned the people and brought the downfall of the Democratic Party.

Closer to home - here in San Francisco - the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee - arranging various Slates - enticing innocent Voters - who to vote - mostly crooked folks like Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats failed - and in large measure because of Hillary Clinton - many women voted for President Donald Trump - because they could not stand the " lies " of Hillary Clinton. 

Their other excuse - they were fed up with politicians - and more what was going on in Washington D.C.

President Donald Trump 
the 45th President of the United States of America
now know better for thousands of years
as Turtle Island

When President Donald Trump made the statement " he would drain the swamp " - meaning clean out the abject corruption  -  reigning in Washington D.C.  -many of us - liked that.

 Because the majority of the constituents of the United States of America - before the results - of the November Election of 2016 - and even today - want some change for the better - thus - came out this present " fiasco " - from all that frustration and utter confusion.

Again and again - with all the materialism surrounding us -  we forget this is the land of the Native Americans - once know as Turtle Island.

Today known as America - in not ours to contaminate, pollute - create the concrete forests - that we see all over the place.

We fail to understand and more comprehend that the Native Americans - the First People of this land - for over 13, 000 years - took care of this land we call America.

We cannot move forward - peacefully - with a clean conscience - unless we acknowledge - that this land was stolen - all of it.

Unless we acknowledge the " genocide " meted out on the Native Americans. The rape of the women - the murder of innocent children.  This " genocide " is real - and was committed much before the word - " genocide " - was invented.

Thousands of Native American children - rooted from their Reservations - and sent far away.

A sister from the East Coast to the West Coast to Los Angeles.

A Brother from the East Coast to Oakland. 

Such atrocities cry to heaven for justice - and this young Nation - less than 350 years - in comparison to 13, 000 years - where WISDOM has been passed - far superior to the ways and norms - of cheating, stealing, raping, lying, avarice, and all those evils - that stem from the " devil " - diabolical.

President Donald Trump is the laughing stock of the world - he says something - and then says more - to cover his drab talk.

With all his explanations - he is as confused as can be - these symptoms of  a chronic maniac - who cares about himself more - and to hell with all those he does not care about.

Closer at home - we do not have a Middle Class - a Middle Class serves a Republic - and a Democratic System of sorts - today we have the 1% controlling the 99%.

The entire Cabinet of President Donald Trump are folks who could give a rat's ass - about the poor, the indigent, those that have fallen on bad times.

 Each and every member of the Cabinet is backed by the financial magnets - be it Goldman Sachs, Chase Bank, Citi Bank, the bigger financial institutions that are not regulated to this day.

Such very large sordid financial institutions - bailed out by tax payers - in 2008 during the spiraling of our economy.

Who now have put in place - backing corrupt entities -  folks that will make billions.

Senator Diane Feinstein

Congress person Nancy Pelosi

Let us not kid ourselves that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi did not milk our Nation and amass a lot of wealth - they did.

So did Senator Diane Feinstein and Richard Blum her husband.

Such alliances - political and business alliances - can be paired up all over the Nation - linked to other politicians - one worse than the other.

 We do not have the likes of President Carter - that is a dying breed - gone, gone - gone.

Left  are the many politicians will say what they want  the tax payers  to hear - than once in office - do as they please - but always keep milking the system.

Anyway you look at it - the present state of affairs - came about more - because of the Democrats - make no bones about it.

Also, anyway you look at it - Hillary Clinton - thought she could circumvent the Security in place - and comprised National Security.

Yet - thought nothing of it - and chose to run for President of the United States. No one can fool all the people - all the time.

Hillary Clinton's down fall was her own fault - and let us not think - that she did us a favor - and those that voted for her - did not have all the facts before - them. If they did - they would never, ever have voted for Hillary Clinton.

On the subject of Health Care, Education, Immigration, Discrimination of all types, Environmental Issues and more - I have studied and been on the front line for over 40 years. 

Unfortunately we cannot speak about all the facts we have - because revealing certain facts - certain actions perpetrated by folks like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein - would do injustice to " common sense " - decency and etiquette - and further damage this Nation.

Suffice to say - those agencies in place today - even as they were yesterday - meaning when President Barrack Hussein Obama was in office - know about the many infringements.

Selling out our Nation to other Nations - and in some instances compromising more - to the detriment of the Nation - than the lay person can ever imagine.

When the Founding Fathers were debating about the formation of our  Nation's Constitution -  Native Americans played a key role.

We know that the Six Nations - the Iroquois Tribe and others - practiced Democracy - be it in a Matriarchal Society - in keeping with Mother Earth -  always - keeping with a deep connection to women.

The key Native Americans - who aid our Founding Fathers - visited the White House at that time - you would not know that - with all the divisiveness we have today.

Native American had no word for " fences " -  for " barricades " - for  "boundaries " - as the White men has.

Native Americans had no word for " greed " as the White men has.

Native American by far - do not speak with a forked tongue - as the White men does.

For those that have intelligence - Turtle Island - in all its glory and pristine state - was some 3, 717, 812 . 8 square miles. 

All of this land belonged to the Native Americans to this day - there is no one single treaty - where both parties agreed with full knowledge - of any transfer of land.

The treaties, the agreements, the hand shakes, speaking with a forked tongue - always came from the stranger - NOT the Native American. Today - those of us who negotiate with the " thief " - know well the workings of the " devil " - be it the Department of the Interior - the Department of Justice - the Department of the Environment - the Department of Defense - you name it.

Today the population of America - once known as Turtle Island - as grown to about 320 million.

Today most Native American - live on land that is barren - the fertile land was stolen - the Great Spirit watches it all.

Brothers and Sisters - we must be educated on issues - we must teach our children the WISDOM handed down for thousands of years.

That WISDOM will keep us in sync with Mother Earth - the only connection with the Great Spirit.

This charade we see before us - is nothing - but utter nonsense.

There is NO Nation that can flex their fake power and think they have power - there is ONLY on singular POWER - and that comes from the Great Spirit.

Those of us who are blessed - must RESPECT our Elders,

It may not be easy - because many are caught in the web of so called modern and contemporary technology - but this technology is for nought - without spirituality.

For all the many times the name of God has been invoked - during the fake ceremonies - the swearing in,  the church services - the charade lacks - true spirituality.  Time will tell.

Our youth, young adults, those educated on issues - those trained to think and articulate - much like Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph, others too many to name - they all proceeded us - they all did not compromise.

They all took care of those they loved - much of the spirit - must now come to the fore - and much like before - we must resurrect and speak to the Truth - and bring back the Respect. Aho.

As California goes - the Nation goes - and here in California we can and should make it - in unity - we have the leaders in place - now - it is time for - action.